There are many recipes for blackberry wine – even one can be found in the cookbook of the classic Good Things in England Florence White!

Of course it’s a bit outdated, but it just shows that we’ve been making blackberry wine for a very long time.

Like fresh blackberries, the house blackberry bush is sweet with a hint of acid. Although it is relatively long – about 13 months, not counting the ripening time after bottling – it is worth it, especially as it does not take much effort.

This is easily the best mulberry wine recipe you have ever tasted.


You need it for a gallon of blackberry wine:

  • 1 kg blackberry – the fruit must be fresh and ripe enough to be eaten, but not too ripe before they fall apart or are crushed too easily.
  • 2 ½ pounds Sandy sugar
  • Wine yeast – ideal for Bordeaux.
  • 1 teaspoon nutritious yeast
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 teaspoon boiling enzyme
  • 1 campdent tablet
  • 1 gallon of filtered water


  • 1 primary container, ideally a bucket for vinification. Technically, any leak-proof, non-radiating, food-safe container is suitable, but the most practical choice is a custom-made grape bucket.
  • 2 Demijohns glasses with integrated airlock and syndrome – during post-fermentation the wine must be pumped several times into a clean container. Although it is possible, with a little creativity, to do it with one demon, with two demons, the process becomes much easier and safer for the wine.
  • a potato chopper or a fork used to grind the fruit into pulp.
  • Siphon hose for racks, i.e. for transferring liquids between containers.
  • a sieve or sieve – a funnel covered with a clean cheesecloth can also do it, but this can make the process more confusing.
  • Glass bottles for the storage of finished blackberry wine.

How to prepare Mulberry-Vin?

1. Fruit preparations

Start preparing the fruit. The mulberry tree must be stripped of its stalks and washed thoroughly and placed in a grape tank or similar container.

This particular recipe requires 4 pounds of fruit, although you are likely to come across blackberry recipes that require between 2 and 5 pounds.

Puree the mulberry tree with a mixture of pure potatoes or with a fork to obtain a fine flesh. As long as they are ripe enough to be used in the wine industry, they have to give off a lot of juice.

It’s recommended: It is said that khaki plum is the perfect fruit for table wine. Click here to see our own recipe.

2. Mixing of ingredients and primary fermentation

Add sugar, yeast nutrients, an acid mixture and a boiling enzyme to the fruit, together with a litre of water. Ideally the water should be boiled and cooled before being added to the mixture, but the filtered water should be very good.

Grind the campden tablet to a fine powder and add it to the mixture. This eliminates wild yeasts and bacteria from the fruit, so that the wine does not spoil. Stir until the ingredients are mixed and all the sugar is dissolved, then leave the Campden tablet to work for about 12 hours.

After 12 hours, add the last ingredient – yeast – and mix. Mixing – or rather, as it is called technical at this stage – should take another five days. Stir daily, keep the container closed (but not airtight) for the rest of the time.

3. Preparation for secondary fermentation

After five days in the primary container it is time to eject the pulp.

For this you need a filter or a fine mesh sieve. The tissue coating also works, although the mesh filters are much easier to clean – ideally, you want to have all your tools and containers sterilized.

Pour the must through a gauze filter into one of the basket bottles and make sure that all the juice is extracted from the flesh. When you’re done, put the airlock in place and place the basket in the sun.

Many suggest the use of a dark or transparent Demijon, which is covered, i.e. placed in a wicker basket or glued.

4. Evaluation

After a month, divide the wine in a clean half garden. The aim of this process is to leave the fermentation residue behind and only retain the liquid.

Always sterilize the container and closure before use. Carefully pour the liquid into the new basket and make sure that the rest of the liquid remains at the bottom of the first basket.

This wine must now ferment for another 12 months. During this period, about every 3 months, you season the wine to remove the sediment.

After 12 months, the wine should be clean and stable, i.e. the fermentation process should stop naturally. You can tell by the fact that there are no air bubbles forming in the airlock.

If the bubbles still appear, wait until they stop before bottling the wine.

5. Filling

Now that the wine has been purified and stabilized, it is ready to be bottled, the recommended option is the glass. Don’t forget that the bottles and any auxiliary equipment you use to fill the wine (such as siphons) must first be carefully sterilised. Wouldn’t it be a shame if, after such a long wait, something went wrong!

Once the wine has been bottled and the bottles have been corked (or tampered with), put them in a dark, cool place. leave them. Homemade blackberry wine must mature for at least 6 months after bottling. The recommended length of time he should spend without being appointed is in fact about two years.

The longer the wine stays in the bottle, the richer and fuller the taste will be.

It’s recommended: Plum wine is easy to make with such a simple recipe.


In summary, we can say what steps need to be taken to produce this wine:

  1. Mix pure blackberries in a grape bowl and add all the ingredients except yeast. Leave before noon.
  2. Add yeast and stir daily for 5 days.
  3. Prepare the devil’s weed by only storing liquid and squeezing out the blackberry juice.
  4. Stretch in a month, then every 3 months until the whole year is over.
  5. Drink the bottle in a clean and stable condition and drink it after at least 6 months.

Here we are! If you liked this blackberry wine recipe, don’t forget to try our other homemade fruit wine recipes.

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