Some of the world’s most expensive and famous Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays come from Burgundy, but the region’s sparkling wines are less well known.

Crémant de Bourgogne, a sparkling Burgundy, uses the main Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties, as well as other Aligote, Gamay, Melon de Bourgogne and Pinot Blanc, to produce fresh, sparkling white and rosé wines made using the traditional method. Try one of these eight examples the next time you’re looking for a spark.

Bailly-Lapierre 2017 Egarade (Crémant Bourgogne); $27, 91 points. Apple pulp, rye bread and lemon zest appear on the delicate nose of this wine. They also have a delicate flavour, underlined by a fine and delicate foam. It is a harmonious wine, fresh and brilliant, with a long finish. Imports of wine warehouses. -Ann Krebil MW

Paul Chollet NV Blanc de Brant Brut (Crémant de Bourgogne); $29, 91 points. Lively notes of ripe yellow apple fill the nose of this wine with a hint of yeast. The palate shows freshness, yeast, an almost salty autolysis and a round fruitiness. Fruit, yeast and freshness come together in a dry finish. -A.K.

Parigot & Richard NV La Sentinelle Extra Brut (Crémant de Bourgogne); $28, 91 points. The discreet nose of this wine presents only lemony chalk notes. The palace reveals mirabelle plums with new visions of chalk and lemon on a structured background, on a sleek body. The finish is dry, subtle and seductive. Selections from great vintages. -A.K.

Bruno Dangin NV Cuvée Blanche (Cremain de Bourgogne); $25, 90 points. The freshness and ripeness of the flesh of the green and yellow apples meet a bright nose in this wine. The palate offers the same expressive fruit on a soft, delicate foam and a subtle, yeasty smoothness that makes this wine exceptionally easy to drink. It is refreshing, apple-scented and luminous. Transatlantic bubbles. -A.K.


Louis Bouillot NV Grande Réserve Perle des Vignes (Crémant de Bourgogne); $20, 90 points. A subtle hint of vanilla clings to the warm brioche notes in this wine’s round nose. On the palate, this roundness is absorbed in a generous embrace of concentration and freshness. The foam bubbles vigorously and resists autolytic rounding. The tasty aftertaste is dry. Boisset Collection. -A.K.

Winemakers of Mancey NV Brut Réserve (Crémant de Bourgogne); $22, 90 points. Red and yellow salad apples give a fruity nose to this wine. The palate shows ripe apple, creamy roundness and crisp style. The bubbles are lively and this dry wine is a harmonious whole. Selection of authentic wines. -A.K.

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Albert Bichaud NV Brut Réserve (Crémant de Bourgogne); $13, 89 points. This wine leaves behind the initial smell of reduction and reveals vibrant notes of Golden Delicious apple. The palate is light and dry, with a lively sparkle that diffuses apple notes with a lemony freshness. Albert Bichaud USA. Best buy. -A.K.

Louis Picamelo NV Les Terroirs Brut (Crémant Bourgogne); $19, 89 points. A hint of freshly squeezed lemon appears on the delicious nose of this wine. The palate is full of creamy cream, a light body and a light, frothy mousse, making it an invigorating dry aperitif. Importation of wine by accident. -A.K.

Published on the 5th. March 2021

frequently asked questions

How much does Crémant de Bourgogne champagne cost?

Maybe. While champagne usually starts at $35, the range of delicious and affordable French creams is usually around $20.

What does Crémant de Bourgogne mean?

Crémant de Bourgogne is a sparkling wine from Burgundy; like most French sparkling wines that are not Champagne, these wines are classified as Crémant. Crémant d’Alsace is another example of a French sparkling wine that is not Champagne.

What is the best cremant to buy?

Top 10 French cream puffs to learn.

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