There are better things in life than a mimosa for breakfast. The simplicity of orange juice and champagne, or another type of sparkling wine, in equal parts, gives it a somewhat understated luxury and indulgence. We think it’s the perfect brunch cocktail.

Opinions vary as to who first created this drink that is so popular today. Like the bottle that’s the best.

We’ve had the chance to sample some brilliant options from around the world and offer our verdict to help you prepare your brunch – or anytime.

Our Best Mimosa Sparkling Wine Reviews and Comparisons

1. Bisol Crede Brut Prosecco Superiore 2018

Main product characteristics

Many say that champagne should not be wasted on mimosas (we’ll get to that later). Because orange juice masks the subtle nuances of sparkling wine, use Cava or Italian sparkling wine instead. Do pay attention to the quality, because you don’t want to have a headache in the afternoon! And the Bisol Crede Brut Prosecco Superiore 2018 certainly is; an editorial pick with 92 points.

The wine is produced from Glera, Pinot Bianco and Verdiso grapes from the hills of the Bisol vineyards. There, the clay soil with its subsoil of sea sandstone, called chalk, provides the perfect terroir for the first two varieties and enriches them with refined acids, characteristic aromas and notes of ripe fruit. It’s the perfect addition to your favorite smoked salmon and egg Benedict brunch.


  • Variety: 85% Glera, 10% Pinot Bianco, 5% Verdiso, Italian Prosecco
  • Title : Valdobbiadene, Treviso…
  • The wine: Bisol
  • Alcohol: 11.5%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Bisol Crede Brut Prosecco Superiore 2018

It’s not the usual accusation, it is vintage after all. The taste has nice subtle bubbles and a creamy texture, slightly stimulating and luxurious in the mouth.

The fragrant green apple and white spring flowers enchant the nose. Then the mouth is sprinkled with flavors of pear, grapefruit, lemon peel, honey, minerals and ginger. The whole is pleasantly supported by a fresh acidity and a nice creamy mousse.

What we don’t like about Bisol Crede Brut Prosecco Superiore 2018

Too many apples? How about some sparkling apple juice? We can’t decide. One thing is certain, and that is that the ending is short.


  • Very sweet.
  • Refreshing and fresh
  • Smooth as silk


  • Too thin. Weak taste
  • Calls are not so friendly.

2. Raventos i White 2017

Main product characteristics

Cava is a traditional Spanish sparkling wine that can also be used for mimosas. This example is engraved in the legacy of the cellar that bears the name of the original inventor of the cava in 1872, Josep Maria Raventos.

Even before him, the Raventos family was a dynasty of world-renowned winemakers who had lived on the estate since 1497. Since then, 21 generations have worked on the same 90 acres of vineyards, forest and more. With soils formed more than 16 million years ago and a very specific microclimate due to the geography of the river, they offer ideal conditions for the production of wines with high mineralization.


  • Variety: 40% Xarel Lo, 32% Macabeo, 28% Parrellada, Spanish Cava
  • Title : Spain
  • The wine: Raventos
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Bottle size: 750 ml

What we like at Raventos i White 2017

Raventos i Blanc de Blanc 2017 comes from the same vineyards as the family estate, with vines over 40 years old. They are part of a winery that is considered by many to be the best in Spain.

Who needs champagne when cava can be so good? Especially when it is steeped in so much heritage, tradition and experience.

With woody fruit notes of green apple, peach and apricot. Lemon, lime and grapefruit, as well as good acidity, bring brightness. There is cream on the back of the delicate mousse, with a long finish for a structured, fresh and complex sparkling wine.

What we don’t like about Raventos i White 2017

We’re not sure if the supplier is storing it poorly or if the vineyard is corked poorly, but the first bottle we tasted was corked. The second bottle was good.


  • It tastes like an apple sprinkled with honey.
  • Clean and dry surface
  • The pleasure is all mine!


  • Too easy.
  • Rather average and indistinguishable

3. Chandon Brute

Main product characteristics

The first of our American bubbles. Chandon Winery describes it as crisp, fresh and easy to chill…. The toy of your choice to entertain, slurp and give.

We’re not entirely sure, we just tried it in our office and used it on our mimosas. It was perfect for that. This certainly represents very good value for money as it is cheaper than other choices.


  • Variety: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, American Sparkling White.
  • Title : Napa Valley, California.
  • The wine: Leave
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Bottle size: 750 ml

What we like about Chandon Brut

This distinctive expression of the Napa bell is the favorite and reference for all other American Sparklers. Fresh, clear and always reliable. Characteristic notes of green apple, pear and citrus appear before a soft, dry finish.

The Chandon Brut is beautifully balanced on the palate, with yeast, green fruit, citrus, spice and minerals on the finish. Enjoy the Caesar salad, fried squid, oysters or sashimi and sushi.

What we don’t like about Chandon Brut.

Chandon has been the standard for a good bottle of sparkling wine for years. It’s cute, but it’s not great. The flavor is a little limited, but it doesn’t matter if you use it on your mimosas.


  • A good shine with good bubbles to the last drop.
  • Dry, delicious and without headache


  • Other bubbles offer relatively more

4. Zonin Cuvée 1821 Prosecco

Main product characteristics

Unlike Cava, American sparkling wine and Champagne, Prosco’s Italian sparkling wine – from the Veneto region – is fermented in huge stainless steel tanks to create big bubbles.

Zonin is also known for its almond and citrus notes, making it the ideal choice for a mimosa.

There are lighter dishes that you are likely to eat for breakfast, as well as fish and even fried chicken.


  • Variety: 100% Glera, Italian Prosecco.
  • Title : Veneto
  • The wine: Zonin
  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about the Zonin 1821 Proseccovintage

The pale straw yellow body already has a nice green hue in the bottle. With a persistent effervescence and a rich foam that accentuates the aromatic notes of the fruit, which is still quite dry and fresh. To balance things out, you need more almonds and less citrus.

What we don’t like about Zonin Cuvee 1821 Prosecco

Yes, this is probably a good base for mimosas and other sparkling cocktails, but it’s too sweet for us. Overall, a somewhat mediocre and unimpressive commercial tank blitz.


  • Good quality for the price
  • Perfect for mimosas

5. Land stirrer Gross

Main product characteristics

It is an American sparkling wine that rivals its French cousins and even Champagne. But this should not come as a surprise, as the name Roderer should suggest.

For the owners of the Roederer vineyard, it’s the same as the champagne from Louis Roederer, the maker of the Cristal.

The Roederer Estate Brut is also available in magnum, which corresponds to two standard bottles. Perfect for pouring into a few glasses, and let’s face it, no one has mimosas, not one. In addition, the lower ratio of oxygen to wine in a large bottle helps preserve flavor.


  • Variety: 58% Chardonnay, 42% Pinot Noir, American sparkling wine.
  • Title : Anderson Valley, California.
  • The wine: Roederer
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Roederer Estate Brut

The Wine Spectator took 27th place on the list of the Top 100 Wines of 2018 with 93 points. He was named Editor’s Choice. We agree with their assessments.

Slightly complex, with apple, pear and lemon notes in perfect harmony with notes of buttered brioche, spicy ginger, creamy vanilla and hazelnut. It is assertive and durable, yet perfectly fine and silky.

With a medium to full body, a syrupy creamy texture that pleasantly fills the mouth, and perfectly balanced bubbles. It’s a great spark that won’t blow up the bank. Alone or in mimosa, it goes wonderfully with egg dishes and brunches, delicate fried fish and sweet seafood.

What we don’t like about Roederer Estate Brut.

Very little. What’s not to love about the quality that comes with Domaine Roederer’s wonderful heritage? Especially at this price. But don’t wait for Crystal!


  • Multivintage bowl in the traditional Röderer style.
  • One of the biggest sparks in California…
  • Sleek and luxurious


  • For the big ones, it’s pretty sweet.

6. Lucien Albrecht Brutus Crémant

Main product characteristics

Crémant refers to French sparkling wines produced outside the Champagne region and is perhaps the best value for money mimosa. Just search for hatchery or additional hatchery options.

The 3 varieties used for the Lucien Albrecht Brut Crémant are harvested by hand at the beginning of the harvest in the south of Alsace, where the microclimate favours early maturation.


  • Variety: Pinot Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, a French sparkling wine.
  • Title : Alsace
  • The wine: Lucien Albrecht
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Lucien Albrecht Brutus Crémant

Beautiful golden color with light but firm bubbles. The nose is subtle but refreshing and seductive, with flowers and citrus peel. Green apples with a creamy foam give a nice balance to the palate and keep it dry for as long as possible.

Delicious in a mimosa for breakfast or without juice for lunch. On its own, at a cocktail party or as an aperitif before dinner, the Crémant Brut Lucien Albrecht is a classic for many occasions.

What we don’t like about Lucien Albrecht Brutus Crémant

It’s delicious, but we still like Roederer Estate Brut better in mimosa, and for value for money.


  • Light acidity, soft texture, good balance and long finish.
  • Lots of bubbles.
  • A grand prize as an alternative to champagne


  • Good bubbles, a hint of toast on the nose, but a little disappointing on the palate.
  • Not quite sweet or dry

7. Bollinger Champagne BrutSpecial Bollinger Champagne Brut bowl

Main product characteristics

Real champagne for a mimosa is considered a waste by many, but if the appeal of drinking champagne in the morning is partly decadent, why not go for it?

Or not, because this velvet Cuvée Spéciale Brut from legendary Champagne house Bollinger is one of the best bottles for the price. However, if the champagne is that good, mix it with the best hand-pressed orange juice.


  • Variety:  60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Meunier (more than 85% Grands and Premiers Crus), Champagne
  • Title : Champagne, France
  • The wine: Bollinger
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Bollinger Biscuit Brut Champagne

This creamy champagne is full of flavor, with a slightly chalky texture and firm acidity. The nose accents of pasty brioche, lemon pie, smoked almond and stone fruits are separated on the palate by flavors of caramelized apricot, orange blossom, honey, clover and coffee liqueur.

All these things take time to develop in the glass. But if your patience allows, you will be rewarded with a big, rich champagne.

What we don’t like about Bollinger Biscuit Brut Champagne

Isn’t he lost in the mimosa? Is the use of champagne, and such good champagne, merely a triumph of spectacle – or even flash – over substance?


  • 93 points from Wine Spectator
  • It’s Bollinger, that’s the word for luxury.


  • Maybe the trash in the mimosa.


Sipping a mimosa, especially in the morning during brunch, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A little decadent, especially in these troubled times? Yes, of course. But that’s just it!

Choose Roederer Estate Brut as the best mimosa sparkling wine, and you won’t go broke, at least. Just enjoy it!

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