The BABE 100 rose is here to make way for the Seltz water

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – Everyone’s favorite canned wine is now adding a brand new product to its lineup. Meet BABE 100 – it’s as light and refreshing as a seltzer (only 100 calories and zero grams of sugar), but it’s actually wine! BABE 100 in its iconic rosé variety can now be found on shelves across the country.

A real conversation starter, we know people like light snacks and low-calorie seltzers, but some just prefer the taste of wine. Enter BABE 100. With the fresh, delicious taste of wine, 100 calories and 6.9% VBA, what’s not to love? Each can of BABE 100 is equivalent to a full glass of wine and is perfect for any occasion. It’s made for everything from days at the beach with the whole team to wine parties where you can watch romantic comedies with your best friend. Best of all, you can easily pick up BABE 100’s lavender box, so be sure to check out these insta-stories.

“Seltzer is one of the fastest growing alcohol categories, and more than a third of seltzer drinkers come from wine,” says Chelsea Phillips, CEO of BABE. “But why should wine drinkers have to choose between a flavor they like and a light, refreshing drink? After a successful alcohol-free lunch in San Diego last year, we decided to bring BABE 100 Rosé across the country.”

BABE 100 joins the rest of the BABE canned range, which also includes rosé, red and grigio canned wines. Learn more about BABE 100 Rosé and find it here!

Product benefits are available here and you can visit for more information.

You are welcome to join us.

About BABE wine

The founders of BABE wine, Josh “Fat Jew” Ostrowski and brothers David Oliver Cohen and Tanner Cohen, developed a unique offering of branded wines in 2016 that leverages their wide audience on social media. BABE was created to simplify the saturated wine category by offering consumers a fun, inclusive and portable product.

A portfolio of photogenic and delicious canned rosé, pinot grigio and red sparkling wine, along with their newest product, BABE 100 Rosé, have made BABE the most photographed wine on Instagram.

About Anheuser-Busch.

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