Wine producers and drinkers all over the world have been listening to Wine Soundtrack since its debut. The Wine Soundtrack Podcast, hosted by Penelope Arlon, a long-time wine industry marketer, features interviews with people who make, market, sell, and enjoy wine. The podcast has become a favorite of wine enthusiasts around the world, including those in the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Germany, France, South Africa, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Since its launch in early 2017, the Wine Soundtrack Podcast has developed a loyal following of wine enthusiasts, who have found the show’s informal, conversational style and global approach to wine is a refreshing change of pace from some of the stuffy, wine industry-focused podcasts on the market. Unlike some of its competitors, which feature hosts who are experts in wine, but may not have personal experience with the beverages they discuss, the hosts of the Wine Soundtrack Podcast are all passionate wine drinkers who bring their own unique wine experiences to the program to share with their listeners.


Multilingual formats – New website – Multiple streaming platforms

The Wine Prizes 2020 recognise outstanding achievements

Los Angeles, California. 1. April 2021: The founders and correspondents of Wine Soundtrack are celebrating more than three years of hosting podcast interviews with some of the brightest personalities in the wine industry.  Wine Soundtrack is a podcast dedicated entirely to the world of wine. The voice of viticulture and oenology in the world, each podcast is a presentation from a winemaker or winery owner through 30 interactive questions, with a small game at the end.

Claudio Latagliata, born in Rome in 1968, is the project manager of Vulcan and executive producer of the podcast. He founded WST in Italy in 2017. He is also the founder of Dukapis & Co, a renowned vineyard management company.

Wine Soundtrack is an international podcast currently available in five countries – WST Italia, WST USA, WST Argentina, WST Brazil and WST South Africa. It features interviews in English with various wine producers from around the world (French, Australian, Italian, Armenian, etc…..). All interviews will be conducted in the local language under the guidance of local interviewers. In addition, four new songs are already in preparation and will be available soon: WST Greece, WST Spain, WST Canada, WST Tropical Asia.

When I founded Wine Soundtrack, I wanted to offer something different to the many wine producers and other professionals in the industry: the ability to tell their story exclusively in their own voice. It is amazing how concentration on listening can enrich and enhance your perception of the intensity, authenticity and true emotion of the narrator and his work in this fascinating and exciting field of wine, says Claudio.

Alison Levine of Please The Palate is the host of Wine Soundtrack USA. A year after we launched Wine Soundtrack in Italy, we launched it in the United States because there are so many wineries and people interested in wine. Claudio shared. We chose Allison Levine as our host because of her professionalism, her passion for wine and her knowledge of the wine industry. Over the course of two years, she interviewed more than 150 winemakers for WST International from Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Napa, Sonoma and Oregon, as well as from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

What makes Wine Soundtrack unique? The company’s multilingual website,, compiles all the interviews from the different countries and offers fact sheets on each vineyard or wine specialist.  Wine Soundtrack presents a great international wine story with many voices forming a large collective image like mosaic pieces. Taken separately, the podcasts reveal a real

Ideas, remarkable anecdotes, stories of determination and hard work, dreams passed down from generation to generation, hobbies that became entrepreneurial epiphanies, and much more.


  • Corporate Live Wire – Podcast Wine of the Year – Global Awards 2020
  • Corporate Vision – Podcast about the most innovative wine in 2020 – Global Media Innovator Award
  • EU Business News – Excellence in wine education 2020, Italy – European Business Awards
  • Finalist in three categories at the Taste Awards, presented by the lifestyle and entertainment media company

Vineyard statistics

  • Read so far: 115.000
  • Online interview: 315
  • Views from the website : 62.000
  • Instagram followers: 26.250
  • Facebook Topics: 5.000
  • Distribution – worldwide on Alexa, Castbox, Deezer, Facebook, Google Podcasts, IHeart Radio, iTunes, Jiosaavn, Podcasher, Podcast Addict, Radioline, Sonos, Soundcloud, Spotify, Spreaker, Tune In, YouTube, etc.
  • Media partners – Best Wine Stars, Donne del Vino, Consorzio Soave


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