The main source of transaction costs for the sector at wine auctions reports more than 2.5 million transactions worldwide. New York, New York – 8. December 2020 – Wine Market Journal, the world’s largest source of information on auction prices and wine market trends, announces the launch of its new platform with additional features and comprehensive data sources. The site offers its subscribers and partners the most accurate and up-to-date information on the evaluation of rare wines, which have been the subject of more than 2.5 million transactions worldwide.

For over 20 years, the Wine Market Journal has been monitoring and reporting on all major personal and online exchanges on the world’s rare wines. The Wine Market Journal leverages the power of millions of rare wine auctions and publishes market indices for the most active and important wine regions and market sectors. The platform also announces upcoming auctions.

We are pleased to introduce a brand new platform that offers powerful features and a broader set of data to rare wine merchants and wine collectors. Since 1997, we have carefully collected and published trade data on the world’s major auction platforms. With our new website, we offer an up-to-date range of over 25 fine and rare wine retailers, says Peter Gibson, editor-in-chief of the Wine Market Journal. This information has never been available before and advanced features enable business partners, investors and collectors to make informed and accurate purchases and sales of rare wines.

The Wine Market Journal has established itself as the most comprehensive and reliable tool for auction houses, rare wine retailers and key players in the world of collecting and investing in quality wines. This powerful platform currently provides trading partners with access to data on more than 1.1 million rare wine shops.

Dave Parker, CEO of Benchmark Wine Group, commented : The wine market magazine is the main source of evaluation information used by Benchmark Wine to prepare proposals for the best wineries. We look forward to additional auctions and new information for the retailer offered to the data transfer partners, and Benchmark is proud to contribute to the retail results of this program.

The Wine Diary dataset supports CellarTracker’s cellar evaluation function and is used by the Wine Group Benchmark to evaluate wine and its own pricing tools.

We are extending our partner data program to all interested wine merchants and auction houses, says Gibson.

For more information about Wine Market magazine, please contact Michelle Erland at [secure email] or Pia Sabo at [secure email].

About Weinmarkt-Magazin

The Tijdschrift voor de Wijnmarkt is the most comprehensive and reliable source of price and market information on auctions in the wine sector. Since 1997, Wine Market magazine has tracked all auctions of regular wine lots reported by the leading wineries in Europe, Asia and the United States. The data is communicated as quickly as possible and with maximum accuracy. The Wine Market Journal is the only source to follow – online or in print – the increasingly important online trade, which is based on a database of more than 2.5 million individual values. The Wine Market Journal is owned by First Growth Technologies, the official wine rating agency for Silicon Valley Bank and AIG.


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