The Chilean wine pioneer will receive praise from respected authorities in 2020; sustainable wine-growing methods are essential for future success. Santiago, Chile – 6. January 2021 – The wines of Montes have made the world famous for the quality and special characteristics of Chilean wines. Over the past three decades, the winery, run by Aurelio Montes Sr. and Aurelio Montes Jr., has proven time and again that Chilean wines can be among the best in the world. In 2020, one of the most difficult years in the world, Viña Montes has remained true to its mission to produce sustainable, high quality wines that express the best of the Chilean vineyards. As a result, their efforts have been recognised as the most visible authorities in the field of wine and tourism. Prizes and awards include recognition of overall achievements, numerous Top 100 entries, over 90 points, and recognition of excellent visitor experiences in the winery.


  • The 2020 International Wine Challenge (IWC) prize for his oeuvre. This London competition, considered the most difficult in the world, honours Aurelio Montes Sr. for his important contributions to the wine industry.
  • Top 100 Wines of the magazine Wine & Spirits of 2020. The four-time winner of this prize, Viña Montes, has been described as a pioneer by editor Joshua Green. The magazine also named the Montes Classic Sauvignon Blanc 2019 as Best Buy.
  • Critic James Sackling has published the Top 100 Wines of 2020 for Purple Angel 2017, the ultimate expression of their vineyard. Mr Le Sackling assesses the wine on 98 out of 100 points and calls it balanced and refined. In addition, Mr. Sackling the 2017 Montes Folly with 96 points and calls it so drinkable and beautiful. On the Montes Alpha M of 2017, he says that the wine has a nice intensity and richness that earned him 96 points.
  • Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Award 2020. The Travelers’ Choice Award recognizes accommodations, attractions and restaurants that regularly receive excellent reviews and are among the top 10% of most popular accommodations on Tripadvisor.
  • Chile’s #1 vineyard, 4th in the world with the award for the best vineyards in the world. Founded to celebrate the best of modern wine tourism, the best wineries in the world consider Viña Montes to be the best winery in Chile and one of the top five in the world.

Throughout 2020, we have been touched by the incredible recognition and critical feedback on our commitment to the winery, our team and our customers, says Aurelio Montes Sr. As this difficult year draws to a close, our entire team would like to thank all our customers. We have good prospects for the coming years.

WARNING Aurelio Montes

After more than 30 years of producing quality wines with passion and dedication, Viña Montes continues to push the boundaries and play a key role in raising awareness of Chilean wines around the world. Part of this commitment is a focus on innovation, particularly in the field of sustainable development. This orientation led the vineyard, among other things, to tackle the problem of water scarcity and to experiment with dry wine-growing, which resulted in an annual water saving equal to that of 20,000 people.

I firmly believe that our commitment to our employees and the environment is an essential foundation for our past and future success, said Mr. Montes. Without a healthy community, we cannot innovate and produce the best wines from our cellar. Without our involvement in our terroir, we have nothing.

In the vineyards, Montes goes to great lengths to find the most suitable terroirs for each grape variety. This micro-management of the grape reduces or eliminates the need for chemical or human intervention to correct problems with the strength of the grape, pests or other environmental conditions affecting the health of the grape and the quality of the wine. Other measures include making organic compost on each vineyard plot, collecting rainwater, using an automated irrigation system that further reduces dependence on external water sources, and planting additional trees to support the local ecology. Each vineyard produces organic compost. Rainwater is collected in tanks in each vineyard. The use of computer-controlled irrigation minimizes dependence on external water sources. The grey water discharged is returned to the environment, further reducing the plant’s impact on the local environment.

About Vigneault Montes.

Viña Montes, founded in 1988, is the creation of Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray, veterans of the wine industry. Together with their partners Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Gran, they founded Viña Montes to improve the quality and reputation of Chilean wines – both in Chile and around the world.  In the decades since the company was founded, Viña Montes has played an important role in the awareness, affinity and appreciation of Chilean wines in more than 100 countries. Viña Montes is the reference for fine wines from Chile.


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