Triumph for Redheads Wine at Global Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 

Triumph for Redheads Wine at Global Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 

RedHeads Wine receives prestigious recognition for its work in the field of renewable energy.

Triumph for Redheads Wine at Global Drinks Business Green Awards 2020  8. December – After an eventful year, RedHeads Wine received a special mention at the Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 and an award for its work in the field of renewable energy – a real milestone in the development of the winery!

The Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 is the world’s largest programme to raise environmental awareness in the beverage industry and to recognise and reward those who are at the forefront of sustainability and environmental performance.

By 2020, more applications were registered than ever before and the standard was higher than ever before, proving that the beverage industry really takes sustainability seriously. Patrick Schmitt MW, editor-in-chief of The Drinks Business, announced this on 7. December at 15:00 GMT in an online ceremony.

Alex Treskoutik, cellar master, is very satisfied with the result.

We are enormously proud of what we have achieved over the past year to contribute to a greener future for everyone. After winning the Drinks Business Green Awards for waste water management in 2019, we are very pleased and honoured to add this award to our winery. He made a comment.

With the recent forest fires in Australia, we are painfully aware of the signs of climate change and its potentially devastating consequences. To counteract this, in 2019 we built a new winery in the Barossa Valley, with a single plot as a starting point. Alex kept going.

RedHeads is proud that the winery is now fully operational and uses 100% renewable energy sources. At RedHeads, 97% of its operations are based on self-generated and stored renewable energy, with the remaining 3% coming from a certified renewable source.

The construction of the new winery has enabled RedHeads to focus on the production of high quality wines and the reduction of carbon footprint, waste and environmental impact. For RedHeads it is a constant movement towards sustainability that can inspire other wineries and industries to improve their waste and energy management.

Red heads by name, but green heads by nature.

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The RedHeads Studio Bar is open for tasting and sales on Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 to 17:00.

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About RedHeads

RedHeads Wine was created in 2002 by Tony Lathwaite in McLaren Vale in an old restaurant called RedHeads! The website was used by part-time winegrowers to free themselves from the chains of the company and produce real wines as they wanted. Small, handmade batches, interesting blends and great flavours. Today our roots are firmly anchored in Barossa and in 2019 the RedHeads built a special winery from the ground up.

The principles have not changed to this day. The target? Releasing the grape. RedHeads is looking for plots of high quality fruit produced by large wineries and sold at high prices. The team saves the grapes, several rows at a time, and gives them the attention they deserve at RedHeads Winery.

RedHeads works with more than 20 different varieties, which form the wines of the soul, personality and uniqueness. Every wine has its own story, no two wines are the same. It’s not just winemaking, it’s a movement.


Triumph for Redheads Wine at Global Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 

Triumph for Redheads Wine at Global Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 

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