(St. Helena, California, February 23, 2021) – What is perfection? For some, it’s 100 points.  For many, it just doesn’t exist; it’s the ultimate unicorn that people look for but don’t see or know. Just ask an athlete, musician or golfer.   Perhaps that is why he is so highly regarded in the wine industry. For many, the 100 point score has remained the holy grail since it was first awarded by Robert Parker.  But ultimately, it’s someone’s opinion of perfection at any given time.

What if a wine received 100 points four times from four of the world’s most respected critics? asks winemaker Thor Kenward.  What are the chances of success?  Has this ever happened before?  I don’t think so. The Twilight Zone.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, Antonio Galloni’s Wine Advocate, Jeb Dannack and International Wine Report all gave 100 points to TOR’s 2018 Napa Valley black magic.  The TOR 2018 Pure Magic received 100-points twice, but getting 100-points four times for a wine is historic.

What I find fascinating is that all the critics have a lot of experience tasting Napa Valley Cabernet wines, and have for quite some time, but they rarely agree on more than 100 points. There are often lots of 99s and 98s, but getting four perfect scores is special, says Thor, owner of TOR Napa Valley. He’s just drowning. It’s a special wine, but I have to praise the 2018 vintage.  It’s one of the best in my 44-year history as a winemaker in the Napa Valley. The stars are aligned.

TOR Napa Valley was founded in 2001 by Thor and Susan Kenward.  Thor was a 25-year veteran of the wine industry and Vice President of Beringer when he retired to establish a very small, all-family winery.  Jeff Ames produced TOR’s first wines and has remained winemaker ever since.  Jeff knows every barrel and vine in every vineyard we work with, and that gives us a huge advantage.  My job is to get us into the best vineyards – the premier crus of the Napa Valley – so he can work his magic.

The TOR has reached 100 points in the past, but six in one year was a first and a great way to celebrate the TOR’s 20th anniversary.  After 20 years of hunting, it’s nice to have success from one day to the next.  We worked hard to keep the lights on, but it kept the creative juices flowing and still challenges us today.  When all these works are recognized by critics we truly respect, they continue to burn with a creative fire.  We constantly strive to be better, not complacent.

That might be difficult, unless someone gives you 101 points for wine. 101 points?  I’m a dreamer.  Show me the way.  Net, net has always been our game: Bring the best possible grapes to the cellar and pull the gates.  We don’t rebel, even when the bases are loaded.

TOR’s Napa Valley wines are sold through exclusive distribution.  For more information, visit www.torwines.com or call Sierra Antognini at 707.963.3100. TOR concentrates on a single vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.  Most releases are between 100 and 400 instances each and are very limited.  Vineyards: Bextoffer at Calon, Wine Hill Ranch, Tierra Roja, Melanson and Hyde; all leading vineyards in Napa Valley with world-class wine production.

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