These 10 Kölsches are the antidote to hot summer days. It says so right on the bottle. That is surprising because it is not the best time of the year for drinking wine but this is exactly what happens to winemakers. When the weather heats up, wines can age better. That is the reason they make so many wines with the words “reserve” and “aged” on the bottle. These rich wines tend to be expensive because they have been aged in oak barrels, which are expensive.

There’s nothing quite like taking a long, relaxing drive on a summer afternoon. However, every now and then the weather takes a turn for the worse, and you’re stuck inside for what seems like forever.

Small American craft brewers embraced the kölsch before moving on to barrel-aged lagers. This hybrid is fruity and crisp, and well-made examples are valued for their subtlety. Fermented with ale yeast and low lager temperatures, this hybrid is both fruity and snappy, and well-made examples are prized for their subtlety.

The style originated in Cologne, Germany, where it is brewed to exacting standards and is subject to the Reinheitsgebot, or brewing purity legislation. It’s a beer for gatherings and camaraderie, and there are rituals associated with its drinking in the city where it was created. Pubs and breweries that will serve customers round after round, marking the number of glasses poured with a tick mark on a coaster. When the drinker has had his fill, the check marks are added together and a bill is generated. That, as well as the appropriate glass: a Stange, a tall narrow glass, is not as prevalent in the United States.

Kölsch was an ale that could be offered to conventional lager consumers by small breweries that emerged in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. Despite this, the style is still popular in Germany and the United States, where brewers prefer to adhere to history rather than add frills to their formulas. Although some brewers sometimes attempt to push the limit in terms of alcohol and hop characteristics, the style offers a gentle malt flavour, a mild hop profile, and a playground for yeasty tastes to run wild.

While it’s a bit of marketing, some brewers name their kölsch a golden ale or even a summer ale, which makes sense. The look is ideal during the warmer months or whenever a cold refreshment is required. It’s a wonderful beer for the beach or as a treat after some yardwork, with a mid-to-low alcohol content and an unadorned character.

Look for a kölsch with a light yellow hue, a crystal-clear pour, and a little head. It’s one of the finest ways to fill a cooler throughout the summer months. A Stange is not required, although it is recommended.

$11/16oz Exhibit A Goody Two Shoes Kölsch Style Ale 96 points for a four-pack. Pint after pint, this is the beer that maintains the correct balance of the four major components without becoming heavy on the tongue. It’s a beer for all situations, somewhat fruity with a flowery hop flavor and a hint of minerality. It helps you have a wonderful time and gives you a spring in your step.

Westbound & Down/Bierstadt Lager Chicago Peaks Kölsch; $12/16oz 4 pack, 95 points. Crisp and slightly fruity, with a sweet finish, this collaboration pours a pale golden yellow. Refreshing and thirst quenching, it is a particular delight on hot, humid days when only something light will do the trick. It is a well-appointed ale that does a lot with simple ingredients.


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$16/16oz Springdale Kölsch Money 94 points for a four-pack. This beer is golden yellow in color and has citrus notes. It’s a beer you can drink all day, every day. As the glass empties, an orange peel note develops, coupled with a honey-like malt taste.

Goat Hill Golden Ale, Blackberry Farm; $12/12oz 93 points for a six-pack. After a hard day of exertion, this beer would be a nice treat. It’s not only refreshing; it’s also a flavor challenge, with perfumy, flowery hops leading to a sweet, somewhat fruity tongue. It’s a full-flavored, rounded pour.

Three Weavers Seafarer Kölsch-style Ale; $12/12oz 6 pack, 92 points. This beer is clean and refreshing, with a touch of sweetness on the finish. It has a little hop bitterness that appears on the midpalate and builds toward the finish in pleasing earthy and citrus-laden accents.

$12/16oz Dovetail Kölsch 91 points for a four-pack. This Kölsch is crisp and somewhat fruity, and it refreshes you drink after sip. Some may refer to this beer as a lawnmower beer, although it’s best served in a real glass on the patio with no urgent intentions.

$12/12oz Rosenstadt Kölsch 91 points for a six-pack. The beer pours a rich golden gold color with a thick head. First, there are hints of mineral water and bready malt, followed by earthy, somewhat spicy hops. During a lengthy afternoon discussion with pals, this glass would rapidly empty.

Tribute to the Four Peaks $10/12o Sunbru Kölsch-style Ale 90 points for a six-pack. This beer is a funky mix of ale sweetness and lager sharpness, with a fruity thread running through it all. It’s cool and refreshing, and it’s perfect for hot days.

$10/12oz Odell Kindling Golden Ale 90 points for a six-pack. With a pronounced caramel malt aroma and a sweet flan finish, this kölsch is on the sweeter side. The hops are there in the background, coupled with a hint of citrus. It has a lot of body and is a lot of pleasure to drink.

$10 for 12 oz. of Prost Kölsch 90 points for a six-pack. This brew has a clear malt character and a somewhat fruity finish, with upfront mineral and hop notes. From the first pitch to the final out, it’s a proper day for drinking beer at the stadium or at home while listening to the broadcast.


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