A virtual tasting concierge service that donates part of the proceeds to the fund to continue supporting the sommelier throughout the country. San Francisco, California. 9. December 2020 – The U.S. Sommelier Foundation was established in March 2020 to support people affected by the COVID 19 pandemic through no fault of their own. As the restaurants close again for the second round of regional orders, many sommeliers will seek help during this holiday.  That is why the United Sommelier Fund continues to look for new ways to attract donations and accept applications for initial grants for sommeliers who need them.

The Supper Share, a concierge service that connects wine lovers and sommeliers for personalized and professionally guided virtual tastings, announces a partnership with the American Sommelier Foundation. The Evening Action Foundation is proud to support the American Sommelier Foundation and has committed to donate part of her monthly income to the foundation, while continuing to support sommeliers outside of her work due to circumstances beyond her control.

The United Sommelier Foundation is pleased that The Supper Share as a partner and donor not only continues to contribute to the foundation, but also increases the awareness of The Supper Share among all participants, says John McDaniel, secretary of the Supper Share Foundation.

The main mission of the United Sommeliers Foundation, established during the global crisis of COVID-19, is to provide financial support to people working in the wine industry, in particular sommeliers, and to other workers in the hotel and restaurant sector who take a break or are made redundant as a result of circumstances beyond their control. The fundraising team, which responds quickly to the needs of the U.S. sommelier community, consists of a handful of master sommeliers, winemakers and other beverage professionals.

The United Sommelier Foundation has the same mission as The Supper Share, so it’s the ideal partner for us, says Juliana Colangelo, the founder of The Supper Share. We are pleased that we can reach even more sommeliers with your organization. Each virtual event includes a percentage donation to the U.S. Sommelier Fund, plus a host-sommelier fee of $150-300 per event and approximately 20-30 events per month.

The United States Sommelier Foundation is a non-profit organization that is in the process of applying for federal tax exemption with the tax authorities. When an organisation receives a favourable letter of definition from the Internal Revenue Service, its 501(c)(3) status is linked to the date of its establishment and all contributions to the organisation since its establishment are considered as taxable charitable contributions.


The United Sommelier Foundation is a charitable organisation whose mission is to provide immediate financial support to a sommelier whose employment is interrupted or terminated due to circumstances beyond his or her control. The organization supports sommeliers throughout the country and was founded by several leading industry experts with over 100 years of experience and expertise. The goal of the organization is to have a positive influence on the wine industry and the sommelier community for many years. For more information, please visit

About the joint dinner

The Supper Share is a concierge service that connects the sommelier with wine lovers for a personalized virtual tasting. The dinner was conceived by Giuliana Colangelo right after the beginning of the blockade of Covid 19 to support the community of sommeliers and introduce wine lovers to the almost vast and wonderful world of wine.

About Colangelo and his partners.

Colangelo & Partners specializes in high-end brands in the food, wine and spirits sector and has a long-standing relationship with key press representatives who manage these categories of companies and help identify industry leaders. The agency’s managers have many years of experience in retail, distribution and communication – a rare combination that provides Colangelo & Partners with valuable insights into buying behaviour. The agency strives to close the cycle between creative communication programmes, distribution, promotion, advertising and consumers in order to maximise the effectiveness of its communication programmes and achieve measurable results. Founded in 2006, Colangelo & Partners was named one of the best integrated communications companies of the year at the Elite Agency Awards 2013 and one of the best digital marketing campaigns at the Digital PR Awards 2014.


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