Summer is coming soon and we all have to do our best to freshen up. One of the simplest things we can do to cool the scorching heat is to take pounds of refreshments such as fruit juice, soft drinks, beer or a glass of ice water.

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On the other hand, your favorite soda won’t be the best way to quench your thirst if it’s not cold enough. That’s why a good beverage cooler is very important.

Storage temperatures in some cases play an important role in maintaining their quality and safety in the best possible way. The chemical composition of the various drinks guarantees the best taste when kept at certain temperatures. On the other hand, soda can be as cold as you want it to be, because it usually doesn’t have too many chemical differences anyway.

With the large number of beer coolers available on the market today, choosing the best equipment to invest in can be quite difficult. That’s why we’ve conducted extensive tests and studies, developing a range of high-quality chillers for different beverage brands.

But before that: What’s a beer cooler?

Basically, a beer cooler is a refrigerator for drinks such as soft drinks, juices, bottled water, liqueurs, etc. Beer coolers are generally smaller than conventional refrigerators. Moreover, this type of refrigerator is more energy efficient because of its small dimensions. The thermostats of the beer cooler normally vary between 36 and 72°F.

This type of refrigerator can be defrosted automatically or manually. The automatic defrost coolers work by regularly heating the inner coils to melt ice or build up frost. Although this function is very useful, it consumes more energy because the heat regularly enters the room at very low temperatures.

However, in the case of manual defrosting, the refrigerator must be disconnected from the power supply to allow the frost and icing to melt. Before thawing the beer cooler manually, you must first empty the inside of the beer cooler and move it outside to avoid water damage. Finally, all open rinses in beverage coolers should be regularly dusted to keep the cooler in optimal operating conditions.

If you are considering investing in a beer cooler, there are a number of considerations you should take into account first. In addition, we have invented 13 of the most reliable beer coolers in today’s highly competitive market to help you reduce your cooling options. You will find Homelabs, Whynter and Ivation brands in our three main collections because they have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality refrigerators.

13 Best beer cooler on the market

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1. Our HOmeLabsBeverage cooler

The hOmeLabs beer refrigerator is our best choice for a number of good reasons. This 120-channel cooler is ideal for any room. Freestanding fridge with a transparent glass door and steel frame for the pleasure of beer. It also has a sophisticated black exterior and white LED interior lighting, giving the fridge an aesthetic look with the drinks inside.

The hOmeLabs beverage cooler has three removable and adjustable shelves where you can organise your food. What’s even better with this refrigerator is the silent fan at the top of the room, which ensures a constant flow of air to maintain the temperature even throughout the entire fridge.

Finally, this beer cooler is equipped with a high-tech LED defrost function that works effortlessly and saves energy.

The things we love

  • This beer cooler offers a large storage capacity for approximately 120 cans.
  • It offers a fine and sophisticated look, making it ideal for any room.
  • The low-noise fan ensures that no destructive noise is generated when the cooler is in operation.
  • The LED defrost function ensures trouble-free and energy-saving defrosting.

The things we don’t like.

  • Removable shelves are not so sturdy.

2. Best beer cooler – WhynterBeverage cooler

If you are looking for an ideal beer cooler for efficient and compact beer storage, we highly recommend the Whynter BR-130SB beer cooler. This cooler has first class features and design, making it a great eye-catcher in any room. Whether you want to place it in the kitchen, at the office or in a small studio, this beer cooler will undoubtedly be an elegant centrepiece.

The BR-130SB is equipped with a powerful compressor and an internal air cooling system to ensure even cooling and a stable temperature throughout the fridge. What makes this refrigerator even more unique and impressive is the cylinder lock. The cylinder lock protects and provides additional protection against unauthorized access to the refrigerator.

The things we love

  • Offers high capacity and saves space at the same time.
  • It is equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient compressor.
  • An internal air cooling system ensures even cooling and a stable temperature throughout the entire cooler.
  • The cylinder lock system protects the radiator from unauthorised access.

The things we don’t like.

  • It makes a little fan noise, but nothing too destructive.

3. Budget selection –Thermoelectric evaporative wine cooler

The Ivation beer cooler is our main recommendation if you are looking for a top quality beer cooler at a lower price. This beer cooler is specially designed for the storage and cooling of red and white wines. It has a capacity of 18 bottles of wine and is also very compact and portable.

With this cooler you can keep your wine at a precise temperature. It also allows you to preserve the best flavor of your wines by protecting them from the elements from the outside and the light. The thermoelectric cooling system of this cooler ensures a high energy efficiency of the cooler. Finally, this cooler ensures that no vibrations or noise occur during use.

The things we love

  • This wine cooler offers a smooth and refined design and color, making it fit perfectly in any room.
  • It has a large storage capacity for about 18 standard bottles of wine.
  • It is compact and takes up little space.
  • This cooler is specially designed to preserve wines in their best quality.
  • This cooler is a household
  • It works without noise or vibration.

The things we don’t like.

  • The temperature does not correspond to
  • The temperature will not drop below 54 degrees.

4. Upgrade unit – Beverage cooling chamber

If you are looking for a beer cooler with sufficient storage capacity, the Kalamera 154-channel beverage cooler is the best choice for you. This cooler not only has a large capacity, but also allows you to cool your favourite drinks efficiently and reliably.

The advantage of this cooler is that it is easy to install. You can install it under the sink or in the minibar. It can also be installed as a stand-alone unit in the dining room, living room or home entertainment studio.

This water cooler is equipped with stainless steel frames and a door of three-ply clear glass. The interior lighting with a blue LED makes the cooler and the drinks inside more pleasant. This beverage cooler is designed to maintain a temperature of 38-50°F without regular stops and restarts. Finally, it’s got an ultra-quiet compressor.

The things we love

  • This cooler offers a large storage capacity
  • Easy to install and integrate into any room.
  • Offers reliable storage of high-yield beer
  • This cooler has a slim and sharp design, which saves a lot of space.
  • It works without noise and vibrations.
  • energy-efficient cooling

The things we don’t like.

  • Since the lowest temperature in this refrigerator is only 38°F, you won’t be able to take out frozen drinks.

5. NewAir beverage refrigerator

With the NewAir AB-1200 you can efficiently store your favourite beer in a fresh, high-quality form. This beer cooler has a large capacity of 126 cans and is therefore ideal for use in the company, business or family.

This beer cooler is equipped with a powerful compressor that allows cooling up to 34°F. It also has 7 thermostat settings to set the ideal temperature for your drinks. This stand-alone beer cooler offers a smooth appearance and optimal durability. If you want to invest in a reliable chiller that offers both style and reliability, the NewAir AB-1200 is worth considering.

The things we love

  • The NewAir AB-1200 has a large capacity – about 126 boxes.
  • This beer cooler can cool up to 34°F and is therefore ideal for all types of drinks, including white wine.
  • This beer cooler is designed for maximum durability.
  • Its elegant design and colour make it an excellent focal point for all spaces.
  • Compact and easy to integrate into any room
  • Comes with different thermostat settings

The things we don’t like.

  • It makes noise and vibrations.

6. NutriChef Wine cooler

The NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 thermoelectric wine cooler is one of the best beer coolers you should look for as a wine lover. This beer cooler is specially designed to preserve and maintain your favourite wines in the best quality and taste. This wine cooler ensures the precision of the temperature and the air needed to store the wine.

In addition, this wine cooler is equipped with a dual-zone temperature system that allows you to set the temperature precisely in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 is equipped with an improved transparent glass door and internal LED lighting, making the entire cooling system very aesthetic.

Finally, this wine cooler works with high energy efficiency, making it economically reliable.

The things we love

  • Designed to keep the different wines cool and maintain their best quality.
  • Compact and easy to integrate into any room
  • The two-zone temperature control allows manual and precise adjustment of the cooling temperature.
  • It offers an elegant and stylish look
  • High energy efficiency

The things we don’t like.

  • Wine bottles with a diameter of more than 3 inches cannot enter.
  • The fan’s making a little noise.

7. Beverage cooler for Cooluli mini drums

The Cooluli Mini beverage cooler is ideal for cooling drinks on the go. Whether you’re on the road or just on your way to the office, a reliable and portable beer cooler is a great investment, especially during the summer. What makes this mini fridge even more comfortable while traveling is the heating function. This portable mini fridge can hold up to six 12-unit cans, making it ideal for use in schools, offices and dormitories.

This mini-beverage refrigerator is equipped with USB and AC/DC adapters. It also works with 2 Amp power supplies via a USB cable, so it works even if you don’t have access to a power outlet.

It is also equipped with a thermoelectric cooling/heating system, which is also energy-efficient. Enter your text here…

The things we love

  • Very easy to take with you.
  • Stores up to six cans of 12 ounces.
  • It works as a beer cooler and a stove at the same time.
  • This mini beer cooler offers a stylish and durable design.
  • It comes with USB and AC/DC adapters.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design

The things we don’t like.

  • If the mini fridge is filled with six cans of soda, it will be difficult to remove one because there is no room for the hand to grab a can.

8. EdgeStarIntegrated Wine and Beverage Cooler

If you are looking for the best beer cooler that takes up little space and is easy to install, the EdgeStar CWB1760FD is recommended. This built-in refrigerator is specially designed for the standard kitchen, making it very compact. Moreover, this compact beer cooler can contain up to 53 cans of soft drinks and 17 bottles of wine.

The EdgeStar CWB1760FD is also equipped with exceptional features such as tempered glass double doors, digital display, touch control panel, safety lock, stainless steel finish and retractable wooden shelves.

The temperature of this beer cooler ranges from 68°F to 38°F, making it ideal for storing different types of drinks and wines. In addition, the air cooling technology makes it possible to cool the entire interior of the refrigerator to the desired temperature. Air cooling technology uses dynamic circulating fans that provide uniform cooling.

The things we love

  • Because of the integration, this beer cooler can be safely installed at any desired location and in any room.
  • High spatial efficiency and easy integration into any room.
  • This beverage and wine cooler offers considerable storage space
  • It is equipped with several advanced functions such as a numeric display and a touchpad.
  • Manufactured from high quality and reliable materials.

The things we don’t like.

  • He’s making noise, but nothing’s bothering you.

9. Lanbo beverage and wine coolers

In addition to our category of built-in coolers, the Lanbo drink and wine cooler is another interesting option if you want to invest in a beer cooler that can be installed in the kitchen under the counter top. Moreover, this refrigerator is undoubtedly an ideal complement for studios, entertainment rooms, minibars or even under your kitchen island.

The Lanbo beverage cooler has a large storage capacity for up to 18 bottles of wine in the wine section and up to 55 cans in the beer/hydrocarbon section. This refrigerator is undoubtedly ideal for storing your favourite drinks in the same place. Finally, the Lanbo beverage and wine cooler is equipped with a powerful compressor with circulating fans for even and efficient cooling.

The things we love

  • Can be safely installed at any location
  • Offers ample storage capacity for beer and wine
  • With its elegant and refined design, this beer cooler is the perfect addition to any room.
  • The powerful compressor and circulation fans ensure even cooling throughout the entire interior of the chiller.
  • This cooler is durable and reliable for long-term use.

The things we don’t like.

  • The light does not turn on automatically when you open the refrigerator.
  • It makes a slight buzzing sound, but nothing bothers you.

10. Portable drink calibration equipment

Summer is an ideal time for picnics, camping, excursions and barbecues in the garden. However, these events would not be complete without your favourite soft drink. Therefore, a portable beer cooler such as the Kalmera mini fridge can be useful.

This multifunctional portable cooler has a capacity of 50 litres, making it ideal for family or small group travel. It also offers an exceptional cooling temperature range from 50°F to 0°F. This makes it ideal for storing all types of drinks and even frozen products. Finally, this portable fridge is also very energy efficient. Once it reaches its maximum temperature, it stores it without any additional energy input.

The things we love

  • Provides plenty of storage space for family and small group meetings.
  • The temperature can be lowered to 0°F, making it ideal for storing frozen products and
  • Sustainable and energy efficient

The things we don’t like.

  • Unlike the Cooluli Mini Bear Cooler, it does not come with a USB adapter, so you can use the AC adapter as a power source.

See the corresponding article : Dive into the Coleman 54-Steel Strip Refrigerator.

11. Yes, like the miniature beverage refrigerator.

The Yeslike Mini Drink Fridge will be your best friend when camping, barbecuing in the garden or traveling. This dual refrigerator can be used as a refrigerator for food and beverages or as a heater for food and beverages.

This refrigerator can be cooled down to 32°F, which is ideal for all types of drinks or frozen foods. It also offers ample storage capacity for about 6 cans of soft drinks. If you’re looking for the perfect fridge for a family getaway, this is the perfect choice.

The things we love

  • Can be used as cooler and warmer for food and beer.
  • Supplied with AC/DC adapter and cigarette lighter socket for cars
  • It’s compact and easy to transport…
  • This refrigerator offers an elegant appearance and guaranteed durability.

The things we don’t like.

  • You can’t fill a one-litre bottle of water if you’ve already filled the soda cans.

12. Beverage and wine cooler for the stars of Antarctica

Store your favorite wines and beers in their best quality and taste by investing in a high quality refrigerator such as the Antarctic Star beverage refrigerator. Wine, in particular, is very sensitive to heat, so it is very important to store it in a place where the temperature is constantly cool. In addition, this refrigerator and freezer has a clear glass door reinforced with a gasket to maintain perfect humidity in the fridge and freezer.

Finally, this beer and wine cooler has a large capacity of approximately 26 standard wine bottles and can also contain a large number of beer or soft drink cans.

The things we love

  • Compact, but with a large storage capacity
  • The hermetic closure ensures perfect humidity in the fridge and freezer.
  • Elegant, durable and reliable for long-term use

The things we don’t like.

13. Beverage and wine cooler

If you are a wine and beer lover, you can invest in a quality cooler to keep your favourite drinks in one place. The Phiestena beverage and wine cooler offers enough space for about 20 bottles of standard wine and 78 cans of soft drinks.

This beer cooler has a temperature range of 50 to 38°F, which is ideal for storing all types of wine and beer. Show off your best collection of wines and drinks with this stylish and aesthetic fridge.

The things we love

  • Offers a very large storage capacity
  • Can be easily integrated into any room
  • The temperature range is ideal for storing different types of beer.
  • Durable and elegant

The things we don’t like.

  • The beer district isn’t cold enough.
  • He makes a little noise, but nothing too loud and restless.

Beer Chiller Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the best beer coolers on the market, let’s talk about what to consider when making a purchase. Although they are the best on the market, they each have their own characteristics, so the choice of beer cooler actually depends on the ability of those characteristics to meet your needs. Here are a few things to consider before buying a beer cooler:

1. Think about the beer you’re gonna keep.

To choose the best cooler to invest in, you need to decide which types of beer you want to store. If you only intend to store canned drinks, such as soft drinks and beer, you can go to a drinks cooler that serves canned drinks. On the other hand, if you need to keep a few bottles of wine with your favourite drinks, you can go into the double door refrigerator, the other side of which is designed for storing and preserving wine bottles.

2. Choose the best space to house your beer cooler

Beer coolers can be easily integrated into any room thanks to their simple and smooth design. Depending on the size, the beer cooler can be placed almost anywhere: in the kitchen, the entertainment room, the office, etc.

3. Discover the most important features

Here you will find a list of useful functions of the beer cooler you wish to search for:

-Security locks – Beer coolers with security locks are widely used in commercial businesses such as grocery stores and canteens. A security lock is necessary to prevent theft or to keep minors away from alcohol.

-Clear zone temperature control – Most double door coolers have double zone temperature control. This function allows you to set different temperatures for each zone.

-Adjustable/removable shelves -Adjustable and removable shelves make it possible to adjust the height of the shelves to the beer.

-Digital temperature control – Digital temperature control makes it easy to control and monitor the temperature of the cooler for optimal cooling and storage of the beer.

-LED backlighting – LED backlighting is known for its high energy efficiency. Moreover, thanks to the good lighting in the fridge, you can show off your favourite drinks and your wine collection. The beer coolers can be supplied with standard white LED lights, but you can also customize your own coloured LED light to suit your style.

Door options – Beer refrigerators can be supplied with right, left, French or reversible French doors.

4. Let’s look at the capacity of the refrigerator…

There are many types of beer coolers of different sizes and capacities on the market. The size and capacity of the cooler you want to choose depends on the type of beer you want to store, the number of people in your home or office and the size of your beer collection. Moreover, most coolers indicate their bottles and cans. It is therefore essential that you read the product description as a reference.

5. Look at the energy consumption of the refrigerator.

Many people hesitate to invest in a beer cooler if they already have a standard fridge at home, because this can only increase their monthly electricity bill. However, most beer coolers today have low energy consumption. Pay attention to energy efficiency when purchasing beer coolers.

6. Tests for operating noise

Currently, most beer refrigerators on the market offer minimal noise and vibration levels. If you are easily disturbed by the sound of your devices, pay attention to the cooler, which guarantees extremely quiet operation.

7. Think of the style.

There are different types of cooling to meet your needs. Clear glass door fronts with stainless steel frame coolers are currently the most common option. Refrigerators are also available in different colours.

8. Let’s look at your budget.

Beer cooler prices vary by brand, model and equipment. Once you know what your refrigerator needs and what your preferences are, the next step is to view different models and brands and compare their price lists. Don’t forget to read customer testimonials to find out if it’s worth investing in a product.

Frequently asked questions

Q : What is the temperature range of the beer coolers?

A : Most beer coolers offer a temperature range from 50°F to 38°F. Some portable beer coolers used as food heaters also offer a higher temperature range.

Q : Why would I invest in such a company?

О : It is essential to keep your favourite beer in a safe and cool place to maintain its excellent quality at all times.

Q : What is the difference between built-in beer coolers and freestanding beer coolers?

О : Separate units, as the name suggests, can stand alone and do not need support. Built-in appliances, on the other hand, are intended for installation in kitchen cabinets or under the counter top.

Q : How do I keep my fridge?

О : To keep the cooler in good condition, exposed coils should be dusted at least every six months.

Q : Where can I best install the beer cooler?

О : Beer coolers are very flexible and easy to integrate. So you can install it anywhere.

Q : Does it use too much energy?

О : Most commercially available beer coolers operate with minimal energy consumption. In addition, most chillers also use LED backlighting and a digital display, which is very energy-efficient.

Q : What is the difference between a traditional fridge and beer refrigerators?

О : Beer coolers are generally smaller than conventional refrigerators. They are also specially designed for the storage of beer bottles and cans. Beer refrigerators are also more elegant and allow you to display your drinks through the transparent glass door.

Q : What does the temperature mean in two zones?

A : The two-zone temperature control is a function of the beer coolers that makes it possible to set different temperatures in each zone. This situation is typical for refrigerators where wine and beer are stored in two separate rooms.


When you buy beer coolers, you can easily overload tons of different brands, models, sizes, capacities and styles to choose from. But once you’ve completed your research and carefully weighed up all the important factors, it won’t be so difficult to make a purchase decision.

To help you refine your selection, you can also include our 13 best beer coolers as eye-level runners. If you want to invest in a fridge that only serves canned drinks, take a look at our best choice, the beverage refrigerator from hOmeLabs. Even if you want to choose a less expensive option for a wine refrigerator, we recommend that you take a look at the Ivation wine refrigerator.

Finally, the advice and guidance we have provided in our buyer’s guide will help you understand the key factors to consider before making a final purchase decision.

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