It is usually the humble grape that gives the red wines their color—and much of their character. In the process, however, grapes are also responsible for some of the most infamous sins of wine making. In this tasting challenge, we are looking at the tawny ports from Portugal, dubbed by some as the “national tawny”.

Aged to perfection, the result is a deeply golden port with a surprisingly bright acidity and a soft, creamy texture.

The Tawny Port is one of the world’s oldest wine-making grape varieties, and it is widely acknowledged as the classic choice for port production. The Tawny Port is a medium-dry red wine that is matured in oak barrels, and is the most popular type of port in the world. Tawny Port is made from the grapes of the Tinta de Toro grape variety, and is commonly aged for at least six years in oak barrels.. Read more about port alcohol and let us know what you think.

In terms of fortified wines, port is probably the best known. And this in a climate region where nothing really should grow, let alone grapes that produce some of the richest and most memorable wines in the world!

This week we taste Tawny Port and discuss the inhospitable region that led to the creation of this popular dessert wine.

What is a trial match? With 34 wines from 12 countries, you can improve your taste buds every week – the Wine Tasting Challenge.

Thelocation is from the Douro Valley in Portugal.

Like the Spanish sherry we tasted earlier, port is a fortified wine, which means it is fortified with spirits. This provides more body and alcohol, resulting in a rich (and intoxicating) experience.

The main difference, however, is that sherry is generally dry, while port is generally sweet. However, this does not mean that it is free from diversity. There are different styles, from Tawny to Ruby, and even white and rosé ports!

Not to mention the intermediate rankings.

This week we tasted Tawny port, one of the most common port styles, but also surprisingly diverse, so it varies slightly from bottle to bottle.

Broadbent 10 years old Tawny Porto

Look at this: Medium color.

Perfumes: Stuffed cherries, candied orange, caramel, honeyed nuts, raisins, chocolate and baking spices.

It’s all right, it’s all right: A thick, almost syrupy body. Spicy notes of red fruit at the start: like a Christmas dessert. Tones of toast, butterscotch and nuts on the finish.

Combination with food : We had both milk and dark chocolate on hand, and both go beautifully with this port. It should also be paired with salty cheeses: maybe a Stilton!

What we have learned about Tawny Port

Port is probably the best known and most popular fortified wine in the world. In 2013 alone, more than 8.7 million boxes of sweet products were shipped worldwide.

And all this from a small country: Portugal. And it all comes from a small piece of land: the Douro Valley.

And while there are many climates and terroirs in Portugal itself, the Douro Valley is perhaps at the top of the list of climates and terrains that are not at all interested in hospitality.

The soil itself is a shale soil that heats up to 100° Fahrenheit (38° Celsius) during the dry summer months.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the vine over the centuries, it’s that it thrives without care. And in the Douro, this negligence has led to more than 50 grape varieties being allowed to make port wine!

Not surprisingly, there are many styles of Port wine, each with its own aromas, flavours and winemaking rules.

Last Impressions

Port, like sherry, is one of those wines that offers enough variety to satisfy almost any taste.

If you don’t like the Tawny because it doesn’t have enough fruit, try the Ruby. If you want something lighter, use a bottle of white port.

There are many variations on port, although the grapes are grown in a region that could ruin almost any other crop.

Are you looking for more information about Port? Check out our guide!

What port did you choose for the tests? Tell us about it in the comments!

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