Have you ever been in love with a diva? Then maybe you know something about pinot noir. It is fickle, difficult to handle and is known for throwing in the towel at the first sign of trouble.

Then why are so many winemakers doing this nonsense? Because this diva can sing.

What is a tasting challenge? With 34 wines from 12 countries, you can improve your wine taste every week – the wine tasting challenge.

Single Pinot wine tasting Week 6: we taste Brooks Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Trial Challenge: Oregon’s Delicate Diva, Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has a thin skin, a temperament and is generally very easy to spoil.

It is also known for its lush fruit and earthy notes that drive many wine lovers crazy with oenophilia. Everything, from humidity to morning mist, makes this grape what it is: for better or for worse.

And that’s where Pinot’s love comes from. Due to its delicate nature, it is one of the best grape varieties to express the terroir of the region.

Basically, everything from the soil to the climate and the terrain contributes to the same grapes becoming a completely different bottle of wine from one place to another.

California Pinot Noir will be very different from the Burgundian Pinot. And some of the most acclaimed performances of recent years come from Oregon.

In our relentless search for quality wine at a reasonable price, we have chosen Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Not only does the pinot in the region have its own recognizable value and distinctive style, but you will also find many opportunities to drink this quality wine without having to take out a second mortgage on your house.

Wine tasting allone-origin pot wine

2017 Willamette Valley Brooks Pinot Noir

Take a look at this: Light to medium ruby red.

The smells: Cherry sweets, raspberries, cranberries, earth, mushrooms and a hint of cooking herbs.

In the palace: Good, subtle tannins. Notes of Bing cherries, red plums and mushrooms. A breath of black pepper at the end. High acidity: Pure pie! In fact, the acidity and the red fruits almost give a red grapefruit sensation that we didn’t expect. Great balance.

Sorted food: This particular pinot is very easy to eat. He’s bold enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to play with others. I immediately thought of a delicious gruyere or Jarlsberg with nuts. Roast duck or quail. And, of course, coq au vin.

What we learned about Oregon pinot noir

When we think of Pinot Noir, light is usually one of the first words that comes to mind. That’s right.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no power behind it. Oregon’s Pinot may not be the fruit bomb of California, but it does leave more room for the earthly notes that make this wine more than an attempt at one note.

That bottle of Pinot Noir was the best part: There are some complications, but that doesn’t deter the beginner.

You’ll love sitting in your drink and sniffing around. It feels like every time you stick your nose in, something new comes out. It starts out simple and builds up like a symphony on different levels.

It’s kind of a perfect wine meeting.

Last impressions

Pinot Noir is a fairly legendary wine. And if you think of the delicacy of where it’s grown, you can see why. And you can also understand why people tend to have strong opinions about where they come from.

For some, Burgundy really is the only answer.

It is synonymous with the region, which has been producing some of the most famous (and expensive) Pinot Noir wines for centuries.

Others still prefer Oregon or California. And over the years, Oregon’s reputation has only grown, rubbing shoulders with old-school pinot regions. And why is that?

This prima donna.

She can be vain, thin-skinned and full of temperament. But when she sings, it’s with different voices, and you have to be careful.

Which Pinot Noir did you choose? Would you prefer a more earthy bottle, or are you in love with a big fruity explosion? Tell us below!

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