The Sutter Home Family Vineyards has been producing award-winning wine for more than 50 years, and has more than 100 varieties in its portfolio. This fall, the winery is adding four new wine varieties to its line-up: Cranberry White Zinfandel, Cherry Merlot, Wild Berry Zinfandel, and Blackberry Merlot. The new additions are part of the Sutter Home Family Vineyards’ focus on creating fruit-infused wines to offer more choice and variety to wine lovers.

Sutter Home Family Vineyards, the world’s largest family-owned winery, announced the release of three fruit-infused varietals: cranberry, raspberry, and cranberry-raspberry, which will be available nationwide starting in November. The new fruit infusions join the winery’s popular line of white Zinfandel, pink Moscato, and red Merlot, which was introduced in the last decade and has grown by about 20 percent annually.


Sweet peaches, wild berries and tropical pineapple combine sweet wine with real fruit juice.

ST. HELENA, CA, 13. May 20, 2021 – Sutter Home Family Vineyards today announced the addition of Fruit Infusions, a line of sweet wines infused with real fruit juice and natural fruit flavors, to its portfolio. Available in sweet peach, wild berry and tropical pineapple. These premium California wines are soft, juicy and refreshing, with a slight tingle on the palate. The 7.5% alcohol series is now available nationwide in four 187ml packs and 750ml bottles for $8 SRP and 1.5l bottles for $13 SRP.

Generations of Sutter Home fans have turned to our brand for sweet wines, including Sangria, Moscato and the original white Zinfandel, says Jennifer Hochman, Sutter Home’s director of marketing. Inspired by our fans’ love of sweet fruit flavors, we created this line of wines with real fruit juice for today’s consumers. This fresh combination of peach, berries and pineapple is sure to be a hit this summer.

In addition to its appeal to consumers, research has confirmed that the fruit is worth pressing. Research shows that taste is an important factor in consumer choice of beverages1 , and this is particularly evident in the wine category. With 60% growth in dollar terms, the flavored wine category generates $628 million in annual retail sales2. Aromatized wines also rank first in terms of growth rate among the 10 most popular wine types, followed by Sauvignon Blanc with a growth rate of 24%, half the growth rate of the flavored wine category2.

The numbers also determined Sutter Home’s taste choices. Peach is the leading category of flavored wines, growing 81%. Berries are another very popular scent. More than half of the flavors in the top ten are berry flavors, with a 47% increase for berry flavors. Pineapple is one of the fastest growing flavors, growing 160%. Together, these three offerings have the potential to drive growth in the increasingly popular category of flavored wines2.

From the original White Zinfandel to the brand new Fruit Infusions family, Sutter Home has been meeting consumer demand with delicious innovations for over 70 years. For more information on fruit infusions and the future of the family brand, please visit

About Sutter Home

When the Trinchero family purchased Sutter Home Winery in 1948, they had a vision, a passion and a deep understanding of consumer taste. In the early 1970s, Sutter Home revolutionized American winemaking by creating the first white Zinfandel and introducing a new, sweeter style of wine, as well as several other popular varieties at an affordable price. By the 1980s and 1990s, Sutter Home had made a name for itself as the second largest independent family winery in the United States. In 2005, the winery was the first to launch an innovative 187 ml packaging in lightweight plastic bottles. Today, Sutter Home reflects the evolution of its customers by offering 25 different varieties in bottles of 750 ml, 187 ml and 1.5 litres as well as in Tetra Pak® bag-in-box packages of 500 ml and 3 litres. For more information, see


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