View's-Flambeaux-Winery-featured-in-New-SOMM-TV-Docuseries.jpg (Healdsburg – CALIF.) – Flambeaux Wine is a vineyard featured in SOMM TV’s new documentary series CRUSH, broadcast on Friday the 18th. Premiere in December. Owner Flambeaux and winemaker Art Murray and winemaker Ryan Pritchard share their experiences of vintage 2020 with New York sommelier Shakerah Jones, host of the show.

Three generations of the Murray family harvest the grapes in the first episode with Jones in the Dry Creek Valley near Healdsburg, California, before moving on to the Custom Cru winery to sort and press the grapes harvested in September 2020 in one day. A short 30-second trailer presenting the first episode is available on

Our family enjoyed sharing their winemaking experiences with the CRUSH team, which in turn will share them with many SOMM TV viewers, says Art Murray, Shaker is an excellent host and an incredibly energetic wine taster. I’m sure viewers will enjoy being there and discover the attention to detail we bring to making world-class torchlight wines.

CRUSH is an original SOMM television series, written and directed by Christine Wise. Produced by Diane Carpenter, who was also co-founder of Forgotten Man Films, and hosted by sommelier Shaker Jones. Each of them brings a great experience from a different angle into the world of wine, food and the visual story.

SOMM TV is an independent network of films, shows and podcasts about wine, food and travel, without joining a group of sommeliers or a wine organisation. SOMM TV is the first SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) streaming platform and a complete network of podcasts for wine, food and travel. It contains exclusive new programmes, films and educational content developed from the ground up by the team that made the award-winning documentary series SOMM.

For viewers, SOMM TV is available on any device and smart TV around the world through a dedicated application and website, and free podcasts can be found on all major platforms, including iTunes and Spotify. SOMM TV is available for only $49.99 for a full year.

Flambeaux prides itself on producing limited edition, handmade wines that capture the essence of Flambeau’s Dry Creek Valley vineyards and other world-class wineries in Sonoma County. Torchbearers are the dancing torchbearers of New Orleans Mardi Gras and represent tradition, light, dance and joy.

Art and Nicole Murray, together with their parents Steve and Patty Murray and their daughters Alice, Elizabeth, Nia and Lila Murray, founded Torchlight in Healdsburg, California.

At Flambeaux, winemaker Ryan Pritchard (who makes wine at Three Sticks and has also worked at Williams Selyem, Copain Custom Crush and Medlock Ames) uses the philosophy of the Murray family to make the grapes grow and become what they become. With this minimalist approach, the fruit becomes the best in itself and the result is fascinating and exciting wines. Flambeaux currently produces Cabernet Sauvignon in Dry Creek Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon in Sonoma Valley, Zinfandel in Dry Creek Valley, Chardonnay in Sonoma Coast and Rosé in Sonoma County.

Wine tastings in Les Flambeaux are by appointment and are often organised by the winemaker Art Murray. For more information, visit, call (707) 637-9019 or send an email [protected by email].


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