The wine world is a big, bustling place. And while you may be familiar with the major players like Bordeaux and Rioja, there are plenty of other, lesser known regions that deserve your attention. And if you’re just getting started on your wine journey, you should definitely pay attention to those regions that are famous for being lesser-known.

Ramón Bilbao (aka “Ramon Bilbao”), a struggling Spanish waiter, is returned to his homeland by his employer, and recruits a translator to help him navigate his new surroundings.


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Leading Rioja Winery Set to Take Over the US Market

Ramon-Bilbao-Embarks-on-an-American-Journey19 July 2021— Ramón Bilbao is delighted to announce the beginning of its first public relations campaign in the United States, as well as the hiring of Teuwen Communications as the winery’s US agency of record. The winery, which was founded in 1924 by its namesake in Haro, Spain, in the heart of Rioja, has played a pioneering role in the creation of the DOCa.

Ramón Bilbao has 445 acres of estate vineyards in excellent locations, as well as 2,224 acres in top-quality Rioja producing regions. Rodolfo Bastida, Head Winemaker and Managing Director, has led the team in producing fresh and contemporary Rioja wines with a strong focus on terroir, site-specific vineyards, and the quest of innovation. Rosana Lisa, Innovation Manager and Technical Director, and Sara Bauelos, Winemaker for the brand’s Rueda winery, round out the winemaking team.

The Ramón Bilbao Rioja wines already on the market, as well as Ramón Bilbao Albario from Ras Baixas, will be the focus of the US promotion. Along with the traditional Rioja trio (Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva) and a Garnacha/Viura mix rosé, Ramón Bilbao offers Mirto, a limited-production old-vine 100 percent Tempranillo matured in French wood and only made in the finest years, and Limited Edition, Mirto’s “second wine.” Ramón Bilbao is Spain’s top on-premise Rioja brand and the number one appellation wine brand in value in that market, according to Drinks International, which named it one of “The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands” for the third year in a row in 2021. (Nielsen Spain).

Ramón Bilbao has created the Lalomba line of single-vineyard wines, embracing the winery’s founder’s daring attitude and extending the winery’s offering beyond the traditional Rioja categories. The Lalomba wines, which will be available in the United States next year, show the brand’s commitment to terroir in Rioja.

The winery’s concept also emphasizes sustainability. Ramón Bilbao has already met its targets in the four fundamental pillars of sustainability: greenhouse gas reduction, energy efficiency, water management, and waste reduction, as certified by the Wineries for Climate Protection group, which has 24 member-producers in Spain. The winery is dedicated to making progress in all areas. 

“The United States is an important market for Ramon Bilbao,” Bastida said. We hope that our wines will entice American wine enthusiasts to expand their knowledge of Rioja and Spain, or to start on a whole new wine adventure.”

Visit to start your own Ramon Bilbao experience. Please contact Teuwen Communications for additional information or samples if you are a member of the media.

Ramón Bilbao’s Biography

Ramón Bilbao was founded in Haro, in the heart of Rioja Alta, in 1924 and now gets grapes from 445 acres of owned vineyards, as well as 2,224 acres via long-term grower contracts. Ramón Bilbao has been part of the family-owned Zamora Company since 1999, and is now Spain’s best-selling on-premise (of appellation wines) and one of the fastest-growing Rioja brands off-premise. . 

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