Raimat Natura, a 700-hectare park on the Costers del Segre, home to more than 100 different species of flora and fauna, will open its doors to visitors in the spring of 2021. Barcelona, 1. December 2020. – The Raimat vineyard, which will become one of the most important Spanish wineries with CCPAE certification for organic production, will also become a nature reserve open to visitors, linking the capital Segria in various ways to the winery. You will be able to discover more than one hundred animal species and more than one hundred plant species of great ecological value. This project, the first of its kind in Spain and the only one of its kind in Europe, will give the public access to the enormous natural wealth of this region – more than 700 hectares of land where water birds, birds of prey and mammals live together with centuries-old oak trees and grape plantations in a fully organic and sustainable environment.  The installation of traffic signs and the construction of a visitor centre are already underway, and the opening of Raimat Natura is expected to take place in the spring of 2021 without any entrance fee.

For the director of Rymat, Joan Esteve: Managing a small plot of land involves a lot of responsibility. In Raimat, we have succeeded in integrating viticulture into its natural habitat while respecting the habitats and species that live there: The prohibition of hunting, organic farming, the preservation of natural vegetation cover and the replanting of degraded habitats, as well as a long list of other activities that allow many different species to live in harmony on the estate. We now want to open up this environment to visitors so that they can have a unique experience.

New attraction for family and nature tourism

Raimat Natura will offer tourists, especially families, nature lovers and ornithologists, a new reason to visit the region. It is also the intention to make Raimat more accessible to the inhabitants of Leida and the surrounding towns and villages, so that they can enjoy the surroundings.  Upon arrival, all information about the available places in the visitor centre will be made available.  From here, tourists can go on foot or by bike, choosing from several specially designed routes, up to 50 km long.  The route around the lagoon, an ideal environment for birdwatching, is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.  At various places along the route, visitors will find information panels with audiovisual content about the species that live there.  Another attraction is the grape vines, where up to ten grape varieties can be found within walking distance, or the hill of centuries-old oaks, which has been preserved on one side of the estate.

About Raimat

Raimat is owned by Raventos Codorniu, the oldest producer of wine and cavas in Spain. The unique geological and climatic characteristics of Raimat made the estate the main driving force behind the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin in 1986. The winery itself is a specific sub-area within the designation and is currently the main producer and ambassador of this designation. Raimat is based on the conviction that sustainable agricultural practices are the best guarantee for the preservation of the environment. After more than 100 years, this belief has remained unchanged. Raimat’s commitment to nature is unshakeable, sustainable processes go far beyond formal requirements and the winery strives for a 100% organic production model.

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