Advertising Petaluma, California – 2. December 2020. – Given the many winter holidays – starting with the Winter Solstice and Hanukkah, followed by Christmas, Kwanza and New Year’s Day – the winemakers of the Petaluma Winemakers Alliance (PGWA) have selected wines for each festival that perfectly match the traditional recipes, whatever festival you wish to celebrate. Although Pinot Noir is the dominant grape variety in the American Petaluma Gap (AVA) wine-growing area, Chardonnay, Albariño, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Grenache, Malbec, Merlot, French Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pti Verdo are also grown here, and there is no shortage of aromas to complement recipes from cultures around the world.

The area of Petaluma Gorge is famous for the afternoon wind that flows over the ridges of Bodega Bay to San Pablo Bay, which slows down the ripening process and allows the vineyards to stand for longer.  After almost three years as an AVA, putting more and more of our winemakers Petaluma Gap on the label, and more and more of our wines get more than 90 points.  These are wines that deserve special occasions, especially after a year like 2020, according to Erica Stankliff, chairman of the board of directors of PGWA and winemaker of the Trombetta family.  I’m going to baste the Chardonnay Trombett family on New Year’s Eve with a lemon risotto and St. James’s fire.

Petaluma Gap winemakers were invited to share their favorite winter holiday recipes with award-winning wines; The collection includes everything from Gust Wines chardonnay combined with Hanukkah latkes, to Dutton-Goldfield Riesling combined with mango crab cakes for Christmas, to Thirty Ceven white wine blend combined with cheesy corn and Kwanzaa grain, Adobe Street Cabernet Sauvignon combined with Shiitake beef clusters and pistachios for New Year’s Eve and Syria made in Amphorae combined with Bloody Mary grilled cheese for New Year’s Eve.  Each recipe contains a proposal for a wine-pair, as well as notes and photos of the winemaker.  Recipes and information about couples will be available from the 7th month. December in the distributed PGWA social networks. A full collection of recipes is included in the appendix. Most of these wines are for sale on the websites of the wineries; for more information please visit  The Petaluma Gap Wine Alliance also invites you to subscribe to its monthly newsletter at, which features award-winning wines and stories from the Petaluma Gap winemakers.

2017 г. Lichau Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, $85.

  • Garrett Martin, the winemaker.
  • Not registered yet.
  • Accompanied by shiitake mushrooms and pistachios from Mrs B’s tenderloin.
McAvoy Ranch 2014 Sira Red Piano, $45.

  • Blake Yarger and Maurizio Castelli, winemakers.
  • 94 items, International Sommelier Wine Competition and Gold Medal, San Francisco Wine Competition Chronicle.
  • Accompanied by a fried steak and red wine sauce
Cline Family Cellars 2015 Furvus Rosso Syrah, made in amphorae, $65.

  • Tom Gendall and Megan Kline, winemakers.
  • 91 points, sommelier’s choice award.
  • Accompanied by bloody mary toast.
Pfendler Wineries 2018 Petalum Gap Chardonnay, 45

  • Erica Stancliffe, winemaker.
  • 92 points,
  • Associated with Rillette salmon.
Desire Lines 2018 Lischau Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Winery Lischau Hill, 49

  • Cody Rasmussen, the winemaker.
  • 90 points, Antonio Galloni, Vinus.
  • Combined with an exaggeratedly dry chicken and small gemstones with a garnet-lemon vinaigrette.
Ron Noble Vines 2018 Pinot Noir Estate, $68.

  • Megan Bachchitich, the winemaker.
  • 92 points, wine avocado and 92 points,
  • Accompanied by Yun’s Crab Savory with Tengy Pepper Salad.
Dutton Goldfield 2018 Cileno Riesling Valley Winery, 30

  • Dan Goldfield, the winemaker.
  • 93 points and choice of publisher,
  • Accompanied by a mango crab pie with a spicy sauce.
Thirty-seven Ceven Wine 2017 Albarinho, $22.

  • Shane Finley, winemaker.
  • Ninety points,
  • Accompanied by creamy Cajun shrimps and sausage pasta.
Gust Wines 2017 Chardonnay, $45.

  • Tom Gendall, the winemaker.
  • 91 points, Winewatcher.
  • Coupled to latkes.
Thirty-seven Wine 2018 Tolai Blank White Mix, $18.

  • Shane Finley, winemaker.
  • Ninety points,
  • Combined with cheese corn and corn kernels.
Hot tub wine 2018 Sangiovese, $28.

  • Charlie Zegelethos, the winemaker.
  • The Top 100 Wines of 2020, Sonoma magazine.
  • Combined with chicken armigiana.

The vintage 2018 is sold out online, but the vintage 2019, produced by winemaker Tom Gendall, is for sale.

Thirty-seventh wine 2016 Reserve Merlot, 46

  • Shane Finley, winemaker.
  • Double gold and 96 points, North Coast Wine Challenge 2020
  • Combined with garlic and Herb Prime oil.
Keller Real Estate 2016 Rotie, 58

  • Julien Teichmann, winemaker.
  • 94 points, Robert Parker.
  • Accompanied by herds of lambs covered with a herb crust.
Trombett 2018 Chardonnay Gap Crown, $65.

  • Erica Stancliffe, winemaker.
  • 93 points,
  • Accompanied by a lemon risotto and scallops on the fire.

About the Alliance

The Petaluma Gap AVA Wine Growers Alliance (PGWA) was founded in 2005 to inform members of the wine trade and consumers about Petaluma Gap AVA and to make them aware of the unique growing conditions in the region and the quality of the resulting wines. In addition, the PGWA supports the wine growers and producers in the region through ongoing programmes and communications designed to help them maximise their success in the sector. The members of the group are winegrowers, wineries, associate members, sponsors and local people who are enthusiastic about the region and the wine. Throughout the year, the group organizes educational events and tastings on its own and through Sonoma County’s Wintners.


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