The new Patrimony range has just come in for our tasting, and it’s something that we are very excited about. The wines are a very good representation of the best the vintage has to offer. The best of the Patrimony range are a blend of Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. The range has a very good structure and a great mouthfeel.

Patrimony is a Spanish wine producer that has been making wine in the region of Rioja since 1604. In the last few years the company has released its first ever wines from its new vineyard, and this year it has released a number of wines from the 2018 vintage. All of these wines are sold under the Patrimony label.

A new wave of vintages has arrived this year, and in every glass, we hope you experience the same sense of wonder we did when we first discovered them.


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The Daou Brothers have released their fifth vintage of world-class California first-growth wines.


2 August 2021, New York, NY – The recently released 2017 and 2018 vintages of PATRIMONY Estate, a winery established by co-proprietors and brothers Georges and Daniel Daou, include the first Cabernet Franc bottling from this renowned estate. PATRIMONY Estate debuted with the 2013 vintage and has garnered great acclaim for its prized wines year after year. 

PATRIMONY Estate is called after a strong tradition of land management and history. The winery extends its experience in world-class Bordeaux varietals to conquer Cabernet Franc with these new vintages. Winemaker Daniel Daou states, “PATRIMONY’s first-ever Cabernet Franc release is nothing short of quintessential—full bodied but wonderfully delicate and nuanced.” “It will grow wonderfully for decades to come, while being accessible upon release.”  

PATRIMONY is being released to the local and international wholesale markets for the first time. Only the best shops and restaurants across the world will be able to purchase this amazing gift from PATRIMONY Estate. The wine will remain accessible directly via the PATRIMONY allocation list, which is presently on a wait-list owing to the wine’s exclusivity. PATRIMONY’s status as one of the world’s best wines begins with Daniel and Georges’ commitment to guarantee that the wine is accessible to the most discriminating palates. 

The expressiveness and intensity of both the Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 and Cabernet Franc 2017 reflect the growing season and careful winemaking technique. The 2018 Caves des Lions is a rich blended expression consisting of 64% Cabernet Sauvignon and 36% Cabernet Franc. 

The wines are aged for between 27 and 30 months in barrels custom-made by a number of top cooperages. These include French oak bois rose aged for 3 and 5 years with a custom toast created for  PATRIMONY and Sylvain Collection & Signature, crafted from centuries-old trees in France. This aging  program fosters elegance and distinct character in the wines. 

The scientific lens of phenolics informs Daniel Daou’s artisanship and dedication to producing the best wines on earth in PATRIMONY’s winemaking philosophy. The Adelaida District in Paso Robles produces robust, but well-balanced wines with a lovely aroma, intensity on the palate, tannic structure in the mid-palate, and a long, rich finish. 

Below are tasting comments and technical information about the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Caves Des Lions. Visit for additional information and to make a purchase. 

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon from PATRIMONY Estate ($275)  

Lilac, hibiscus, thyme, and dark chocolate aromas abound in this ultra-concentrated wine. A wonderful symphony of juicy blackberries, black currant, and blueberries characterizes the full-bodied, smooth palate. Aged in rare French oak casks for 30 months. A total of 650 cases were made. 

2017 Cabernet Franc PATRIMONY Estate ($275)

Violets, hibiscus, exotic flowers, and cigar box aromas combine with blackcurrants, baked blackberries, and grilled meats on the palate, which is smooth and spacious with a minerally backbone and velvety tannins. Aged in rare French oak casks for 30 months. A total of 150 cases were made. 


This wine is a profound expression of Cabernet Sauvignon (64%) and Cabernet Franc (36%) that mesmerizes with an array of subtle flavors: rose petals, cigar box, blackberry jam, dark cherries, hibiscus, stone fruit, vanilla, and dark chocolate. The tannins are light and supple, with a lively aftertaste. Aged in rare French oak casks for 27 months. There were 371 instances made. 


PATRIMONY Estate is a Paso Robles winery run by brothers Georges and Daniel Daou, who are well-known in the Central Coast winemaking industry. PATRIMONY Estate sets the scene for world-class Bordeaux varietals from the Adelaida District in Paso Robles, as shown by this collection of exceptional, highly praised fine wines. As land stewards, Georges and Daniel combine tradition and innovation to create premium, age-worthy wines that rival any cult classic from the United States, Europe, and beyond.



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PATRIMONY Estate is known as a producer of exceptional wines. The company has been awarded many accolades in the world of wine and their wines have won many awards. PATRIMONY Estate has been producing exceptional wines for many years. The company does a lot of research, and the wines are made exclusively from the best grapes from the best growers in the world.. Read more about 2016 patrimony cabernet sauvignon and let us know what you think.

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