25. November – The highly competitive UK online wine market has just welcomed an independent outsider: Wine, etc. A brand new wine merchant offers high quality wines at affordable prices, produced by small independent family producers from all the major wine regions of the world. The site is also the first UK Shopware 6 store, built in partnership with Manchester-based e-commerce agency Super Free Trade.

Because the general public has to undergo a new period of home blocking, Wine&Something offers an alternative home delivery service. Unlike some of the major wine brands known online, Wine & Something celebrates a largely exclusive portfolio of more than 250 wines from 75 producers in 12 countries.

Wine&Something believes that good wine brings everything. The name Wine&Something will of course expand the brand – Wine&Friends, Wine&Zoom Quizzers, Wine&Romance – a conscious choice of the ambitious founders who have built a website that goes beyond the traditional e-commerce store to become something big.

Ambitious, innovative and pleasantly different, we believe that good wine goes with everything. Big nights. It’s good food. A new love. Old friends. The better the wine, the better these things are.

We’re dealing with giants like Lathwaites and Naked Wines – but we’re losing in every way. We are proud to be able to offer the British consumer some of the most interesting wines of the country, exclusively at Wine & Something. Thanks to our great technology and operational partners, we have an unparalleled fulfillment system for high quality home delivery, and our online platform will only grow to offer more specials on top of our great wines. – Dale Agar, co-founder and CEO of Wine&Something.

The Wine&Something team, in partnership with Supercharged Commerce, has chosen Shopware Enterprise 6 to provide a flexible shopping experience for their growing online store. This launch is already the first platform in Germany and the first department store in the UK to be built with Shopware 6.

The business platform supports Wine&Something’s goal to destroy the wine market and gives wine merchants the flexibility to integrate optimized payment gateways, product management, social integration and a comprehensive marketing package.

Wine&Something needed a unique approach to online business. Like wine, e-commerce is a personal experience, where hidden pleasures are needed to turn customers into advocates. We knew that Wine&Something had everything to do with expansion, innovation and community, so we built their online store with Shopware 6. Never before launched in the UK, this online platform is an innovative challenger to the e-commerce market and offers a flexible ecosystem with high speed and low cost, says Michael Ashworth, Director of Overload Commerce.

In collaboration with the selected digital agency, Supercharged Commerce, Wine&Something collaborated with the brand agency Fluid-Ideas (, which provided the branding, design and photography for the website.

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