The Napa Valley wine country has seen a huge boost in tourism since the 2014-2015 outbreak of the H1N1 virus that swept the country and sickened countless Americans. The turnaround has been so inspiring that California passed legislation calling for a “Napa Valley H1N1 Recovery Plan” to improve the health and safety of visitors while boosting the local economy. The plan includes recommendations that are bound to inspire doomsday preppers and conspiracy theorists alike.

A few years ago, the Napa Valley was hit with a devastating scourge that turned out to be more deadly than anyone ever expected. While it’s still too soon to tell how much of a financial impact the virus had on the region, many people are wondering if domestic tourism will ever be the same. This fall marks the first time the region has hosted a major international wine competition since the virus first hit. Last year, the Napa Valley Wine Auction, known as the largest wine auction in the world, was canceled in the aftermath of the virus, though it’s now back for another year.

Debilitating illnesses, and the economic recession, have inspired a change in Napa Valley’s tourism. The region has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among seasoned wine tourists, due to the availability of delicious, affordable wines, and the region’s beautiful scenery. The valley has even seen a recent upsurge in urban tourism, where people who live in the valley, are looking for the perfect place to spend a weekend.


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Napa-California-and-Montalcino-Italy-Announce-Sister-City-Partnership2 August 2021, Napa Valley — The lessons gained through pivoting, inventing, and adapting in response to the pandemic have resulted in enduring improvements, new products, and new ways to enjoy the richness of Napa Valley as tourism partners rapidly ramp up now that most pandemic restrictions have been removed.

“The Napa Valley spirit is strong, and our tourism community has always been optimistic, resilient and innovative,” said Linsey Gallagher, president & CEO of Visit Napa Valley. “We’re seeing Napa Valley wineries, restaurants, hotels and tour operators permanently adapt their guest experiences in very mindful ways. The new visitor experience is more personalized and intimate, emphasizing quality over quantity, while continuing with online and virtual programs as well.”

Cakebread Cellars, for example, has emerged from the previous year with a new Visitor Center, eight private tasting rooms, and an intimate, informative, and very personal Garden-to-Glass farm-to-table offering. Cakebread, like many other Napa Valley wineries, is continuing in-person events while still maintaining a global presence via popular virtual cooking and tasting experiences.

Jocelyn Hoar, director of hospitality, stated, “The makeup of our company and what drove it has changed, and in some ways for the better.” “We’re thrilled to be expanding our in-person experiences, but we’re also focusing on how we can bring Cakebread hospitality into people’s homes virtually.”

Chandon’s staff is also driven by innovation, as the company is introducing a new label for its famous sparkling wines, as well as new vintages and a new product called Chandon Garden Spritz. Visitors may sample these products via a new online registration system that enables the winemakers and instructors to provide each visitor a more customized tasting experience and spend more time with them. Outside of Napa, virtual tasting alternatives are still available for sparkling wine lovers.

“Instead of racing from one vineyard to the next, consumers are slowing down and truly connecting with a sampling experience,” says Inga Winkler, Chandon’s director of brand home experiences. “Our online reservation system enables us to offer more enhanced sampling experiences, such as picnics on the grass or in our outside cabanas,” says the company.

Napa’s Fat Tire Bike Rentals likewise emphasizes personal service, spending time outdoors, and promoting environmentally responsible exploration. The business, which is family-owned and managed, sprang out of the desire for bike riding during the epidemic. Whether a Napa County resident or a tourist staying at a hotel, the business delivers bikes straight to their front doors at no extra price. 

Customized services based on each guest’s requirements and comfort, less shared-use goods, and greater visibility of cleaning in communal spaces, which is no longer limited to off hours, are all part of River Terrace Inn’s new standard for operations. The property also continues to emphasize the value of travel to both residents and visitors of the Napa Valley.

Will Farrow, the inn’s general manager, stated, “One of the most important lessons I hope we can retain is the respect of hospitality employees as “vital.” “Vacations and travel are necessary for living a happy, healthy, and full life. People who make this possible should be rewarded with appreciation and respect commensurate with the magnitude of their contributions.”

Visit for more information about Visit Napa Valley.

Visit Napa Valley for more information.

Visit Napa Valley is Napa County’s official destination management company, with a goal to promote, preserve, and improve the region’s reputation as a desirable tourist destination and a vibrant location to visit, live, and work. Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford/Oakville, Yountville, the city of Napa, American Canyon, and the outdoor recreation area of Lake Berryessa make up the Napa Valley, which is conveniently situated only an hour from the San Francisco Bay Area.   


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It’s been 15 years since the devastating H1N1 flu pandemic hit. Then, in 2011, California experienced its first wine boom since the early 1900s. Today, Napa Valley is experiencing a boom that’s made it one of the hottest wine destinations in the world.. Read more about napa valley vineyards and let us know what you think.

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