Vinum Cellars, a family owned winery in the Central Valley of California, has released a chenin blanc that is the perfect summer wine. The CNW Cuvee Chenin Blanc is an exciting blend of select vineyard sites in the Paso Robles AVA that are known for their chenin blanc. The 2010 vintage is very small but the winery has released the entire annual production in one batch for you to enjoy.

Vinum Cellars is offering a special deal for our readers: Buy one of the CNW Cuvee Chenin Blanc bottles and Vinum Cellars will send you a free bottle of St. Francis Cuvee. The CNW is a high end Chenin Blanc from the Coteaux du Layon which is renowned for its stunning varietal aromas and delicious white fruit flavors. The St. Francis Cuvee is our value Chenin Blanc from the Coteaux du Layon.

When I first entered the wine business in 1999, I had a very hard time finding decent quality wine at a good price. At the time, the wine industry was in the midst of an explosion. New wineries were popping up everywhere, and there was a huge supply of inexpensive wine from all over the world. This wasn’t good for the average wine enthusiast, but it was good for the industry, since the economy was booming and new consumers were popping up everywhere.

One of our favorite winemakers is back with a serious Chenin Blanc from a single vineyard that pokes fun at Chardonnay. The 2018 Vinum Cellars CNW (Chard-No-Way) Cuvee Chenin Blanc is today’s Insider Deal.


In previous Insider Deals, we’ve featured a number of great wines from Vinum Cellars, and they’ve all been very well received. Today’s selection is ideal for the hottest days of summer.

The Vinum Cellars CNW Cuvee Chenin Blanc is made entirely of Chenin Blanc from the Wilson Vineyard’s Old Vine Block 44 in Clarksburg, California. This is the 20th vintage from the same vineyard for Vinum Cellar. The wine is matured for 9 months after fermentation in stainless steel.

Only 830 copies of this limited-edition beauty were made. It usually sells for $18 a bottle, and even at that price, it’s a great buy, receiving 88 points from Wine Spectator and.

Today, however, you can buy 4 bottles of the 2018 Vinum Cellars CNW Cuvee Chenin Blanc for $46.99, or $11.75 per bottle, as part of our 1-day Insider Deal. That’s a 35 percent discount!

This 4-pack offer is available in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA, WV, WI, W (These states are contingent on the providing winery’s specific permits.) Future agreements may include additional or fewer states.)


Our colleagues at Wine Country Connect have arranged a special winery direct deal for a limited period. Unless it sells out sooner, the sale will conclude on Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 at noon (PT). Summer shipping is a fixed rate of $10 each order, regardless of how many 4-packs you purchase.

When you click the buy button above, you’ll be sent to, where you may complete your purchase. Click here to purchase if you don’t see the integrated buy box. Using the “Click To Update Cart” option at the top of the page, you may easily change the number of 4-packs in your purchase.


Message from the winery:

It’s hard to imagine, but we started our business in 1997 with credit cards and some family assistance. We set out to disrupt the existing quo, like many other young, ambitious entrepreneurs, and acquired a reputation as young Turks in an industry dominated by Titans. This label was developed as a lighthearted jab at a burgeoning Chardonnay industry that had shunned Chenin Blanc. We continue to believe that Chenin Blanc (when produced properly) can compete with some of the world’s best white wines. This wine was produced using cool-climate grapes, fermented in stainless steel, and matured for nine months. CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN BLANC, CHENIN

This one-of-a-kind crisp white wine is produced from the renowned Chenin Blanc grape, which is especially popular in France’s Loire Valley. We discovered an outstanding vineyard in Clarksburg, California, owned by Ken Wilson (a third-generation farmer), who agreed to sell us the grapes on the spot. Today, Ken’s nephew David Ogilvie farms the same vineyard, carrying on the family heritage to the fourth generation. Wilson Farms was founded by George Wilson in 1922.

Vinum Cellars produced and bottled this 13 percent alcohol wine.


On the nose, the 2018 Vinum Cellars CNW Cuvee Chenin Blanc has lots of apple and citrus, as well as melon, peach, and a hint of honeysuckle. It’s off to a good start!

Taking a taste shows a delicious and refreshing wine with acidic, juicy fruit that matches the aroma and even a hint of minerality under the surface. This is a fantastic substitute for unoaked Chardonnay. It’s also from the same vineyard as the Chenin Blanc in Vinum Cellars’ White Elephant blend, which we previously featured as an Insider Deal.

On the dry, extremely lengthy finish, a hint of honey remains on the lips. This is a delicious dish that is also food friendly.


8 points for flavor 7 dollars


Get this incredibly refreshing Chenin Blanc by clicking here!

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Take advantage of this offer right now! It will conclude at 12:00 Pacific on Tuesday, July 27th.

INSIDER DEAL! Vinum Cellars CNW Cuvee Chenin Blanc. Read more about vinum cellars chardonnay 2017 and let us know what you think.

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