Wines come in all shapes and sizes—or rather, they come in all types of bottles. The most common bottle shape today is the screw-cap, which has been around since the early 20th century. It’s lightweight, resistant to breakage and helps preserve wines freshness. But, screw-caps aren’t entirely popular—they’re seen as a bit clunky, too heavy and not sleek enough to appeal to the modern wine drinker. That’s where the orange screw-cap comes in.

It’s that time of year again. For some, it’s the time of year where it’s all about getting together with friends and family and eating lots of food. For others, it’s a time to sit at home, use the sofa as a bed and eat nothing but bread and butter.

Imagine you are at a dinner party, and the host has asked you to write a note to the person who is hosting. You decide to make the message an invitation to a more private gathering, and you write, “I am eating a lot of bread today. In fact, I am eating bread more than I eat bread. If you wish, we can meet at a local bistro for a glass of prosecco and some good bread.”. Read more about does orange juice go bad and let us know what you think.



Bread & Butter Wines Adds Its First-Ever Sparkling, an Extra Dry DOC Prosecco, to the Quickly Growing Portfolio of Classically-Styled Wines

Hold-the-Orange-Juice-Keep-the-Bread-Butter-ProseccoNapa, CA—May 25, 2021—Brunches are back and, just in time for summer, Bread & Butter Wines, the fastest growing top 20 wine brand in the $12-$14.99 category*, announces the launch of its newest, and first sparkling, wine. Introducing Bread & Butter Prosecco, an Italian DOC Prosecco that delivers a good, honest and delicious take on this classic sparkling wine. Made to be simply enjoyed, this graceful, everyday Prosecco does not need splashes of orange juice to improve its appealing style and rounded character. Bread & Butter Prosecco is available now nationwide with a suggested retail price of $15.99.

Bread & Butter Winemaker Linda Trotta worked with a 90-year-old, family-owned winery located in Fossalta di Piave near Venice, Italy, to craft this D.O.C. Extra Dry Prosecco. The result is a delicately perfumed wine with notes of floral and ripe fruit, bright acidity, and a complement of creamy mouthfeel and layers of soft bubbles that persist through to the long, elegant finish. Ready for any celebration, large or small, Bread & Butter Prosecco is topped with an eye-catching gold foil while the black and gold label adds an extra level of modern sophistication.

“This is one of the few Proseccos you can enjoy unadulterated; orange juice just isn’t necessary,” declares Jeff Ngo, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Bread & Butter Wines. “Prosecco continues to be at the forefront of the sparkling wine boom in the U.S. Any new entry to the field must deliver style and quality, or as we say, ‘unsubtle notes of delicious’. Our Bread & Butter Prosecco has a persistence on the palate that makes it remarkable.”

As so many things are complicated in today’s world, Bread & Butter Wines continues its message that wine should not be one of them. “This is wine, not a major life purchase. As winemakers, we take care of the complexity so our fans don’t have to,” champions Ngo. “Bread & Butter continues to win the hearts and palates of wine drinkers across the country. In launching this Prosecco, we are bringing another high-quality example of a beloved wine style to consumers ready to be delighted.”

(*Nielsen Total Domestic Food & Liquor, $12-$14.99, latest 52Wk ending 4/24/2021).

About Bread & Butter Wines

At Bread & Butter, we believe good things shouldn’t be complicated. Good things should just be Good. Honest. Simple. And the same goes for our wine. We make good, honest, delicious wines meant to be simply enjoyed. We know that a good bottle of wine is an easy, thoughtful thing in a world that’s usually neither. So, if life doesn’t suddenly get easier (and it won’t), we are here to help you. All you need to do is pour a glass, sit down, and don’t overthink it. As our award-winning veteran winemaker Linda Trotta says, “A good wine is a wine you like.” It’s time to leave the complexity to us and enjoy our classically-styled wines.

Bread & Butter Wines is a three-time IMPACT Hot Brand winner. The wine brand’s portfolio includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Prosecco. Find them nationwide for $15.99. FB, IG: @BreadandButterWines



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