Advertising On Tuesday 15 December from 14.00 to 15.30 Pacific Time (PST) / 17.00 to 18.30 Eastern Time (EST) we invite you to our second virtual event in the Bridging the gap lecture series, where we try to answer exactly that question. This webinar, presented by Sonoma Valley’s Hamel Family Wines and hosted by digital wine celebrity sommelier Amanda McCrossin, focuses on the theme of experience and how the wine industry can create and adapt it to better reach the next generation of wine lovers. Amanda and our team of experts will talk about what this generation is looking for in terms of experience, the role that hospitality plays in the wine industry, what our experts have succeeded in and where they have failed! – And more, with the ultimate goal of leaving a discussion with effective steps we can all take to succeed with a younger audience.

Amanda will be accompanied by the following four panel members, all of whom will bring a wealth of experience in hospitality to this discussion:

  • Lauren Feldman, founder of the consulting firm SurPointe Beverage.
  • Artie Johnson, founder of Wine XYZ.
  • John McDaniel, founder of Urban Soil II
  • George Hamel, III, director of Hamel Family Wines.

Would you like to take part in the discussion? Fill in in to reserve your place.

Thanks to a series of online seminars Bridging the gap :

Hamel Family Wines organises a series of webinars that bring together a group of opinion leaders from different professions inside and outside the wine industry to discuss how best to attract young wine consumers through marketing, hospitality, etc. During each webinar, the group discusses the chosen topic and examines what has and has not worked, as well as practical steps the wine industry can take to reach the next generation of wine consumers.

About the wines of the Hamel family:

Hamel Family Wines is a family business in the Sonoma Valley, California. Driven by the desire to showcase their exceptional vineyards, the artisanal wines of the Hamel family express the characteristics and diversity of the terroir of each vineyard, using biodynamic cultivation techniques and minimal interventions in the winemaking process. The Hamel family business opened in 2014 and was founded by Pamela and George Jr. and is currently run by two of their four children, George III and John. The wines of the Hamel family are dedicated to quality, whether in the vineyards, cellars or in their own homes, where guests can enjoy a variety of personally guided experiences that promote the formation, study and enjoyment of family wines with limited production. For more information, please visit

About Amanda McCrossin:

Amanda McCrossin is sommelier, media personality, wine teacher, host of the unfiltered podcast Wine Access and creator/moderator of the SOMMVIVANT Instagram and YouTube channels. As former director of the PRESS restaurant in Napa Valley, Amanda has worked with the largest and deepest collection of Napa Valley wines in the world. Before Amanda was appointed wine director in 2018, she worked with her mentors and predecessors Kelly White (author, Napa Valley Then & Now) and Scott Brenner to become one of the world’s leading experts on Californian wines. Today, Amanda focuses on the production of entertainment wine and digital media content for its social media platforms, aimed at both consumers and professionals. Speaker, personality and writer, she was named Sommelier of the Year 2018 and has received awards from numerous publications and media such as SOMM TV, Food Network, Somm Journal, Food & Wine, World of Fine Wine, & Wine Spectator.


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