Potassium polyaspartate (KPA), a key ingredient in the Zenith line, has been approved by Health Canada and listed for use in wines destined for the Canadian market.

Windsor, CA (February 23, 2021) – Enartis USA, a leading supplier to the wine industry, is pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved Zenith for use in Canada. Zenith is a range of revolutionary products containing potassium polyaspartate (A-5D K/SD) for the tartar and colour stabilisation of red, white and rosé wines at all levels of instability.

The culmination is the end of cold stabilization, as shown by studies conducted over more than six years by renowned international institutes and universities. The intrinsic properties of potassium polyaspartate, a polyamino acid derived from L-aspartic acid, an amino acid naturally present in grapes, allow Zenith to maintain the overall stability of tartar and color over time, resist heat stress and suppress tartar crystal formation without altering the wine’s organoleptic properties. Zenith requires little energy, water and labour thanks to its simple and fast application.

Zenith not only ensures more stable wines and enables wine producers to remain competitive, which is a clear benefit for the entire wine sector, but is also a milestone in environmental sustainability – Samuele Benelli, Commercial Director of Enartis International. We have calculated that wineries can save up to 80% on energy and drinking water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by using only this product.

Zenith, , which belongs to a family of enarticular stabilizers including metatartic acid, arabic resin, resin, mannoproteins and CMC, is the result of a complex and painstaking work that began in 2011 with research on potassium polyaspartate and evolved into the StabiWine project. To this end, it has collaborated with prestigious international research institutions, universities and wine producers, including the University of Milan, the University of Turin, the University of Zaragoza, the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB), the Australian Wine Research Institute, the Rodania Institute, Vinidea and the French Institute of Viticulture and Wine Production (IFV).

Enartis’ global expertise, the ability to use it for specific purposes and the relationships developed with prestigious institutions around the world have enabled Enartis to open a new era in the field of oenology, – Gianni Triulzi, Head of Research and Development at Enartis.

About Enartis

Enartis is part of the Esseco Group, an Italian industrial group that has been working for almost a century on technological innovations and production equipment for the world of inorganic chemistry and oenology. With a range of more than 300 specialized products – tannins, enzymes, fermentation nutrients, yeasts, bacteria, stabilizers, whiteners and colorants – and more than 200 employees, the company today supports more than 10,000 producers in 50 countries to improve wine quality and ensure compliance with global standards. A constant commitment to research and development, certification according to the international food safety system FSSC 22000, with the strictest requirements in terms of oenology and food quality, allow Enartis to offer innovative solutions and safe products for wine production that fully express and enhance the character of the wine. In the US, Enartis also supplies laboratory supplies and equipment, reagents and chemicals and organic fertilizers for vineyards.

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