March 2 – EMS Group SpA, located in the heart of the packaging valley in Italy, is pleased to announce the merger of Emmeti USA and Zecchetti USA into EMS Group USA, while continuing to provide sales, service and support to its North American customers nationwide. EMS Group USA offers its customers a wide range of solutions for the processing of food and beverage, glass, PET/PDPE and cans. From individual machines to complete lines, they are a leading supplier of palletisers and depalletisers, conveyors, packers, basket loaders, automatic loading and unloading retorts, storage systems, shuttle vehicles and AGV solutions, as well as auxiliary equipment for handling hollow glass, plastic and metal containers, cartons, crates, trays, bags, drums and more.

EMS Group USA is headquartered in Florida, where Del Lewis, Service and Parts Manager, leads a team of technicians and support staff that provides service, support, parts and technical services to the aftermarket. Beth Zarnik-Duffy, Executive Director of Sales, and Chiara Reverbery, Senior Director of Sales, manage North American sales from the Arizona office.

I have been with Emmeti in North America since its inception in 1993 and am pleased to continue to lead the EMS Group’s sales efforts in the United States and to offer the capabilities of five global OEMs to our North American customers. EMS Group USA continues to provide award-winning 24/7/365 service, parts and support from its Florida headquarters, which its customers have known for years, as have Emmeti and EMS Group’s other founding members, Mectra, Sipac and Logik. We have increased our staff of technicians and government representatives because we know that this is particularly important to our customers during a pandemic. – Beth Zarnik – Duffy

With EMS Group USA, North American customers benefit from over 200 years of combined industry experience and expertise. Companies can rest assured that investing in EMS Group equipment during a pandemic is a wise decision. Some companies may be tempted to sacrifice efficiency and technology during a pandemic because of concerns about support. However, there is no reason to compromise: EMS Group, an Italian OEM manufacturer, offers peace of mind in sales, installation, service, spare parts and award-winning national support.

What makes EMS Group USA different from other OEM standards? Attention to detail, a proven rapid return on investment, a focus on efficiency and reliability, combined with the technical flexibility to customise systems without the need for proprietary spare parts, make the EMS Group the ideal partner for your material handling, palletising and storage needs.

For more information, visit or email Beth Zarnik-Duffy, Executive Director of Sales, at [email protected].

The EMS Group was formed in 2018 from the merger of the world’s largest packaging and material handling companies, Emmeti SpA, Mectra SpA, Sipac SrL and Logik. Emmeti USA (part of Emmeti SpA since 1993) was integrated into the EMS group at the time of the merger. In 2019, Zecchetti SpA was added with its North American counterpart, Zecchetti USA. In 2020, Emmeti USA and Zecchetti USA combined to become EMS Group USA, a successful government provider of material handling and warehousing solutions. EMS USA, a business unit of the global OEM EMS Group, offers North American customers a range of solutions for the food and beverage, glass, PET/PDPE and canning industries.. From individual machines to complete lines and automated storage systems, they specialize in advanced automation equipment for hollow glass, plastic and metal containers, as well as cartons, crates, trays, bags, drums and more.

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