LOUIS, MO. (JANUARY 21, 2021) – Domaine, the U.S. leader in wine storage, logistics and consulting, announces an expanded agreement with ISOCO Plastics Technology (ISOCO) for exclusive distribution of Weinboxin in the United States. The wine box is a sturdy and durable plastic storage box designed to improve the accessibility and safety of wine bottles and maximize the use of space.

Wine Box is sold in North America through the Domaine’s website, the Amazon store, and some retail stores. This expanded distribution agreement leverages Domain’s national network and industry partnerships to increase the availability of Weinbox in Canada and the United States.

As a company of wine professionals who oversee more than two million bottles of wine, we know firsthand that the bottle you want to drink is inevitably at the bottom of the pile, notes Chris Sago, general manager of Domaine Saint Louis, the company’s headquarters and e-commerce center for product sales. Integrated storage improves access to collections, but is not always the right solution for temporary spaces or young collectors. Whether you have four bottles or four thousand, we recommend flexible wine box management, organization, and pickup at any location.

Benefits of Key Winebox :

  • Flexible use : Wine boxes are used to store wine in a variety of areas, including family basements, retail stores, warehouses, cruise ships, homes and wine cellars. As the collection grows, new cases of wine can be easily added and stacked.
  • Placement of multidimensional bottles : The Winebox can store bottles of different shapes, including Riesling, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne.
  • Easy access: The front and rear doors make it easy to remove the bottles.
  • Increased protection : The sturdy construction of the wine box allows for long-term storage without the risk of damage due to box fatigue.
  • Excellent brand image: Label holders on the outside of each drawer allow you to see inventory details at a glance. Domaine also offers printed stencils for homogeneous marking.
  • Environmental awareness : The wine boxes are made of 100% recyclable materials.

About Domaine:

Domaine is the largest wine storage, logistics and consulting network in the United States, offering comprehensive services for all aspects of wine harvesting. Since 2003, the Domaine has been helping wine collectors store, protect, organize, locate and transport their wine. Storage facilities in Chicago, Napa, New York, St. Louis, New York, St. Louis, New York, New York. St. Louis and Washington, D.C. complete the Estate’s combined group of transportation, storage and wine consulting operations across the country. For more information about Domain, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@DomainStorage).

About ISOCO :

ISOCO, a leading manufacturer of injection molded and fiber reinforced plastics for industrial applications, headquartered in Schmiedefeld, Germany, has been granted a license for the worldwide production of the wine box.


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