You’ve probably heard the news. Sex and the City will be relaunched in ten 30-minute episodes. The revival of the iconic 90s TV series will air on HBO Max and will be distributed without Kim Catrall. She had a famous fight with her co-stars (including Sarah Jessica Parker) and is not ready to join the reboot.

Yes, it is. Sex And The City is just one of a handful of iconic television series set to reboot in 2021. Dexter is another, and then there’s Spellbound, and of course Conan the Barbarian. Then Gossip Girl and the reboot of the Sopranos will also have an impact. But let’s not do that. Let’s get back to Sex and the City. Yes, there were 6 seasons and 2 movies in the film. Yes, it has been explored to the limit over the years. And I know that Hollywood is going through an identity crisis right now (consider the fact that there is a global pandemic going on)….. But do we really need more Sex and the City?

I’ve written a lot about this TV show. I wrote about how this TV show misrepresents singles, about the relationship between these four women. The friendship of the four characters was my favorite moment in the show. Forget the clothes, forget New York, and definitely forget the men. Of course they all came and went, but the true testament to the legacy was the bond these characters had with each other.

And I’m not sure that idea will be represented in this reboot. Yes, it would be less of a key number, but I would say it was a key number. Samantha Jones was out of this world, and to bless her, Kim Catrall really outdid herself with her. She did things that other actresses wouldn’t even want to do on camera. So take the most liberal, outrageous, sex-obsessed character in the entire series and you’ve run out of SEX and the city. They only have one city. Oh, and a few other rich ladies in there. I doubt any of the three remaining actresses will sign on for the nude scene. Not to mention the dry Ludacris scene with sex rockers mounted on the ceiling. Yes, Samantha had sex with one of them.

Sure, these three ladies are about ten years younger than Kim, but they’re still rich (aging) Upper West Side ladies. That we already know everything about them. It’s not really an original subject of study, is it? So, what I’m saying is… No. We don’t need Sex and the City anymore. No, not really. Fans of the series fell out of the franchise after the second movie, and I’m one of them. I saw Sex and the City as a fucking religion in my twenties. And yes, in case you’re wondering, there’s nothing artsy about this reboot. In reality, it’s just the usual waste of money by the actors and crew to make more money on an otherwise dying franchise. Never mind. Forget it. But okay. Okay, let’s try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they do it for artistic reasons. Who knows? Maybe they’re trying to seduce an entire generation, like they did with 30-year-old women in the late 1990s.

If the goal is to please middle-aged married women, all the better. More power. But I don’t think so. 1. That is the purpose of the reset. И 2. Although nothing has changed in Hollywood, ageism unfortunately still exists. No one shows up to see middle-aged women telling other women how to match Manolo with their Gucci bags. Or how to please their men in their million-dollar Park Avenue apartment. Sex and the City suited us well because we could identify with the nightmares single girls have on a regular basis. Being abandoned, divorced and going through a period of rejection. Their actions, their struggles as bachelors were ours, even though they lived in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Cracks hurt everywhere.

Not so much now. These women are fully realized, multi-dimensional characters with lifestyles that not everyone can identify with. But hey. Who knows, maybe the runners will make a single. Like they did with Will and Grace. Start with a clean slate. I’m not too keen to find out.

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