The Consorzio di Tutela Chiaretto e Bardolino is looking to expand the presence of its Italian rosé wines in the US market through a campaign of strategic business relationships. Chiaretto-Di-Bardolino-Names-Colangelo-mp.png New York, NY, 18th. January 2021 – The Tutela Chiaretto e Bardolino consortium, an organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of Chiaretto di Bardolino wines – a dry and crisp Italian rosé from Lake Garda in the province of Verona – has announced a new commercial campaign with Colangelo & Partners as its agency for the United States. This campaign comes at the right time to take advantage of the growth of the rose category in the United States, said Franco Cristoforetti, president of the Chiaretto di Bardolino consortium, especially given the continued popularity of Italian wines with American consumers.

Italy currently leads U.S. wine imports with 12.8% retail growth, according to Nielsen Retail Data through 2020, and a 32.6% market share. According to Nielsen, rosé has surpassed white and red wine sales in 2019, rising +29% and capturing 3.7% of the market. The growth of the rose category shows that there is much more potential for the rose and especially the Italian rose.

Chiaretto di Bardolino is a true expression of the Italian rose, pale in colour and with a dry, lively and delicate aroma. The Chiaretto di Bardolino is a well-selling rosé whose quality has increased exponentially in recent years, following a rose revolution by Chiaretto winemakers in 2014.

Chiaretto is an opportunity for U.S. importers and distributors who want to offer their retail and restaurant customers (as well as American wine lovers) a delicious rosé made from local Italian grape varieties. Corvina is the main red grape used for Chiaretto, along with Rondinella and Molinara, the same varieties used for the famous Amarone della Valpolicella.  Chiaretto represents an interesting alternative to French rosé wines, which have recently become even more expensive due to a new set of tariffs.

Americans love Italian wine and are learning to appreciate and enjoy rosé year-round, says Gino Colangelo, president of Colangelo & Partners. We think it’s the perfect time to launch this campaign and introduce more American winemakers and wine lovers to Chiaretto, Italy’s favorite rose.

The participating producers of Chiaretto di Bardonline are looking for import and distribution: Albino Pione, Aldo Adami, Benazzoli, Casaretti, Cantina Lenotti, Cavalcina, Gentili, Gorgo, Il Pignetto, Monte del Fra, Poggio Del Grazie, Seiter, Valetti, Vignetti Villabella and Vitevis – Cantina di Castelnuovo.

About Chiaretto di Bardolino:

Chiaretto (key-ar-et-toh) di Bardolino, or Chiaretto as the locals call it, is a pale rosé produced in northern Italy on the shores of Lake Garda near Verona. Chiaretto is appreciated for its lively and dry character, its casual appearance and its informal atmosphere. According to tradition, the origins of Chiaretto date back to the 19th century. It dates back to the nineteenth century, when Pompeo Molmenti, lawyer and writer, owner of a vineyard on Lake Garda, began producing it. In 1968 Bardolino Chiaretto was one of the first in Italy to receive the Doc in recognition of its historical tradition and the quality of its wine. Starting with the 2014 vintage, Chiaretto winemakers introduced the Pink Revolution, which gives the wine a very light pink color and more aromatic and floral notes. With an annual production of 8.5 million bottles, Chiaretto is currently the leader in the Italian rose sector.
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About Colangelo & Associates :

Specializing in top food, wine and spirits brands, Colangelo & Partners has long-standing relationships with the trade press that manage these categories of companies and help identify industry leaders. The firm’s managers have years of experience in retail and distribution and communications – a rare combination that gives Colangelo & Partners invaluable knowledge of buying behavior. The firm focuses on closing the loop between creative communications programs, sales, promotion, advertising and the consumer to maximize the effectiveness of communications programs and achieve measurable results.



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