The wines of Bordeaux Supérieur 2019 deserve special attention. The wine is filled with sweet ripe black plums, black cherries, liquorice and chocolate. A round, fragrant, soft and fruity texture is a delight in a glass of wine. And don’t forget that they also drink, so they don’t have to wait years to grow old and mature.

And the best thing about Bordeaux Superieur 2019 is that almost all wines are sold for one number. You can easily buy them commercially and enjoy them after they are released. Most of these wines cost less than $20 per bottle! Right Bordeaux wine lovers looking for good wines at bargain prices should pay particular attention to the wines presented in this report.

I love the 2019 Bordeaux Superieux wines. When the Merlot grapes ripen, as they have been doing in Bordeaux since 2019, the wines offer some of the best drinks in the whole region. Since many of these wines are produced in reasonable quantities, they should be easy to find now that they are on the market.

The best wines of Bordeaux Supérieur 2019 presented in this report were tasted blind from mid-May to mid-June at the company’s headquarters.

2019 Balthus – Chocolate mint is the first thing you notice before moving on to flowers, liquorice, plums, cherries and smoky scents. Round, lush, generous, hedonistic and rich, wait a few years and it will be easy to absorb. The wine is produced on a special plot, consisting of 100% old Merlot grapes. 91-93 Pt

2019 Boler – With almost 60% of the old Pti Verdo grape variety in the blend, the wine in the glass is quite dark. Lush, round, fleshy and juicy, this fruity and richly structured wine is unique in Bordeaux and its virtues do not leave him indifferent. 89-91 Payments

2019 Bouscat Belle-Annie – The latest offer from Domaine du Bouscat is sweet, round, lush and progressive, with a fruity character, early drink charm and lots of black raspberry, vanilla and espresso in the nose and air. 89-91 Payments

2019 Bouscat Caduce – Cinnamon, 5-spice, roasted and earthy, ripe, red and sweet fruit with a soft texture and lots of juicy red fruit, coffee beans and liquorice in the fruit af 90-92 Pt

2019 Bouscat Cuvee la Gargone – Intense color, liquorice, smoke, dark red fruits, vanilla and coffee beans. Lush, rich, fat, cooked and juicy, with enough fruit to make a cake, it already tastes great. 91-93 Pt

2019 Bouscat Les Portes de L’Am – Coloured ink, jam, smoke, blackberries, plum liqueur and liquorice on the face Dense, rich and fat, the fruit covers your palate with layers of black and blue fruit that do not discard. Sweet, and a little blueberry pie, but in a good way, this wine really shows what a dedicated producer can achieve in less luxurious terroirs. It’s Jeffrey Davis’ exclusive selection. 91-93 Pt

2019 Croix Mouton – This delicious, busy, medium sized item is already available and will look stunning when it comes out. All its sweet, round, fruity, earthy, ripe fruits, surrounded by liquorice, smoke, cocoa with light floral notes are simply perfect for fun in the near future. Nowadays it is difficult to find the best Bordeaux wine that is appreciated. 88-90 Pt

2019 Croix Mouton 20 Mille – A deep color, with layers of dark cocoa and cherries in each nose and throat. The wine has a concentrated, round texture and a dark, fruity color. The wine is made from 100% old Merlot grapes. 89-91 Payments

2019 De La Cour D’Argent – Sweet, fresh, juicy, dark red fruit, jam, liquorice and violets just smell good. Go on, round and fruity with a heap of chocolate plums and raspberries on the aftertaste, it will be fun to drink only one or two years in the cellar. 89-91 Payments

The 2019 Du Bois Chantant is a medium sized, fresh, brilliant wine with a supple structure that emphasizes ripe red fruit and liquorice for early consumption. 88-90 Pt

2019 Du Bois Chantant Cuvée Laurence – A pleasant piece of cherry, plum and liquorice in a juicy and fruity chocolate icing. With its round texture it shows all its fluffy, textured essence. 90-92 Pt

2019 Fleur Haut Gaussens – Dark cherry wine, round, soft, forward-facing, elastic texture, with a filling that offers many explosions for the dollar. Drink this wine ripe and fruity in its youth. 86-88 Pt

2019 Gree Laroque is medium sized, sweet, round and open, with lots of ripe and juicy black cherries and dark cocoa that really have the taste. Drinking so young, or getting a few years older. 88-90 Pt

2019 The Lawrence is an early, semi-ripening, sweet wine full of red cherries that will be at its best in its youth. 86-88 Pt

2019 The Little Lawrence is a flower, with bright yellow fruit, pears and a heavenly lemon chiffon. Fresh, soft and light white bordo. 88 Pt

2019 The Consultant – Medium, flexible and affordable. This 100% Merlot vintage serves cherries, plums and liquorice with a smoky aftertaste and an espresso on the finish. It is difficult to find the best wine in the world in this price range. 87-89 Pt

2019 Le Pin Beausoleil is a wine with an aromatic texture, filled with creamy, dark red fruit and soft, polished tannins. The wine ends with a juicy, fruity, medium and remarkable wine. Everything’s sold for a song. It is a powerful Bordeaux wine that is easily available on the market and can be drunk for at least ten years. 90-92 Pt

2019 l’Isle Fort – Soft, medium, forward-facing texture filled with sweet ripe cherries, freshly picked flowers and red fruit in relief on the aftertaste. 89-91 Payments

2019 Madran – medium, sweet, fresh and progressive, with a soft texture, juicy red fruit and cocoa on the aftertaste. You can take advantage of it as soon as it is published. 88-90 Pt

2019 Madran Cuvée Prestige – Avant-garde, sumptuous, round and fruity, with a light and precocious charm, it will be perfect for drinking on the way out. 88-90 Pt

2019 Penin Les Cailloux – medium warm, sweet, simple and available, the wine is fruity, light in taste and ends with a short, sweet black cherry note. 86-88 Pt

2019 Peyfaures – Medium-bodied, sweet, fresh, forward-looking and focused on sweet red fruits with a nice salty aftertaste, you can drink it directly from the bottle. 86-88 Pt

2019 Peyfaures Bordeaux Supérieur Dame de Coeur – Dark ruby red color with a pleasant floral, liquorice and plum filling In the air, the wine has buoyancy, freshness and olive color with bright red fruit. Give him a year or two in the basement and he’ll be nice to drink. 89-91 Payments

2019 Pey-La-Tour Reserve du Chateau – Advanced, medium-heavy, fresh and juicy, with sweet, ripe, stony cherries, liquorice and espresso as finishes. 89-91 Payments

2019 Reignac – Rich and plumy, round and sweet with layers of fleshy and juicy plums, chocolate, liquorice and smoke from start to finish. 90-92 Pt

2019 Sainte Barbe – Cherry bottle, medium pasta, mature and round wine, opened in front for early drinking pleasure 85-87 Pt

2019 Sainte Marie Vieilles Vignes – Medium-bodied, forward, clear and fresh with earthy spices, leafy nuances with red berries on the finish line for early drinking. 85-87 Pt

We are slowly but surely and carefully finalising our report on the Bordeaux wine of 2019. Tomorrow we will continue to focus on precious wines, concentrating on the unpatented AOC 2019 Bordeaux.

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