2019 Bordeaux, a complete guide to the best wines of Antiquity Here we go.

The tasting of 2019 in Bordeaux was an event I will never forget. Where do you begin to discover what made Bordeaux such a unique and memorable vintage in 2019?

Best wishes for the 10th anniversary of the wine cellar from the inside! That sounds like a good place to start. I launched this site in June 2010 on a whim, and there’s never been anything better than today. I never thought the site would be so popular.

We started with a few hundred articles, photos and about 1,400 test notes. Today we have almost 21,000 trial notes, more than 1,000 articles that are constantly being improved and updated on the site! I was certainly much more productive then. Our technology is much better today. Wine Cellar Insider constantly strives to provide you with the best service and information you need to create an excellent wine cellar.

For over ten years, our buying tips have helped tens of thousands of wine lovers to buy the best wine at the lowest cost. Today we are quoted all over the world by leading castles, wine merchants, wine merchants and some of the most visited wine attractions in the world!

I am honored and grateful to all the readers with whom we communicate on a daily basis. Also for the trust you place in our trial notes. It means a lot to me. I take my responsibilities seriously. I called and I’ll call you as soon as I see her. Since 2019, Bordeaux has been pursuing its mission to help its readers buy the best wine at the lowest possible cost.

How have we tasted all these Bordeaux wines of 2019 in the comfort of our homes?

The 2019 vintage in Bordeaux is the first time in almost 20 years that I haven’t been to Bordeaux to taste a new vintage. If I couldn’t come to Bordeaux, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was mainly the Bordeaux who came to me.

More than 700 bottles of Bordeaux were sent to Los Angeles between the end of May and the end of June. Honestly, it was a great show. There have been days when seemingly endless parades of cases of wine came and almost engulfed me.

I have to yell at my assistant for all the tastings. Without the help of the best sommelier I know, Sandra Taylor, also known as the Beverly Hills Sommelier, I wouldn’t have been able to do the tasting, let alone finish it. It was an incredible experience for both of us. Thanks, Sandy!

I would also like to thank all the castles that sent me samples for tasting, as well as the many advisors, negotiators and trade groups who helped me purchase and send over 125 cases of wine! It was a place where all the boxes arrived!

Below you will find tasting notes, rankings and detailed information on the 700 best wines tasted in Bordeaux since 2019. The reviews are arranged by name, from north to south, from the left bank to the right bank. You can also use the search functions to find tasting notes for specific wines that interest you.

Looking at all the wines I’ve tasted, I may have missed the tasting of a dozen really important wines from Bordeaux 2019. With a few exceptions, these locks have not reached anyone, which I understand and respect. But after tasting 700 wines, I was able to get a general idea of the ancient world and understand the different names.

Guide to the 700 best wines of Bordeaux 2019, tasting by name.

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Tasting of Bordeaux 2019 at home and meetings zoom …

Like life, tasting at home has its pros and cons. On the positive side, I didn’t have to fly 7,000 miles and run from castle to castle all day, every day and most nights. I could sleep in my own bed, wake up with my favorite espresso and I never had to get dressed for work. While I was concentrating, it wasn’t as intense as in Bordeaux, and my schedule is a constant, uninterrupted marathon 7 days a week.

On the positive side, because I was in no hurry, I was able to compare and contrast many wines. It’s not always possible in Bordeaux. Probably the most interesting part of the tasting at home was the possibility to taste wine all day or even for two days. Most wines have faded. Only a few improvements resulted in a higher score.

One more thing to watch out for: Bordeaux 2019 presented much better wines in May/June than in March/April. I’m trying out a lot of barrel samples and I’m monitoring their progress. At this stage, the wine can change radically within a week. This is the advantage of wines and tasters to taste the wines of Bordeaux 2019 a few months later than usual.

I had no direct reaction or interaction with the winemakers, owners, consultants, neotasters and other tasters. I missed the action and the activity. There’s no such thing.

To be honest, I’ve missed a lot of people I’ve been friends with over the years. I know their parents, brothers, sisters, children and – for those who know me – their dogs. Not sharing your business was a loss. But these are difficult, difficult times and everyone has finally understood that travelling is impossible.

With Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp and other online technologies I tasted a lot of wine with Brothel. During these lessons I was able to discover the good old days, the challenges, the high scores and the problems of the growing season. I’ve done maybe 30 online tastings, 2019 Bordeaux tastings in total.

As an old saying goes (and it’s an old proverb from before the mobile phones), distance is the second best thing there is. It wasn’t perfect. But it wasn’t a terrible experience. And it was a nice way to feel connected to the region, the wine and the people.

As I said, the wines arrived quickly and furiously. The day after arrival the wine was tasted and the night was spent in a cold room. Normally I am in Bordeaux for 3 weeks for each report, 3 weeks for the writing of the trial notes and another week for the publication of my notes.

The year 2019 did not allow such a relaxation of the timetable. Due to the speed with which the plans for publishing wines arrive, we have tasted, edited and published 700 wines in just 3 weeks!

I also missed the chance to taste old vintages, vertical tastings and my annual retrospective of the last ten years. That’s life. Everything that has been taken into account has been a truly extraordinary experience.

When I’m in Bordeaux, I like to take pictures, capture memories of the wines I’ve tasted, moments with the winemakers, owners, friends, special bottles, dinners and everything that attracts my attention. I post photos on this site, Instagram, Facebook and others.

Since 2019 Bordeaux has taken all the pictures in my house and garden. As a result, the variety of backgrounds and photos doesn’t change as much as I would like when I try to capture the tasting experience at home.

What are the aromas of the Bordeaux wines of 2019?

In general, the wines of Bordeaux 2019 are aromatic. The first thing that struck me from the beginning with many wines was a strong floral quality. You will find flower arrangements in countless wines in both glasses and in each object.

These wines are elegant, soft and sensual and offer a beautiful purity of fruit, freshness and balance on the palate. The wines age well, but should be enjoyed in their youth.

The tannins are soft, creamy and often silky. These wines are not as dense or incredibly cheerful as in 2018, and not as exciting, long-lasting and stable as in 2016. If I had to compare the Bordeaux of 2019 with another vintage, I would say maybe a little less than the 2009 version, with a little more twisty.

Even though I put 2019 Bordeaux a bit behind compared to 2018, 2016, 2015, 2010 or 2009, be careful with the word small. This is not so far behind these top wines, and 2019 is better than 2000 and 2005, two much appreciated years.

Where do the best Bordeaux wines of 2019 come from?

You see a spider on the left bank. Every 2019 Pawyaca wine I tasted was exciting! These are some of the greatest wines ever produced under this name. From top to bottom, in any price range and even in the second wine, it’s just great. If you’re a fan of Left Bank Cabernet Sauvignon, you should be all over Pawyaku. Of course there will be great wines all over Medoca in 2019, but Pawyak strikes me a bit in comparison to other names.

Merlot, planted mainly on the Pomerol plateau, produces wines of exceptional character, splendor and imagination, making it an ideal wine for Pomerol. Saint-Emilion, on a limestone plateau, in the gravel near Pomerol and in the cool clay soils of Saint-Christophe de Bardez, have all been surprisingly successful. Other terroirs and appellations have also produced fantastic wines. However, these are the highest values of the Bordeaux year 2019.

2019 Bordeaux wine is successfully used for red and dry white wines White wines show freshness, energy, ripeness, yellow and sweet citrus fruits, a hint of tropical notes and a rich, almost creamy texture. They’re not perfect. I’d like some more acid. But they’re very good. 2019 is a more complex wine for the South. They weren’t as full as the best wines.

2019 Bordeaux, prices for sale!

Make a good wine, get a good result. Ask a fair price and the market will buy. This proverb of the chestnut has come true this year. The castles, which offered a combination of discounts to meet market demand, sold their wines. In fact, Bordeaux 2019 had its best election campaign in at least a decade. Today, the prices of many wines of the 2019 vintage have begun to rise to meet demand.

The disadvantage of lower prices is of course the smaller quantity of wine produced and offered for sale. Discounts with money can help keep stock levels up and wait for better days. However, consumers who bought early, when the wine came on the market, scored points! Those who have waited have missed the first prizes. You know what they say: If you take a nap, you lose.

World events have determined Bordeaux’s pricing strategy for 2019. Given the pandemic, the political and economic interests in China and Hong Kong, the brevity and a rate of 25% on French wine of 14% ABV, the campaign was a great success! Bordeaux made friends. The castle lets the customers in. Consumers are satisfied because they have bought an excellent wine at very fair prices.

How the Bordeaux of 2019 became the Bordeaux of 2019 Harvest and Crop Report 2019 …

The vintage of 2019 has started moderately: January, February and March were relatively average months. April was cooler and wetter than usual. In April and May, temperatures are low enough to give the winegrowers sleepless nights, because they only think of the fear of frost. These are sleepless nights because the temperature is coldest just before sunrise, so no sleep because they are in the vineyards before sunrise.

The 13th and 14th. April, when the temperature dropped to zero for a few nights and threatened to drop below zero. The fifth and sixth. Let the frost strike again. The winemakers and their teams fought bravely and lit their hot candles throughout Bordeaux when the temperature dropped to zero and lower. The frost damage is localised in some areas and has affected the vineyards, but not in others. It’s not like 2017.

The months of May and June brought a lack of sunshine and too much humidity. Flowering started at the end of May. The rainfall made the flowering uneven, so extra work was needed during the green harvest. June didn’t seem to help the growing season because most of the month was cool and wet.

At the beginning of the summer (end of June) everything started to turn quickly and the grapes benefited from the warm and dry conditions, the sun and the cool nights. For at least 5 days the temperature in the region was over 35C, 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The 23rd. In July it reached almost 40 degrees Celsius, 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the summer remained very warm, sunny and dry. The softening, which was cool at night, allowed the accumulation of acid substances. It is the lowering of the temperature in the evening (with a difference of 15 C) that gives the wines the necessary freshness.

In July and August, conditions continued during the summer months. Luckily there were two rains in July, on the 16th. And especially later on the 26th of July. Juli, who gives the vine the moisture it so desperately needs.

The low rainfall in August and September, which came at an ideal time, allowed the grapes to reach phenolic maturity. The last piece of the puzzle was created when the harvest took place under very good conditions.

Indeed, Bordeaux 2019 is the product of a warm, sunny and dry vintage. It rained less than usual and the vines benefited from more hours of sunshine than usual. Warm, sunny days were combined with cool night temperatures, resulting in a perfect combination of sensual textures with freshness, purity and length. In general, the yields were above average and healthy, so the farmers had enough wine to sell.

For the white grapes, most winegrowers were harvesting the Sauvignon Blanc at the end of August and the Semillon in mid-September. The month of September was mainly warm, sunny and dry until the last half of the month, so the soil was replenished with water and the red wine could ripen better.

For the red grapes, producers started harvesting the young Merlot vines in mid-September. By mid-October, most growers had finished harvesting the Cabernet in good, easy to harvest conditions.

The warm and dry conditions of 2019 in Bordeaux were favourable for vineyards with old vines and water absorbing soils, as they had the capacity to supply water when needed. The grapes were usually small, with thick skins, which allowed the flavor and extract to be concentrated. The sugar content is high, which means that the alcohol content is also high, but the alcohol content is lower than what you will find in 2018. To be honest: Alcohol, heat or jam were not often noticed during wine tastings.

By balancing everything, you get a good acidity with the right pH, which is necessary to give you that fresh feeling that will be one of the most important points of Bordeaux 2019 as the wines age and develop.

2019 Bordeaux is a very good vintage. The wines have great style, character and best of all, the wines were for sale!

Although all our tasting notes for 2019 have already been published on the site for a few weeks, we will add a few more articles about the great growth, the best appellations, premium wines and much more.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them behind.

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