The California Association of Winegraphers Foundation (CAWGF) is a non-profit organization which raises funds to provide financial aid to students who are pursuing a degree in the field of wine studies. This year, CAWGF will award a total of $34,000 in scholarships to five graduates who follow in the footsteps of their parents.

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The CAWG Foundation has announced that it will be awarding $34,000 in scholarships to two students pursuing a post-secondary education. The scholarships will be awarded to two students pursuing a post-secondary education in Canada.. Read more about what are scholarships and let us know what you think.


SACRAMENTO, 8TH. June 2021. – The California Association of Wine Growers (CAWG) Foundation has awarded $34,000 in scholarships to seven students. Scholarships are awarded annually to students whose parents or guardians work at the California winery.

The CAWG Foundation is honored to award these scholarships and show our support for the vineyard workers who are valued members of our wine industry family, said Davindar Mahil, Chair of the CAWG Foundation Board of Directors. Winners excel in academic achievement, extracurricular activities and community service. We are impressed with the hard work these students have put into their higher education, and we look forward to helping them achieve their academic goals.

Each year, the CAWG Board of Directors selects a number of winners from high schools across the state. Academic ability, financial need, community involvement, leadership, and essays are considered in the selection of a scholarship. Since the program’s inception in 1998, the Foundation has awarded $528,500 in scholarships. Funds are raised through generous donations from CAWG members and the California wine community.

The four-year scholarships, which are $8,000 each, are for students attending one of the University of California or California State University campuses. This year an additional $5,000 was awarded to a highly qualified applicant. Scholarships for students at two-year colleges are $2,000 each for students attending a California community college. The Robert Miller Memorial Scholarship was established by the family of Bob Miller, a leader in the California wine industry who helped the Central Coast grow into a premier wine region. This grant invests in the future of Central Coast students studying viticulture or enology at Allan Hancock College of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who want to pursue a career in the region’s wine industry.

Four-year university scholarships / $8,000 each.

  • Jocelyn Cervantes Cabrera, Bakersfield, Foothill High School
  • Daphne Cruz Rodriguez, Santa Rosa, Windsor High School
  • Liseth Montañez Hurtado, Clearlake, Lower Lake High School

Scholarship from a four-year university / $5,000.

  • Rebecca Hernandez, Windsor, Windsor High School

Recipients of two-year community college scholarships $2,000 each.

  • Daniela Romero, Plymouth, Amador High School
  • Samantha Zavala Ferro, Ione, Amador High School

Recipient of the Robert Miller Memorial Scholarship / $1,000.

  • Lauryn Allen, Templeton, Templeton High School



Jocelyn Cervantes Cabrera, Bakersfield High School Foothill

Jocelyn is a Mexican-American woman who believes that education is the way to a better future. She is an excellent student, taking courses at the community college in addition to rigorous high school classes and achieving a 4.5 GPA. Jocelyn has been active in many school clubs and has led student council for three years. She has contributed much to community projects, including a homeless shelter, a local library, highway cleanup and a toy drive. She also volunteered at Kern Medical Hospital, where she helped care for babies in the intensive care unit. Jocelyn plans to go to the University of California, Berkeley, to study biochemistry and eventually become a neurologist. Your advisor wrote: Jocelyn has been a very positive influence on our campus. I know that she will continue to excel no matter where her path takes her in the future, and that she will succeed in everything she does.

Daphne Cruz Rodriguez, Santa Rosa, Windsor High School

Daphne likes to dream big and strives to make a positive impact on her community and the world. A first generation American of Mexican descent, she worked hard to succeed in school and graduated among the best in her class with a 4.6 grade point average. Daphne has a long list of leadership and volunteer activities to her credit, including Project T.R.U.E. (Teen R U Educated), Committee for Change, Sonoma County Library, and Windsor Unified School District (WUSD) student council. She was also a member of the cross country and track and field teams. Daphne plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley or the University of California, Irvine to major in political science or sociology and then pursue a career in law or education. WUSD’s student outreach coordinator wrote: Daphne has a strong and positive influence on each of her projects and her work ethic, passion and drive will serve her well as she continues her education and takes on new challenges.

Liseth Montañez Hurtado, Clearlake, Lower Lake High School

Liseth’s parents and siblings instilled in her a love of learning and encouraged her to succeed in school. Despite some setbacks, she persevered and pushed herself to reach her full potential. Liseth did very well in the difficult subjects and got a best average of 4,3. She also took 30 community college courses with a 4.0 GPA. Liseth has combined her studies with extracurricular activities, volunteer work and part-time work. She was a member of the track, soccer and volleyball teams. She has served on many clubs, including five years on the Class of 2021 board, the Upward Bound board, the anti-tobacco coalition and the Interact Rotary Club. Liseth plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley, to study political science and pursue a career in law. The Deputy Director of Upward Bound wrote: Liseth combines total self-determination with a superior work ethic. With her determination, motivation and intelligence, she will undoubtedly excel academically. Their potential is unlimited.


Rebecca Hernandez, Windsor, Windsor High School

As the daughter of immigrants, Rebecca will be the first in her family to attend college, a source of great pride for her Latino community and family. Her hard work in school, including nine AP courses, resulted in a 4.3 GPA. She is also a graduate of the Cali Calmecac Language Academy, a bilingual school. Rebecca’s extracurricular activities include four years of lacrosse, Key Club and GSE’s environmental club. She has been a singer on her church’s worship team for 10 years and has held a part-time job since 2019. Rebecca wants to attend the University of California, Irvine, to study world culture, with the goal of becoming a teacher and making a difference in her community. The curriculum coordinator wrote: Rebecca is a very talented student. If there’s something to do, whether it’s academic, philanthropic, environmental, or financial, meetings are held and work is done.


Daniela Romero, Plymouth, Amador High School

Thanks to the wisdom of her immigrant parents, Daniela takes her education very seriously and strives to make the most of every opportunity by staying focused, consistent and excelling in her classes. Daniela is a hardworking student with a GPA of 4.1. She has placed a great deal of emphasis on academic subjects and has been an active participant in the FFA program throughout her school career. As part of her FFA, she has attended leadership conferences, participated in speech contests, done community work, earned three FFA degrees and spent hundreds of hours raising marketable lambs. Daniela plans to go to Modesto Junior College and study agricultural education/agricultural engineering and then go to Chico State. Her goal is to become an agriculture teacher and inspire students to work in this field. His teacher wrote: Any teacher on campus will tell you what an organized and incredible student Daniela is. Their future colleges and students will be glad to have them.

Samantha Zavala Ferro, Ione, Amador High School

In high school, Samantha succeeded in difficult subjects because she possessed a confident maturity, a natural curiosity, and a willingness to learn. His dedication and commitment earned him a 4.2 average grade. As the daughter of Mexican-American immigrants whose families have struggled, Samantha knows the value of hard work and education. She worked part-time and did community service while continuing her education. Their self-confidence, communication and social skills are developed through this experience. Samantha plans to attend Columbia College, study psychology and pursue a career as a therapist or teacher. According to her teacher, Samantha finds ways to do more and more of what it takes to truly understand and remember what can be challenging and exceed expectations in her chosen field.


Lorin Allen, Templeton, Templeton High School

Lauryn has been involved in viticulture all her life and is thrilled that it is part of her future. She is a hardworking and ambitious student who took many AP and community college courses in high school and maintained a 4.3 GPA. Loreen has been active in the USA Pony Club, the Sarah Dubost Equestrian Team, the school newspaper and the STEM – Chemical Engineering program for 10 years. As part of the MINT programme, she did an internship for a few months as a laboratory assistant. She plans to study viticulture and enology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and pursue a career as an enologist, lab technician and sommelier. His teacher wrote: Lauryn has proven to be an exceptionally motivated student, willing to seek out opportunities to expand her knowledge in advanced areas, and will be an asset to any institution.

About the Foundation of the California Winemakers Association

The CAWG Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to high school students whose parents or guardians are employed by California wineries. For more information, see


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