Can you drink wine while you’re on a diet? Some of us can, and some of us can’t. Find out which wines are good for a healthy diet, and some other important facts about wine in relation to your health.

Wine may not have a nutrition label, but that does not mean it is calorie-free.

Can you drink wine on a diet?

Your metabolism and brain chemistry are unique to you. Be sure to consult your doctor or nutritionist for personal advice. This article looks at the facts about wine and how to find the ideal wines for your diet.

Many wines contain no carbohydrates.

The carbohydrates in the wine are in the form of glucose, which remains when fermentation is complete. For example, a completely dry fermented wine does not contain any carbohydrates because there is no residual sugar.

Wineries call grape residual sugar residual sugar or RS. And many producers of quality wine mention the wines of the Member States on their technical sheets.

Can You Drink Wine on a Diet? (Carbs vs Calories) We have evaluated the figures for carbohydrates and calories in wine to save you this. Check our calculations.

Look for wines with a residual sugar content of 3 g/l or less.

A good rule of thumb for counting carbohydrates is to look for wines with 3 grams or less residual sugar per litre. This is a small amount, which gives only 2.25 carbohydrates or less in a whole bottle.

The wines presented in this video are carbohydrate-free and you can view their technical data by clicking on the wine information card above.

Can You Drink Wine on a Diet? (Carbs vs Calories)

Wine tasting protocol

Would you like a better wine? Take better notes!

To know more about it

Note concerning prosecco (and other sparkling wines)

Prosecco and sparkling wines are a good choice for low-calorie drinkers as they generally have only about 11-12% ABV. But be aware that almost all prosecco in regular supermarkets contains about 2 to 4 carbohydrates per serving.

Learn how to decipher the level of sweetness indicated on sparkling wines:

  • Extra raw: up to 0.9 carbohydrates per 150 ml serving.
  • Animal: up to 1.8 carbohydrates per 150 ml serving.
  • Extra dry: 1.8 to 2.55 carbohydrates per 150 ml serving.
  • Dry: 1.8 to 2.55 carbohydrates per 150 ml serving.

Learn more about the sweetness of sparkling wine.

Can You Drink Wine on a Diet? (Carbs vs Calories) Ethanol (alcohol) contains 7 calories per gram.

Wine contains calories in the form of alcohol.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, so you definitely consume calories when you drink. Most wines are between 12 and 15% vol. (ABV), resulting in about 90-120 calories per serving.

By the way, the standard portion of wine is only 150 ml, so not a massive donation!

Can You Drink Wine on a Diet? (Carbs vs Calories) Alcohol activates the amygdala and the hypothalamus, allowing you to do crazy things….

Alcohol makes your brain think you’re hungry.

One of the disadvantages of wine is that it stimulates the hypothalamus and the amygdala. These two major brain centres control such things as emotions, regulation of body temperature, hunger and libido.

That’s why people often think they’re hungry when they drink. For example, alcohol can act as an appetite stimulant.

So while you know that following the diet from the start will be a challenge, adding alcohol will make it even more difficult.

Can You Drink Wine on a Diet? (Carbs vs Calories) If you drink while on a diet, follow a moderate diet.

Moderate drinking is most beneficial.

Long-term studies of wine drinkers show many benefits, but they are all cancelled as soon as you stop drinking.

The American Heart Association recommends no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two for men.

Why do men drink more? Biologically speaking, women have fewer alcohol-consuming enzymes than men, so it is more dangerous for them to consume the same amount of alcohol.

Yes, you can!

If you decide to improve your diet this year, we wish you good luck! After reviewing the facts about wine and its effects on the body, we hope that you will choose what is best for your situation. And, as always: Greetings!

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