Her debut in the Sherry of the Barrels Las Canciones No. 1 Mirador Manzanilla.

It was released simultaneously with a new album recorded in Nashville, Gossip of the Flame, in the spring of 2021.

Brooklyn, NY – Thursday the 18th. February 2021 – American wine lover and songwriter Nick Africano launches in New York and has selected markets across the country to coincide with the national launch of his latest album, Gossip of the Flame (release date: June 4, 2021). An expert in Spanish sherry as a sales associate for importer Jose Pastor Selections (NYC) and through his own entrepreneurship, Africano combines his passion for winemaking and music for a special one-two punch that will be released in Spring 2021. The sherry selected in barrels is used for the bottling of BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS. Mirador de Las Canciones No. 1 Manzanilla marks the beginning of the new series and serves as a tribute to the opening track Mirador on Gossip of Flames.

Africano is one of the pioneers behind the modern wave of enthusiasm for specialty sherry in the United States. BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS presents a unique series of reports on the work of Africano with two of the most important wine suppliers in the Jerez region, Ramiro Ibañez (Cota 45) and Willy Perez (Bodegas Luis Perez). The duo helped Afrikano develop an unparalleled style for his entry into this category. Las Canciones No. 1 Mirador Manzanilla was bottled in a single barrel of Bota No. 18 Manzanilla, a limited edition of 500 bottles from Almacenista, Bodegas del Rio, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, run by the third generation of Capatas, Luis del Rio.

Las Canciones No. 1 Mirador Manzanilla is young and dynamic, averaging three years in solera and showing intense notes of citrus, shellfish and salt. Close to the sandy and brackish delta of the Guadalquivir and a short distance north of the end of the Bajo de Guía, Africano sherry embodies the terroir of the Barrio Bajo de Sanlucar. Selected from a series of barrels along the warm wall of the cellar, Las Canciones No. 1 Mirador Manzanilla expresses a fresh and playful taste.

For the official release of the song Las Canciones in the spring of 2021. 1 Mirador Manzanilla, Africano presents the first Enramistas Sherry Club of its kind, presented by En Rama Sherry Co. Africano and his team are called upon to demystify sherry for the modern drinker. The Enramistas Sherry Club ships rare wines quarterly to an exclusive group of members. For more information, visit: enramanewyorkcity.com/sherryclub

As a songwriter, Africano is no stranger to the New York scene and to country/folk bars across the country as a touring artist. His latest single, Mirador, was released on the 5th. It will be released in March 2021 and features stunning views of Granada, Spain from the Mirador de San Nicolas at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville. Africano went to Granada as a tourist, on a trip to Jerez to develop the BUELAN COMPAÑÍA DE SACAS. At the top of the hill where the Mirador de San Nicolas overlooks the city, a vision of the outpouring from the Mirador caught my eye.

Afrikano escaped a few months ago when his car was towed away while parked in front of St. Nicholas Church in Brooklyn. He left the car for a drink at a local bar, and when he returned he knew he would learn a life lesson, but he was stunned by the disappearance of his car. Six months later he stood before the Mirador de San Nicolas and realized that the Mirador was in fact a protector watching over him.

It was a beautiful moment overlooking the city of Granada, and I had the impression that the Mirador de San Nicolas was watching over us, Africano said. It was as if the San Nicolás Mirador was the caretaker. I diligently studied St. Nicholas and continued to enjoy discovering the works of the Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca. All of this brings a bit of Spain to the American song Mirador.

Gossip of the Flame is a masterpiece in which Africano collaborated with Nashville’s rising star Lera Lynn. She produced and co-wrote Gossip of the Flame (7 of the 10 songs). The entire album takes its personality from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself, although the record is based on the experiences of an artist from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

For more information on Nick Africano and his latest projects, please visit enramanewyorkcity.com and nickafricano.com.

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