Report 2019 on Concentrated Wine. – The name Medok is located on the far north side of the left bank. Thanks to the cooler climate and the terroirs, which do not always allow full maturity, not all wines are always processed. But when this happens, the wines can be very good and precious.

But in 2019, with its warm, sunny days and dry conditions, Bordeaux delivered what was necessary for the name to produce very good blends of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Wines are not only good, they also sell for the song.

2019 Beauvillage – Juicy, round and fresh, with a pleasant, fruity character and a vegetal, olive green, leafy aftertaste that should be drunk well on release. 85-87 Pt

2019 Blagnan – Tobacco, frame, grass, earth and cedar blend well with this classic, fresh, light, medium quality wine. 87-89 Pt

Bornac 2019 has a good colour with an aromatic nose of ripe, sweet and chewy red fruit, round tannins and sweets in the air. You can drink this on the way out. 87-89 Pt

2019 Clavis Orea Medoc – Frank Jugelmann’s first vintage on the left bank produced a fleshy, earthy, spicy and smoky wine with notes of thyme, vanilla, red fruit and green leaves on the nose. Medium sized, clear, fresh, slightly crisp, with a spicy touch of red berries in the aftertaste. The wine is sweet and round in texture, with a spicy berry bite in the leaf compartment. 89-91 Payments

2019 d’Escot – good color, saturation, freshness, depth and layers of ripe, juicy fruit The tannins are ripe, polished and have a soft, fruity, saturated consistency. 89-91 Payments

2019 Fleur la Mothe – Spicy, cherries, tobacco and earthy nuances in the nose are quite good. Medium sized, juicy, shiny, red fruit tips. This is a certain value of the Medec, from which you can benefit from the start. 87-89 Pt

2019 Goulee – Goulee’s more elegant style begins with notes of flowers, herbs, black raspberry and blackberry. Medium sized, lively, soft and silky, with a sweet, spicy and red fruit nuance, you can enjoy it with a minimum of aging. The wines are a blend of 86% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Cabernet Franc. 88-90 Pt

2019 Golden Barns – A pleasantly juicy blend of fresh black and red fruit, with a round texture and earthy, woody and tobacco-like nuances. This is a convincing example of a Bordeaux wine from the first beers on the left bank, which would be sold for a song. 87-89 Pt

2019 Griviere – Looking to the future, fruity and already pleasant to drink, this round and softly structured blackcurrant wine is full of sweet and sour sensations, chassis and green olives. Give it a year or two, maybe even better. 88-90 Pt

2019 La Cardon – Smooth, ripe and black berries on the nose and palate, well forward, polished, medium warm on the palate and finish This cheap charmer will drink well at only one or two years old. 89-91 Payments

The Chandelier is rich, with a nose of ripe black fruit. The deep colour, with roundness in the centre of the pâté, goes perfectly with sweet, creamy and black-red fruit with a drop of chocolate and espresso at the end of the mouth. It’s just gonna be great when you graduate, for the next 12 to 15 years. 89-91 Payments

2019 La Gorce – A cedar and herb wine, earthy, with a red berry accent, filled with a simple, fruity, light, forward approach. 83-85 cast iron

2019 La Tour de By Heritage Marc Pages – Generous, round, lush and full of ripe, dark red fruit, this wine is easy to taste, enjoy and taste thanks to its friendly, progressive style. 90-92 Pt

2019 La Tour de Bea – ripe, round, fresh and fruity, this medium warm, frontal and fruity wine should be beautiful with all its ripe and sweet red fruit on the aftertaste. 89-91 Payments

2019 The forest of the Great Oaks is rich, abundant and a little oak, the wine is full of smoke, fruit, wood and volume. You will find round textures and a large sweet and fruity aftertaste, as well as espresso beans, thyme and cocoa. Give him at least five years in the basement. 89-91 Payments

2019 Les-Ormes-Sorbet – medium hot, sweet, structured, sweet and sour wine, filled with red berries with a mixture of herbs and tobacco on the aftertaste You can drink it on the way out. 84 86 Pt

2019 г. Loudenn – the scents of earth, blackcurrants and tobacco open the nose. The wine is round, fruity and sweet, with a pleasant bite of fresh and spicy chassis in the middle and the aftertaste. This well-priced wine will be even better in a few years. 88-90 Pt

2019 Lousteauneuf – Blackcurrant, tobacco and earth on the nose, with round tannins, cream, ripe black fruits in the middle of the palette and a fruity aftertaste that is easy to drink early and sells well for a good price. 88-90 Pt

2019 La Maison Blanche is a medium-sized, flowering plant with ripe red berries in the foreground, sweet and sweet, light and drinkable. 88-90 Pt

2019 Noyak – spicy, dark red fruit on the nose. The wine is moderately warm, soft, frank and round on the palate. The aftertaste offers more red fruit that is already tasty, juicy, ripe, fresh and sweet. 89-91 Payments

2019 Patache dAux – A wine with an average body with bright red cherries, cranberries and spicy notes that can be enjoyed one to two years after its release and ten years later. 86-88 Pt

2019 Poitevin – Nose of smoke, moist soil, forest leaves, tobacco and red berries, medium density, rounded texture, earthy, sweet, dark red, fruity aftertaste Shortly after release, you can enjoy it. 86-88 Pt

2019 Potenac – the combination of aromas of mint, cedar, leaves and herbs allows you to create a structured, powerful, crisp, ripe and stony frame to the nose and sky, creating a wine with freshness, fruit, with a truly mediocre character. The wine was made from a blend of 47% Merlot, 36% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% French Cabernet and 1% Pti Verdo and reached an alcohol content of 14.05%. 90-92 Pt

2019 Ramafort – An early left bank wine with a soft, round texture and a pleasant note of red berries on the nose and in the middle of the palette. It will be normal to drink on the way out and for years to come. 84-86 Pt

2019 St. Mary’s Tower Bonnet – Pepper, earth, chassis and blackberry in front, round, juicy, black and fruity with a hint of green grass in the middle of the aftertaste. 87-89 Pt

2019 Tour-Haut-Caussan is a medium sized, soft, open, classic charmer with a fruity, frontal, sweet, redcurrant character on the nose and in the air. You can taste this delicious wine on the way out. 88-90 Pt

2019 Villa Carmine – Foreword, early drinking, fruity wine, round, fresh, with a good fruity character, replaced by round textures sold for the song. 84-86 Pt

It is followed by a detailed report on the best white wine of Bordeaux 2019 with tasting notes, reviews and comments. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them behind.

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