When you think of Mother’s Day, you probably think of spending time with mom and the family. But what if you’re flying solo this year? Or you’re separated from family? If you’re a mom who won’t be seeing her family on May 13th, you might be feeling a little lonely. Luckily, Babe Wine is teaming up with Hotels.com to give you a chance to create your own Mother’s Day celebration. If you’re looking to book a hotel room with a great view or a trip to an amazing resort with all-inclusive drinks and food, just enter the code BABE at checkout by May 4th to get 15% off your hotelroom.

I love wine. I drink wine. I drink it at home, I drink it when I go out. I drink it at the end of the day to relax, I drink it with a meal, I drink it when I have friends over for dinner or to watch a movie. The only time I don’t drink wine is when I’m pregnant. And for the past few months, I’ve been pregnant. And for the past few months, my husband has been home with me. So I’ve been drinking wine every day. And that means that I’ve been drinking a lot of wine. A lot. And it doesn’t seem to be helping me relax or unwind or help me focus or any of that stuff, and I’m convinced


One lucky mom wins a luxury trip to a hotel with lots of wine.

Wednesday, 28. April 2021 – This year’s mothers have come and gone. There are plenty of jobs already, but these days all mothers are working on the side as teachers, coaches, cooks or – God forbid – hairdressers. Mothers deserve paid leave. Over the past 13 months, mothers were 28% more likely* than fathers to suffer from burnout, and three quarters** of mothers said their mental state would be worse in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Mothers around the world deserve a well-deserved break.

For Mother’s Day, BABE Wine and Hotels.com join forces to give mom what she really wants: to not be a mom (but only for the weekend). We’re offering one lucky mom the chance to spend a weekend in a luxurious, stress-free hotel full of wine, so she can celebrate her dream Mother’s Day in peace. Finally a chance to sleep in and be alone without MAMA blaring through the house every five minutes.

Do you know a mother who needs a day off? To nominate a mother (or mother figure) who needs a day off, simply visit DrinkBabe.net and tell us why she deserves not to work on Mother’s Day. We’re giving her the perfect hotel with a mini fridge full of BABE wine, a soft bathrobe and slippers, and credit for room service so she can indulge in the best of hotel life. Are you worried about babysitting? No, don’t do it! We make all the arrangements for these stress-free weekends and pay an allowance so the mothers can be sure their children are in good hands. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign on the door and feel free to ask to check out later.

Mothers have proven to be true midlife heroes in so many ways; they deserve tenfold recognition after this challenging year, says Chelsea Phillips, CEO of BABE. BABE and Hotels.com have teamed up to find the perfect duo for Mother’s Day. Whether you are looking for a last minute surprise gift or know a super mom who needs a few days off, BABE and Hotels.com can make sure the mom in your life knows how much she is appreciated!

While only one mom has a chance to win this relaxing trip, that doesn’t mean you can’t give the mom in your life a wonderful Mother’s Day gift: BABE wine. From our original BABE Rosé, Grigio and Red varieties, to our newest addition to the family – BABE 100 with 100 calories and sugar – BABE has something perfect for the mom in your life. Use our wine finder to find a store near you. You can find product information here, and more information at https://drinkbabe.net.

If you want to surprise your mom with an independent vacation, you’ll find a wide range of facilities on Hotels.com, including hotels, beach houses, mountain cabins and more. And with free cancellation and flexible booking options, you won’t have to worry if your plans change.

Drink responsibly and communicate safely by observing and following local COVID-19 regulations. The full rules of the competition can be found here.

About BABE Wine

BABE Wine founders Josh Fat Jew Ostrowski and brothers David Oliver Cohen and Tanner Cohen have developed a unique branded wine offering that leverages their massive social media following. BABE was created to simplify the saturated wine category by offering consumers a fun, inclusive and portable product.

A portfolio of photogenic and delicious rosés, pinot grigio and red sparkling canning wines, as well as their newest product, BABE 100 Rosé, have made BABE the most photographed wine on Instagram.

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