Advertising LOS ANGELES(3 December 2020). – Just in time for the holidays, Avaline Sparkling, co-founder of Cameron Diaz (author of The Body Book, The Longevity Book) and Katherine Power (Who Wear, Versed Skincare) add clean, delicious, vegan wines made from organic grapes to their portfolio without unnecessary additions. The duo is also proud to announce its production partners, who are further expanding their mission of transparency. This follows their recent decision to include all nutritional and ingredient information on labels in 2021 and beyond.

Dry, refreshing and sparkling, Avaline Sparkling is a mix of Xarello, Macabeo and Parrellades from Penedes, Spain. In the hands of the famous producer Raventos i Blanc, the wine is produced according to the traditional method and aged for 18 months on sediment, which doubles the minimum ageing time for other sparkling wines from the region. This family business, founded in 1497, specialises in the production of sparkling wines. The vineyards and the wines are certified by the Catalan organic body, while the vineyards are certified biodynamic by Demeter. Stability is incredibly important for the Raventos family. The vines are not ploughed with tractors but with horses, the grapes are harvested by hand and the goats and sheep are reared, thus maintaining the farm and creating a self-sufficient ecosystem.

Another Spanish partner of Avaline is the prestigious Can Ràfols dels Caus, which is responsible for the production of the popular white wine Avaline. Can Ràfols dels Caus is a family business of Roman origin, which is now one of the most dynamic wineries in the Penedes. The grapes are also certified by the Catalan organic organisation and are harvested and dried manually. Other measures to ensure sustainability include harvesting grapes in the morning or evening to cool them. In addition, the cellar, which is almost completely underground, depends on gravity to move the wine instead of pumping or heavy machinery, which saves even more energy.

For her, Rosa Diaz and Power went straight to the heart of the world’s most famous rose region, Provence. The wine partner, Mas de Cadenet, (certified organic by Bureau Veritas) belongs to one of the oldest wine families in Provence, the Negrel family. Maud and Mathieu Negrel are brothers and sisters whose family has managed and lived on the estate since 1813. The family takes sustainable development seriously, with low irrigation agriculture and a combination of manual and mechanical harvesting. They grow chickpeas as a source of nitrogen for the vines and use the compost from the wine cellar to fertilize the vines.

In the southern part of the French Rhone valley, the founders chose Avaline Red, a famous family of winemakers who politely asked to keep their identity a secret. This cellar is certified organic, especially by Bioagricert (BIO) and Ecocert. The family uses sustainable development methods such as dry farming, manual grape harvesting and ceiling cultivation. Local yeast and cold stabilisation are also used in winemaking.

said Abbott Wolfe, the founder of Avaline: We are honoured to work with generations of winemakers who have received such recognition for the production of Avaline wines. Our producer partners are examples of the best in their region and we cannot be proud that they are committed to the same characteristics as Avaline, i.e. the production of pure wines through organic farming and production with little intervention. The loyalty and passion of our customers and consumers has shown us time and again that we choose the best partners for Avaline.

Avaline Sparkling (12% ABV) is priced at $26 and can be purchased online at and in several stores, including Meijer, United Grocers and Market Street.

For more information about Avalin and its manufacturer, please visit


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