There are many hot drinks on the market and a lot of attention has been paid to developing the best coffee bottle to keep morning brewing warm. What about us cold drinkers?

Would you like a crunchy, long-lasting wine?

Install your own integrated wine cooler with this lightweight 8-step GUIDE.

Too often we run on a hot day to the next 7-Eleven in search of a refreshing drink, because the drink we brought from home is warmed up in the plastic cup around noon. Fortunately, Corkicle designed a mug together with our soft drink enthusiasts. We can prepare homemade cocktails, coffee with ice, water with cucumber or even a glass of fresh white wine.

Corkcicle is a relatively new company and its history began in 2010 with its first product – Corkcicle Air. This product is designed to cool bottled wine and today Corkcicle sells several solid beverage containers that keep the contents at the right temperature all day long.

This brand is made for durability, style and comfort. Once you fall in love with Corkcicle’s stylish and comfortable products, you’ll never go back to the way you were.

In this review we will examine the corkscrew in detail. We will discover the features, benefits and things that can be improved. We have also set up a FAQ section for you to consult.

Deep immersion in a corkscrew

A glass of Corkcicle will keep your drink cold for 9 hours. It is well insulated and not only keeps the drinks cool, but also keeps the contents warm for up to three hours. She was born first. It was released in June 2016 and was designed with comfort in mind. It’s a great accessory that you can take anywhere you want.

Who is it for?

If you want to have a cool drink with you at all times, using a Corkcicle cup is very beneficial. First of all, you will definitely save money in the long run, because you don’t have to go to a local store to buy a soft drink.

If you are a passionate environmentalist and try to have as little negative impact on the earth as possible, you can try this glass. Take it to the coffee shop and order the coffee in this glass. You can be sure that your tea or coffee with milk will taste longer in this cup!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m out of town and don’t have time to drink a glass of wine at home, I’ll take the chalice. It’s discreet and practical. It’s also a great picnic wine container for two, because it keeps your drink cool until 9 o’clock.

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What we like about the corkscrew

Maybe it’s easier to ask what we don’t like in the cup with the cap on! It is really easy to hold and has a firm, shiny grip. It’s so important for the cups because you’re always moving when you hold them in your hand and the last thing you want to worry about is spilling your drink or slipping out of your hand on the way.

The blanket is shockproof and has a straw the size of a cocktail. So take sips, unreadable morning cocktails on the way home from work or the gym.

The lid is very practical and safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. The lid tends to accumulate dirt, saving you time and energy when you can throw it in the dishwasher instead of trying to remove pieces of your slippery dirt by hand.

It is suitable for both hot and cold drinks, and this multifunctional feature makes it an excellent value for money. I almost forgot to mention the anti-slip day. It prevents your cup from slipping and shifting.

What we don’t like about the corkscrew.

The lid is not fully closed, so be careful not to throw it in the bag when it’s full! This can be very frustrating, because even if you tilt the cup a little, part of your drink will be spilled. The cup also tends to stain, destroying its elegant appearance.


  • Portable website
  • For hot and cold drinks
  • Elegant design
  • light handle

What’s going on?

The glass can hold up to 24 ounces of your favorite hot or cold drink. The glass comes ready to use and comes with a cup and lid for the game.

Functional overview

The cap is transparent and shockproof, so it remains intact if you accidentally drop the cup. We also liked the way you can see your drink through the lid; great design!

For your comfort, you have a non-slip silicone bottom and a flat side on the cup that prevents accidental spillage. The glass is triple insulated and made of steel. This means that your drink will stay cool for 9 hours and warm for 3 hours.

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Review overview

We strongly recommend the Corkcicle cup for anyone who needs an insulated cup while traveling. It is an excellent product, suitable for daily use and a practical item in your kitchen cabinet.

We believe that the Corkcicle cup has been designed with the user in mind and can be used multiple times. We also appreciate the fact that it’s an environmentally friendly way to enjoy your favourite drink.

The best advice: If you are looking for a gift idea for a colleague or a new acquaintance, this rocker switch is a high-quality and elegant gift.


Want to know more about eyewear? The next section of the Frequently Asked Questions contains all the necessary information about corkscrews and eyewear in general.

Q : Is there a straw for a cocktail on the corks counter?
A : No, the Corkcicle mug doesn’t come with a cocktail straw, but the design does allow it to slip inside.

Q : Can we buy a cup and a cork separately?
A : No, they’re not sold separately.

Q : Can you put the cap in the dishwasher?
A : You can put the lid in the dishwasher, but not in the cup.

Q : How do you disinfect a glass?
A : To disinfect the glass, place it in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes.

Q : Can I put coffee in the cap switch?
A : Yeah, you can put hot and cold drinks on the corks counter. Cold drinks stay cool for up to nine hours and hot drinks for up to three hours.

Q : Can Starbucks make coffee from your personal mug?
A : Yeah, Starbucks will actually reward you for bringing your own cup of coffee.

Q : Is it possible to drink wine from a cork cup?
A : Yeah, you can definitely drink wine out of a cork glass. During picnics and walks we drink wine in a cork wood glass, which is very easy to keep.

We hope you enjoy your drink no matter what you drink it with. Let your drinks be fresh, the cups full, and just the way you want them!

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