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If you are a wine lover, you probably want your small collection to be beautifully presented to your guests. Not everyone has a wine cellar, for God’s sake. Most of us don’t need it. But the bottles you have and the nice glasses that come with them should have a good place in the house. In that case, you’ll need a winemaker. You can put it in the kitchen or in the living room and we won’t judge you even if we find it on your bedside table.

But what do you get? Maybe you’re wondering which one? We’re here to help you. We have compiled a short list of seven wine owners, one of which is the ideal choice for you. Then let’s find him!

Our favourite wine carriers

1. Allcener Vine leaf holder

We start with the Allcener worktop, an elegant and stylish wine hanger that will be a great place for your bottles and glasses, but will also harmonise perfectly with all the furniture in your home! It’s not for nothing that we tell everyone that classically constructed shelving fits all furniture styles. Ideal for any area of your home. It can contain up to four bottles and four glasses, and yes, we know that this number will be much higher with some of the other wine racks we will receive, but rest assured that the quality of the assembly and the materials used are sufficient to put them directly in your business card. The last thing we want to mention is the ease of installation. All necessary tools are in the box as soon as you open it.  If that’s not enough for you, well… we’ve got six more. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

2. Brushes 9 bottles Metal wine racks

In the first choice we mentioned that the number of bottles that could fit in the bottle would increase. Well, there you go. The name says it all, this shelf can hold nine bottles, but there’s more! The sleek design that is used makes it ideal for almost any environment you could put it in, and the materials are also without fasteners. The frame is made of wrought iron, which makes it a feast for the eye, but also durable. And it’s not just the beauty of the design that makes it look good, wherever you put it, the design of the building is also an advantage, the freestanding display means it can be placed on trays, tables and wherever you really want it.

3. Metal bracket for wall mounting Soduku

We continue with work surfaces, tables and all other horizontal surfaces. Okay, we climb the wall, and the first thing we find is a wine rack on the soduku wall. Metal so far (let’s continue with the wooden model). This stand can hold up to five bottles and four glasses, and a decorative element is an excellent addition to any wall you want to hang it on. Everything you need to assemble and prepare the bottles and glasses is waiting for you in a box. So once it arrives, you’re well on your way to show it to your friends and family.

4. Wooden Wine Rack Soda Wall

You’re not a fan of metal? Maybe the decorative element of the metal plank we showed you was a little too much to your taste? Hey, there’s no judgment here, all of us. But everyone should have a choice that suits them. That’s why Soduku covers us all with a wooden wine rack on the wall. It’s not just a simple wooden plank on which you accidentally put bottles, oh no, it’s a beautifully constructed wine rack that makes your head spin as soon as you pass it on a tour of the house. It can hold up to five bottles, just like its metal brother, so the choice between the two is purely aesthetic. This is of course an important decision, but what is even more important is that you are really wrong about one of these owners.

5. Wine rack of the Sashido conference

Free wine explorer

SASIDO, wine counter

The wine rack transforms your wine exhibition into an art form that presents your favourite wines in style. Comes with a free wine can opener.

SASIDO, wine counter

We earn commissions when you follow this link and make a purchase at no extra cost.

Back to the work tables, and what style is waiting for us there! Sasid wine old is a work of art more than just a wine rack. The rods, curved with beautiful curves, offer space for four bottles and four glasses. So, compared to some of the frames on this list, it is smaller, but its beauty makes it more than enough to compensate for that! The quality is also there, with a choice of top quality wood and iron, the plank will serve you for a long time, and just like the wine it contains, it only gets better with time!  Assembly is just as easy as all the others, but we always consider it a plus, so once the box has arrived at your home, you’re ready for company!

6. X-Cosrack Rustic 3-layer stackable wine rack

X-Cosrack Village stackable wine cabinet with 3 levels

We earn commissions when you follow this link and make a purchase at no extra cost.

Now in the heavyweight category. As soon as you look at this X-Cosrack pendant, you’ll come across one of two things. The first is perhaps a beautiful wooden and iron construction that fits in at the age of 18. An old castle and at the same time your modern home! The second should be of considerable size. In any case, the champion is on our list, which contains up to twelve bottles (which more than makes up for the fact that he doesn’t fit in any glass). Yes, he fits easily into the category of consumer products, but we think he can easily live in both worlds. One last question: Don’t you want to take out so many bottles? Never mind, the shelf can be divided into three parts, each containing up to four bottles. If this is a bad move for your dollar, we don’t know what it is!

7. Compliance with wine racking requirements

Ferfil wooden racks for wine storage

Suitable for home, bars, hotels and restaurants. By storing the bottle of wine horizontally, the corks can be kept moist, making the wine last longer.

Ferfil wooden planks for wine storage

We earn commissions when you follow this link and make a purchase at no extra cost.

Finally, we offer you the Ferfil wine rack as a gift. Another simple design that looks good anywhere in your house or apartment, but makes use of its simplicity. But don’t be fooled by minimalism, this shelf can hold up to ten bottles when fully extended. This makes it a category in its own right, not to mention its ease of use. So far we have told almost every homeowner that they are easy to install. Well, Ferfil’s taking a step forward. You don’t have to mobilize! Just get him out of the box and find a place for him. The high-quality, environment-friendly wood from which it is made makes it easy to find this place. We guarantee that this simple design will look good wherever you put it!

Which wine owner did you like?

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Whatever you choose, we can promise you won’t regret it. Just buy one, buy wine, buy businesses, and history will write itself! If you are still undecided, a Flamingo wine holder can do it for you.

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We’ll unlock you later!

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