The 2018 Haut Médoc is a bargain hunter’s paradise. There are many good wines at reasonable prices. But there are also lean and green wines. The 2018 Haut Médoc is a vintage that buyers should look at with open eyes.

At their best, the 2018 Haut Médoc wines are round, forward, fruity, concentrated and relatively forward, so most can be drunk young.

One of the benefits of home tasting is that I have never been able to taste so many wines in Bordeaux. So readers will see a review of some left-handed wines that may also be new to them. Many of these are worth exploring because they offer character, style and value for money.

All of the following 2018 Haut Médoc wines were tasted in my home office under non-blind conditions.

2018 – Agasak – Cedar, earth, cigar box and espresso come through with ripe red fruit on the nose. Round, direct and juicy, with a sweetness in the fruit at the end, you can enjoy it on the way out. Or wait a little longer for further developments. 90 pt.

2018 – Beaumont – Peppery red fruit, cedar and tobacco leaf characterize this medium-bodied, sweet and earthy wine, suitable for early drinking. 87 pts.

2018 – Belgrave – An obvious candidate for the best wine ever made here. The wine is round, rich, fresh and full of currants, thyme, forest leaves and tobacco. The wine has depth of flavor and a great patina of sweet, chewy fruit on the palate and finish. It should age for at least 5 years and enjoy the next 15-20 with ease. 92 pt.

2018 – Belle-Vue – The blend of flowers, spice box, cherry, damp earth and cocoa smells wonderful. It’s even better with all the sweet, fresh, vibrant, juicy, ripe, soft, textured red fruit, spice and herbs on the finish. One of the few Bordeaux wines made from all 5 permitted grape varieties, it is a blend of 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 20% Petit Verdot, 1% Cabernet Franc and 1% Carmen. 91 pt

2018 – Marojallia’s Benjamin – A light, spicy, early-ripening wine with bright cranberries and strawberries that will be at its best in its early years. 83 pt.

2018 – Bernadotte – A light butterscotch note and red fruit are easily found on the nose and mouth. Sweet, medium-bodied and easy to hold, with a spicy cherry and berry finish. Give this wine a few years to develop and it could get even better. 88 pt.

2018 – Bibian – There is a lot of sweet, round, fresh, peppery, chewy, tart red style fruit up front. This is a compelling example of the value of Haut Médoc wines. 91pts.

2018 – Cambon La Pelouse – Medium-bodied, with lots of fresh, sweet ripe red fruit, tobacco leaf and spice. The taste is earthy, fruity, with a strong tobacco and cedar component in the middle and finish. The wine is made from a blend of 50% Merlot, 47% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Petit Verdot. 91 pt

2018 – Camensac – Much better in the bottle than in the barrel, this is a medium-bodied wine with a profile of cedar, tobacco and berries. Forward, supple, fresh, fruity and with a classic tendency towards tough, tart red fruit. This is the best vintage of Château de Camensac I have ever tasted. 90 pt.

2018 – Cantemerle – The mix of flowers, tobacco and spicy red fruit on the nose is remarkable. On the palate, the wine is sweet, medium-bodied and forward, with a light, fresh, bright red fruit character that will hold up relatively well. 90 pt.

2018 – Caronne Ste. Gem – Better from the bottle than the barrel, the wine easily shows its fresh, bright, juicy, red berry, earthy and espresso notes. Medium-bodied, the red fruit is fresh and juicy, with notes of olive and blackberry. 89 Coefficients

2018 – Charmail – Floral, red fruit, licorice, smoke and tobacco notes form the basis of the wine. On the palate you will find layers of ripe, sweet, lush, juicy red fruit with freshness, spice and an energetic, lifted, fruity finish. Charmail remains one of the most popular wines of the Haut Médoc in terms of price and quality. 91 pt

2018 – Cissac – Bright, crisp, spicy juicy red fruit, green olives, cedar and forest foliage define this medium-bodied, classic style wine. 87 pts.

2018 – Clement Pichon – Here you’ll find spice, tobacco, smoke and cocoa, as well as red and black currants. Medium-bodied, with salty olive notes that accompany the ripe fruit and spice in the finish. Let it rest for a year or two before opening the bottle. 88 pt.

2018 – Coufran – Better in bottle than in barrel, the wine is round and fruity with a nice chocolate finish on a soft, rounded character expressed on the nose and a soft, textured palate. 88 pt.

2018 – Croix du Trale – Dark, round, sweet, fresh fruit, soft textures, ripe tannins and rich fruit at a friendly price. How can you not like it? A good example of selling a Bordeaux wine to non-branded drinkers. 90 pt.

2018 – DHanteillan – With initial notes of black cherry, licorice and espresso, the wine is soft, round, fruity, lush and ready to drink. 91 pt.

2018 – du Cartillon – much better in the bottle than in the barrel, it really added a lot of character as it matured. Dark in color, with flowers and dark red fruit, the wine is luxurious, round and full of sweet, juicy fruit. This is a great example of a left handed gem at a great price. 91 pt

2018 – du Mont – Earth, cedar, tobacco and currant are easy to pop. Roundness, sweetness, vibrancy and freshness, with a juicy, bright red cherry finish. 90 pt.

2018 – Gironville – Smoke, flowers, licorice and spicy red fruit on the nose work perfectly with an elegant, fresh, polished and sweet red fruit interior. The finish is soft, round and full of sweet red fruit. 90 pt.

2018 – La Tour Carnet – With licorice, espresso, chocolate, plum, black cherry and jam, it bursts with a little effort. The wine is full, rich and meaty, with length and plenty of ripe, dark red fruit on the lush finish. 93 pt.

2018 – Lamarck – There are lots of fresh, ripe, juicy berries. The wine offers an explosion of fruit, cigar box, damp earth and pepper. Lots of earthy red fruit in every nose and sip. It really did a lot for me after getting older. 90 pt.

2018 – Lamothe Bergeron – Medium-bodied, the wine is round, forward, fresh and juicy. The red fruits are ripe with hints of licorice and currant on the finish. Give it 2-4 years in the basement before you pull the plug and enjoy it for the next 12 years or so. 89 Coefficients

2018 – Lanessan – With a beautiful depth of color, there are notes of smoke, grilled meat, spice, currants and tobacco on the nose before moving on to a round, rich and supple texture of red fruit and ripe, chewy tannins. Give it 5 to 7 years in the bottle before you pull the cork and you’ll have a much better wine. 92 pts.

2018 – Larose Perganson – Bright, crisp, fresh and juicy, the medium-bodied wine has a lifted, fresh cherry finish with a hint of cocoa in the background. Give it 2-3 years and enjoy it for the next decade. 90 pt.

2018 – Larose-Trintaudon – Medium-bodied, soft, forward, drink early with no hard edges, just lots of sweet ripe red fruit from start to finish. You can drink it on the way out. 87 pts.

2018 – Larrivaux – Medium-bodied, fresh, juicy, sweet and fruity, with a deft touch of chocolate on the finish that goes very well with all that sweet red fruit. And it’s on sale for a great price! 91 pt

2018 – Lestage-Simon – Fresh, juicy and fruity, with spicy notes of red berries and black stone fruit, the wine is forward, round, juicy and should show its best qualities in its first 10-12 years of life. 90 pt.

2018 – Liversan – Bright, fresh, crisp, juicy, chewy, sweet red fruit, spice and tobacco abound in an advanced, early style. 90 pt.

2018 – Madame de Bocailloux – A new wine from Bruno Borie that offers morning charm with its floral, earthy, spicy and red stone fruit character. Soft, affordable, medium-bodied and easy to love. Perfect for a no fuss drink at your neighborhood bistro. 90 pt.

2018 – Malencasse – Dark in color, bold, round, lush, concentrated, sweet and rich in texture, with a long explosion of deep red and black fruits, licorice and chocolate on the mid-palate and in the finish. Long, lush and full of character, it’s a bargain at this price. 93 pt.

2018 – Malleret – Fresh, sweet and juicy, this is a medium-bodied wine with lots of ripe fruit, earth and a touch of espresso in the middle and end. Drink it for the next 10 to 12 years. 90 pt.

2018 – Maukam – Oak, red fruit and a touch of scrub quickly emerge in this sophisticated, sweet, early and medium-bodied wine. Take advantage of it after you graduate and for the next 7-9 years. 87 pts.

2018 – Maurak – Cedar, pepper, tobacco leaf, cigar box and fleshy, chewy and spicy currants on the nose and fruity, medium-bodied palate. It should drink well on the way out. 88pts.

2018 – Moulin Rouge – Sweet, bright, juicy fruit with notes of oak and thyme on the nose brings a medium-bodied, crisp red fruit finish. 86 pt.

2018 – Palumey – With good depth of color, the wine is round, ripe and loaded with black cherry, currant, blackberry, dark cocoa and earth. Lively, supple and with good length, it is delicious now but will be even better with a few years. 91 pt.

2018 – Peyrabon – Medium bodied with tobacco leaf, herbs, olives and red berries on the nose and a fresh, chewy, bright, ready to eat, medium bodied palate. 88 pt.

2018 – Peyrat-Fourthon – Fresh, juicy, fruity and slightly sweet, medium-bodied, with lots of spicy, sweet berries and a seductive, fruity richness, give it a few years in the cellar and it will offer an outstanding experience at a great price. 89 Coefficients

2018 – Peyredon Lagravette – Bright, fresh, sweet and juicy with plenty of crisp, chewy currants on the nose and palate. This is one of those well-priced Left Bank Cabernet Sauvignon wines that should appeal to index drinkers, because you get a lot of bang for your buck. 90 pt.

2018 – Retout – Medium-bodied with an interesting nose of red cherry and orange peel, the wine is sweet, chewy, spicy, fresh, medium-bodied, forward and delivers a hint of cocoa on the finish. It will be easy enough to appreciate when it comes out. 88 pt.

2018 – Reisson – With an exceptionally high percentage of Left Bank Merlot, this charming wine offers a round, supple, fruity, medium-bodied explosion of dark, sweet red fruit and licorice with hints of oak and cocoa. Fresh, fruity and ready to drink, you can enjoy it right away. 90 pt.

2018 – St. Louis Ahon – Tobacco, spice, cedar and ripe red berries, sweet and fresh up front, smooth, easy drinking, medium-bodied style. Lots of old drink mascots for very little money. 89 Coefficients

2018 – Saint Paul – Cedar, tobacco, damp earth, spice, flowers and red berries are already evident in this bright, medium-bodied, forward and easy-drinking wine. 90 pt.

2018 – Senejac – This wine is based on dew, dark red fruit, cedar and tobacco leaf with notes of cocoa bitters and spice. In the mouth, the wine is round, fruity, soft and juicy with lots of ripe, sweet berries on the finish. This first vintage of Jean-Michel Laporte at the manor went quite well. 91 pts.

2018 – Vilgeorg – Medium-bodied, fresh and crisp, with plenty of ripe, sweet, peppery, chewy Cabernet Sauvignon in every sip. Give it a few years in the cellar and it should give a lot of pleasure at a very fair and friendly price. 90 pt.

frequently asked questions

Was 2018 a good year for Bordeaux?

2018 was a great vintage for red Bordeaux, with powerful, full-bodied, rich wines in most appellations. 2018 was a good to very good year for dry whites, with some sweet and attractive whites from a long, dry vintage that did not succumb to noble rot.

Is wine from the Médoc good?


What is the difference between Médoc and Haut-Médoc?

The Médoc is best known for its easy-drinking red blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carmenère. … An important difference between the Médoc and the Haut-Médoc is that the Haut-Médoc covers a much larger area of Bordeaux and therefore has a greater variety of terroirs.

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