Imagine throwing a party where everyone’s having a good time. There is good food and drink everywhere and visitors get along well with each other. When one of your guests decides to refill the tank, you suddenly realize that you are out of the ice.

Just the thought of being in the middle of a session in such a mess is so embarrassing that you have to ask them to wait patiently until you reach the next 24-hour store. Fortunately, this kind of skirmishes can be solved with an ice machine or better known as an ice machine.

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The icemaker makes it possible to refill water and, by pressing the switch, to create continuous ice. The advantage of modern ice machines is that they are comfortable and you can take them with you almost anywhere. This means there’s plenty of clean, fresh ice on the road. You don’t have to rush to the nearest store if you don’t have ice cream.

Some ice machines have exclusive and useful features that other machines do not have, such as the ability to change the size of the ice cubes. To help you get familiar with the most common types of ice machines, here are a few of them:

1. Counter

A worktop ice cream maker, usually called a portable ice cream maker, is small enough to be placed comfortably on the worktop.

Portable ice generators are so exciting that they can make ice in about 10 minutes. They can also be taken to parties and events where ice is needed.

However, portable ice makers cannot keep prepared ice cubes frozen. Another remarkable disadvantage is that they reuse the melted ice to make new ice cubes.

2. Independent

The production and storage of ice cream is the most important task of an independent ice cream manufacturer.

Although stand-alone ice cream manufacturers have storage facilities, they are unable to keep their contents frozen for long periods of time.

3. Under the counter.

Would you like to integrate an ice-cream maker in your indoor or outdoor kitchen? Then an undercounter ice machine is for you.

The product design of most ice cream makers under the counter is designed to fit into the space of the lower kitchen cabinet. Ice machines that work under the counter have ventilation holes on the front to ensure good air circulation and contribute to functional air cooling.

Because you already have an idea of the types of ice machines available on the market, you can consult the following list of the 15 best products that we have tested and put together especially for you.

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1. HomeLabs Commercial freestanding ice machines – Our choice

Let’s start our list with our best choice, the HomeLabs freestanding commercial ice cream maker. As a heavy-duty ice-cream maker, this stainless steel product is rust-resistant and designed for long-term use in large homes or large facilities such as bars, offices and restaurants.

A stand-alone ice machine needs a nearby water outlet to operate at full capacity. Once you have a water outlet in the immediate vicinity, connect it to a water filtration system and you will get a huge amount of crystal clear ice of excellent quality. It can produce 99 pounds of ice in a single day, and in 11 to 20 minutes, it can quickly produce about 45 pieces of ice per cycle.

The product is equipped with a liquid crystal control panel (LCD) and a user-friendly interface. The special feature of this device is that you can adjust the thickness of the ice, which is possible by pressing the plus (+) or minus (-) button.

  • Make ice immediately.
  • Huge ice storage capacity for several days
  • User-friendly LCD control panel
  • Ice thickness can be easily adjusted
  • Ice production is controlled by a timer, not a sensor.
  • There may be accidental leaks
  • Product parts decompose easily
  • Does not last long after repeated use

2. Icemaker Nugget Opal worktop FirstBuild – Second place

This second entry on the list, Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker from FirstBuild, seems to be our exciting runner-up. Thanks to its elegant design and excellent performance, the glossy worktop shows both style and content.

This product is so light and easy to use that you do not need a water connection. Just plug it into a normal wall socket and fill the water tank with water. After regular use, you will notice that the water from the melted ice returns to the tank so that it can be quickly returned to the ice.

An extraordinary aspect of this product that other competing devices do not have is the fact that it is equipped with Bluetooth. With the FirstBuild add-on application you can easily adjust your building plan. The intelligent design prevents the container from overfilling once loaded with ice.

The only small drawback is that you only have to use drinking water.

  • Elegant design and tabletop size
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Quickly produces ice cream in one day.
  • Bluetooth is equipped for easy ice preparation at any time
  • Allows only the use of drinking water
  • Does not work after consistent application
  • The limited warranty on spare parts and the functional warranty are valid for one year only.
  • Changing products can be annoying.

3. Compact ice cream maker for refrigerator (EFIC108-RED) – budget choice

Are you looking for a comfortable but user-friendly ice cream maker that fits your budget? Check out Frigidaire’s compact EFIC108-RED for our budget selection. Please note, however, that this portable ice cream maker is currently available in red.

This product is quite impressive because it requires no installation. To operate this beautiful machine all you have to do is fill the water tank, plug in the plug, turn on the machine and select the size of the cube. In less than 10 minutes you will receive the first batch of ice cream available.

This light ice machine produces about 26 pounds of small to large ice. Whether you are organising a kitchen party or a swimming pool party, your specific wishes will be fulfilled in the purest form.

The product equipped with the automatic detection function intelligently detects when the container is full and automatically stops ice preparation. This amazing feature of the product prevents unwanted spills, so you can use it without hesitation.

  • Lightweight and ideal for parties on the go.
  • Requires a reset
  • Can make ice cream in two sizes
  • Automatic sensor prevents leaks
  • Not resistant to frequent use
  • Sometimes he makes crackling or swirling noises.
  • So far it’s only available in red.
  • Limited product availability

4. Manitowoc NEO Air-cooled ice machine (UDF0140A) – Upgrade options

Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO air-cooled ice machine is our best choice for the modernisation of ice machines.

This remarkable undercounter machine has an astonishing output of about 132 pounds, which can be seen in the fast growing retail sector. It also has a storage capacity of 90 pounds, which allows a longer supply of ice. You can also choose between full, half or regular ice cubes.

Although it is a sub-counter ice cream maker, it is very easy to set up. When you have finished, you can use this product immediately using the user manual.

This commercial product is made of stainless steel so that the outer surface can be easily cleaned. It should be noted that there is an external agency that uses fingerprint protection technology.

One of the remarkable factors that make the cleaning and maintenance of this sub-counter ice cream dispenser easy is the design of the retractable funnel.

  • The first setup went smoothly.
  • It produces ice in no time, like a commercial machine.
  • Has a unique fingerprint resistant panel.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Not suitable for most kitchens from an aesthetic point of view
  • The valve breaks easily.
  • Occasionally he makes a loud noise.
  • Shall not function when intended for mass production

5. GE-Profile Ice Cream Maker Nugget Opal Worktop

Do you like the chic design of the products? If that’s the case, you’ll find that elegance in the GE Profile Opal Nugget, a premium countertop ice machine from GE Major Appliances.

The overall design of the product has been thought out down to the smallest detail so that it fits harmoniously into any worktop in your home. It is also made of stainless steel and plastic, which gives it a unique look.

To work with this appliance, all you have to do is plug it in, fill the water tank with water and you can start making ice immediately. When the ice has melted, the water returns to the tank where it can be prepared for the next ice cycle.

This table ice machine is probably one of the fastest compact machines, capable of making ice cream in 20 minutes. In addition to fast operation, the device is also equipped with Bluetooth technology to make ice cream making with the accompanying GE Profile Opal application even more convenient and easy to plan.

  • He’ll have an ice cream for you in a minute.
  • Bluetooth, equipped to adapt the plans for the production of ice cream
  • smooth appearance
  • Unique stainless steel and plastic design
  • Produces squeaking noises in some cases
  • Support for insensitive products
  • Cannot have a right of return

6. HomeLabs Portable Countertop Ice Cream Machine

The coolest drinks are incomplete without clean, fresh ice. Fortunately, HomeLabs has launched its compact but dynamic portable counter top ice-cream maker. The small to medium version of ice cream is ideal for mixed drinks, frozen soft drinks and much more.

Once you get your hands on this fast car, you’ll never look for similar products anywhere else. This powerful ice machine produces a spherical ice to crack in just 6 to 8 minutes! That’s how powerful and fast this ice machine is.

Besides making ice quickly, this portable counter top ice machine is also equipped with an energy-saving compressor, which saves energy for cooling. In addition, there is an automatic switch-off and an alarm lamp that comes on as soon as the water needs to be topped up, so that you can easily be warned.

Thanks to the exterior design, the product is not only a visually attractive addition to your worktop, but also to your bar furniture. It even includes a removable ice bucket and scoop for that instantly refreshing refill, anytime, anywhere.

  • Makes ice cubes very quickly.
  • energy-efficient device
  • Practical and intelligent design
  • Including a bucket and an ice spoon.
  • The sensor sometimes reads poorly.
  • The bucket won’t hold the ice for long.
  • It sometimes makes mechanical noises during the crushing process.
  • Only suitable for quick and short term use

7. NewAir Portable ice makers with worktop

If you are one of those who mainly organise large events or parties, a large commercial ice cream maker is best suited to refill sodas at a constant speed. For this purpose NewAir has produced a portable ice machine with a counter top design.

Despite the practical design, this ice machine delivers an alarming amount of ice. It is therefore ideal for events and parties with a large audience and an almost infinite supply of non-alcoholic beverages. The work cycle is estimated at about seven minutes.

It produces ice balls that blend perfectly with mixed drinks. If necessary, spherical ice can also be used to fill coolers.

In addition, this product is equipped with an indicator light and a sensor that tells you immediately when to fill the water or when the basket is full.

Once you have worked with the machine, you can clean it with a minimum of effort. This light ice machine has a self-cleaning function for minimal maintenance.

  • Produces ice at a constant high speed
  • Produces ball-shaped ice suitable for mixed drinks.
  • Self-cleaning function
  • It is equipped with an indicator light and a sensor to prevent spillage.
  • Sensor failures are easily possible
  • The device sometimes emits heat and sound.
  • Mineral corrosion can occur on the condenser.
  • The compressor may leak during prolonged use.

8. Ikich portable ice-cream maker for worktop

Ikich’s portable counter top ice-cream maker is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and excellent products on the market, thanks to its fast ice making cycle, low energy consumption and ease of use and storage after each use.

This compact device can produce about nine pieces of ice cream in one day. The ice cream made from it is spherical, which is ideal for consumption thanks to its surface and smooth edges. In just six minutes your family or guests can enjoy a load of fresh ice cream and fragrant drinks.

The product is not only energy efficient, but is also equipped with a spoiler that significantly reduces noise without affecting the speed of the cycle. Therefore, this device will not interfere with your entertainment or other activities that require continuous focus, as it operates silently in the background.

This manufacturer of worktop ice also impresses with its ease of use and its storage capacity after use. To clean, simply unplug the ice cream maker, make sure it is empty and then rinse it thoroughly with a soft towel.

  • Make ice cream in six minutes.
  • Efficient use of small amounts of energy
  • Easy to use and clean after use
  • Simplified control panel
  • The machine is poorly insulated and causes the ice to melt quickly.
  • Spherical ice can be too small.
  • The sensor does not recognize the correct volume of the trash can.

9. Portable and automatic Iglo feedback ice machines (ICEB26WH)

Iglo’s ICEB26WH automatic portable electric ice maker keeps your favorite drinks cool and fresh, whether you’re at home, at a party with guests or outdoors. Not only that, but also the fact that the product is light, elegant and very user-friendly.

The worktop of this compact ice cream maker is designed to be portable and functional, making it look great on any worktop in your home. The ice production capacity is so large that the water reservoir has a capacity of about three quarters. It also has an ice basket that can hold up to two pounds at a time.

The only remarkable thing that distinguishes this machine from others is its transparent hood. It can be used to visualize the inside of the machine and check the current ice production cycle.

However, as this is a portable ice-cream maker, one should never expect it to last long when used in large petrol stations.

  • Displays both form and function
  • A huge ice storage and a water tank
  • The transparent cover allows you to check the progress of the ice trap.
  • The operation of the device is simple
  • The pieces of ice produced aren’t cold enough…
  • In drinks, the ice melts quickly.
  • Not ideal for high fill quantities
  • The product will not work after repeated use.

If you prefer the large working surface, look no further than the extra-large EFIC115 ice machine from Frigidaire. This impressively large stainless steel ice machine is ideal for barbecues as it produces three different sizes of ice in less than 7 minutes and up to 48 pounds in just 24 hours. From time to time you can also check the ice level through the transparent window.

This product has a simplified design with indicator lights that warn when the water level is low or when the appliance is full of ice. The appliance is also equipped with a removable ice tray and an external drain for unused water.

However, this ice machine has a number of drawbacks, such as the rapid melting of the ice when stored in the car for about an hour, the loud noises it makes during use, and the fact that it doesn’t last more than a year.

To get the most out of this unit, it is strongly recommended that you refer to the enclosed user manual.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Instantly produces three sizes of ice cream
  • With a transparent window to check the ice level.
  • Makes loud noises sometimes.
  • The ice melts if you leave it there for an hour.
  • It’s hard to clean.
  • No durable machine

11. EdgeStar On-Board Ice Machine (IB120SS)

It is rare to find a top-quality ice machine that can be easily and economically installed in bars, kitchens, recreational vehicles, offices and other commercial buildings. Fortunately, the EdgeStar IB120SS integrated ice cream maker meets these criteria.

The stainless steel device is easy and inexpensive to install, so don’t be afraid. The front ventilation is suitable for installation in a built-in unit or even stand-alone. The product may be used for commercial purposes.

As soon as the appliance detects that the ice tray is full, it automatically switches off to prevent the ice from leaking. The appliance door has a clever design with a reversible stop on the right or left side.

The cooling and freezing compartment is designed in such a way that the ice does not melt. This means that no drain pipe is needed. Because the machine also works as a freezer, you can simply freeze your ice cream for a long time.

  • Simple and economical initial installation
  • Automatic stop function when the icebox is full.
  • Turn the door for the right or left hand
  • No need for a drainpipe.
  • acts as a freezer for the ice cream produced
  • He can spill metal scales on the ice.
  • The compressor makes a big sound.
  • Components and mechanisms can be blocked.
  • In case of frequent use, the work suddenly stops.

12. Portable electric automatic return ice maker (ICEB26RR)

It’s so refreshing to drink your favourite drink in combination with clean, fresh ice. Your choice of refreshing drinks will be even more invigorating when using ice cream made with Iglo’s ICEB26RRR automatic portable electric ice machine.

The manufacturer’s ICEB26RR model has been intelligently designed for optimum comfort. It has a retro look, which makes it both old-fashioned and attractive on your desk. The semi-transparent lid of the appliance makes it possible to see the ice cubes. Thanks to this product, you can produce large quantities of ice cream at any time and any place.

Thanks to the simplified control panel, the portable electric worktop is easy to use. As soon as the LED lights up, it indicates that you need to fill with water or that the ice basket is already loaded. You can use the panel to select the size of the ice cubes to be produced.

  • Comfortable design in retro style
  • Transparent lid for a quick look on the inside
  • Simplified controls for ease of use
  • Equipped with an LED indicator to prevent spillage
  • The cubes pile up and do not fall into the basket.
  • The sensor may not recognize properly
  • Odours of electric combustion after long use
  • Occasionally he makes a loud noise while working.

13. Ice gauge (FS-55IM)

Both the integrated and the stand-alone ice cream maker are rapidly gaining in popularity and the Orien FS-55IM integrated cabinet ice cream maker is one of them. This ice machine works like any other commercial machine and produces 44 pounds of clear and clean ice every day.

The safe is large enough to hold up to 25 pounds of crispy ice in a removable bunker. The door can be opened to the left or right as it is reversible.

There are several recommendations that should be taken into account when using this product. For maximum efficiency, use a separately available in-line filter to block minerals in the water.

In addition, the icebreaker needs gravity drainage because it is only designed to use gravity drainage. If there is no gravity drain in the immediate vicinity of the unit, look for a condensate pump that will pump the water down or lower it.

  • Commercially viable in terms of ice production and storage
  • Can be used built-in as well as stand-alone
  • Rear door with large stainless steel handle
  • The motor of the device is not durable.
  • Requires built-in filter and gravity drain for maximum use
  • The condensate pump may only be installed behind the unit or outdoors.

14. Crescent moon ice machine UBI95B00A

The Loose Ice Generator models quickly became known for the almost unlimited number of ice fillings for home parties. The U-Line UBI95B00A crescent-shaped ice cream maker is simply one of the most sought-after devices.

This stand-alone ice machine is capable of producing up to 23 pounds of ice a day at a steady rate. This device uses less than three litres of water for about 23 pounds of ice and is energy efficient because it consumes very little energy.

This product is so durable and reliable that it only needs a 1/4 inch O.D. mount. However, the installation is a bit laborious. It is highly recommended to use the mounting kit for proper operation, so that you don’t spend too much time on assembly and a huge amount of money just for that.

  • Robust and reliable stand-alone machine
  • Stable capacity up to 23 pounds per day.
  • Consumption of a minimum of energy
  • The first draft can be annoying.
  • The installation kit is mandatory.
  • Product support is very limited

15. SPT Ice Maker (IM-600US)

The last item on our list is a great offer from Sunpentown International (SPT). You should check your original IM-600US counter top ice cream maker. This high quality machine for the production of underbody ice has been specially designed for on-board applications. But you can also use it as a stand-alone unit of your choice, so you can get a solid stone of your choice.

Depending on daily capacity, this counter top ice machine can produce up to 50 pounds of restaurant-quality crystal clear ice cubes. The unit contains a removable storage unit that can hold up to 25 pounds of ice. The front of the unit is also equipped with a ventilation and extraction fan.

The only drawback when choosing this product is that the manufacturer’s recommendations state that only filtered water should be used. Moreover, the ice cubes he makes are very small and tend to melt quickly.

  • Designed for embedded or stand-alone applications
  • Productivity of high quality ice cream up to 50 pounds.
  • Up to 25 pounds of ice can be stored in the removable container.
  • Backdoor
  • The size of the ice is very small.
  • Requires only filtered water.
  • We hear constant tones
  • Clear instructions in manual mode

III. Ice Cream Machine buying guide

Buying a new ice-cream maker may seem easy because you only use it to cool the soft drinks of your family and guests, but there are a number of considerations you should be aware of. The following factors will help you make the best purchase decision.

1. Annex

How much ice cream you need and how you use it will play an important role in the decision-making process.

Commercial ice machines are designed for use in restaurants, while portable ice machines are designed for use at home or outdoors.

Commercial machines produce up to 400 pounds a day, while portable machines produce between 20 and 30 pounds. There is a significant price difference between these two types of devices.

2. the type of installation

Also consider the type of installation when selecting an ice generator. There are currently three types, namely stand-alone models, integrated models and portable models.

Freestanding models can be installed in a spacious space, but in most cases do not fit into the standard kitchen appliances. You can see these devices in any commercial environment.

Built-in cupboards match the layout and design of the existing kitchen, making them highly recommended both aesthetically and functionally. Moreover, they don’t take up a lot of space if you install them at the chosen location. Despite the fact that the integrated ice generators require a special water pipe.

Portable devices, as the name suggests, are handy. They can be placed on the work surface or taken on a trip to the country. To operate a portable ice-cream maker, you need to plug it in, pour water into it and it will produce ice. As a warning: portable ice generators are not designed to store ice for too long.

3. Force

When you are in the shop and looking at the exposed ice machines, make sure that they are strong enough to withstand repeated use. It is clear that commercial ice-cream machines are manufactured for long-term use, while portable ice-cream machines cannot withstand such loads.

4. Capacity

Consideration should also be given to storage tanks for the ice produced. This is the amount of ice that can get into the instrument.

If it is used, check how much ice is left and if it is stored. In some cases, ice cream producers stop production after filling the storage barrels.

5. Ease of use

Most icebreakers should not be difficult to manoeuvre and if they require complex operations, they should at least be accompanied by an operating manual with clear step-by-step instructions. Consider yourself lucky if you are considering buying a type of laptop, because they require minimal effort in terms of use.

6. Shape of the ice

An ice cream maker who makes a standard ice cube should be sufficient for regular public meetings. Ice cubes are often used in most drinks because they cool the beer quickly and at the same time melt slowly. They are therefore ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks.

However, if you are lucky enough to see a machine capable of producing ice from half a block, you should choose this machine instead.

Note that other devices produce certain forms, such as flake ice, which is normally visible in seafood display cases to prevent spoilage.

7. Intelligent use of water

Another professional tip to consider is to look for an ice cream maker that makes intelligent use of water. If all the ice it produces for melting is not used, such a device with this unique feature will use it again and turn back into ice.

8. Energy efficiency

You have to choose an ice cream maker with an Energy Star sticker. This special appliance is a practical addition to your kitchen when it comes to energy efficiency.

IV. Frequently asked questions

A : What is the difference between the production and storage of ice cream?

В : The ice production capacity is the amount of ice that each plant can produce in 24 hours. The capacity of an ice storage unit, on the other hand, is the maximum amount of ice the unit can store at any given time.

A : How does a portable ice-cream maker work?

В : Portable ice machines work by making small batches of ice from the water you put in the machine. When a batch is ready to be fed, the machine lowers the ice on the pallet.

A : How do I operate a portable ice cream maker?

Q :  Using a portable icemaker should not be difficult, as the appliance comes with instructions, but it usually has to be plugged in, filled with water and within minutes you will have ice immediately.

A : How do I clean a portable ice-cream maker?

В : Just unplug the portable ice maker, remove water or ice from the interior, disassemble the interior and wash it separately, then wipe it with a towel. For a cleaner result, pour enough vinegar with a little water into the ice machine, let it run for a few cycles, remove all the ice with vinegar and let it dry before drinking. Finally, you can add fresh water.

A : How do I install an ice machine under the counter?

В : In most cases, it is highly recommended to call a licensed technician, but for other devices, initial installation may not be as complex as you think. To install, all you have to do is connect the water hose, start the drainpipe on the back of the unit, plug it in and you’re done.

Also follow the installation instructions in the product manual, as the setting is specific to the model.

V. Conclusion

Now that you have received only the recommendations of the highest quality ice cream manufacturer, your choice is limited to ensure that you make the best decision when purchasing a product.

And not only that, but that you finally have an idea of the type of device you should buy and that it suits your needs based on the factors you need to take into account. Finally, some of the frequently asked questions about ice cream producers, their operation and cleaning have been clarified so that you are well informed when you decide to buy ice cream.

That way you don’t have to hurry to the nearest store when the ice is gone. With an ice cream maker as your assistant, your party goes as smoothly as you like.

We hope this product overview will help you choose the best ice-cream maker to chill delicious drinks.

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